Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sydney Anglican, Kel Richards provides Calvinist training in ringing radio shock jocks...must be a Connect 2011 initiative in bigotry enhancement

Geeze Kel's show is riviting! Sydney Calvinists love topics like broken homosexuals, militant feminists, material atheists, the Archbishop of Canterbury and his prostitution, GAFCON, the spiritual underworld, satan, original sin, shame, guilt and more sin !

Kel could get Phillip Jensen to ring up and pretend to be David Ould! Phillip's always good for a bit of sensationalism! It's got the making of a real Jerry Springer thing!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Women with a degree in Maths are mutations of God's Intelligent Design!

Creationists believe in Intelligent Design so surely selective breeding can eradicate all forms of mutations. Some wonderful examples of Intelligent Design can be viewed in this video!

Let's ask Leslie Ramsey what she thinks about women and Maths... She led the Movement against women's ordination within the Sydney Diocese, and has played a major role in keeping younger women submissive ever since. She did it all because God told her what ALL women need!

I'm a woman and I know that we real women need another cookbook!

NSW Christian Democrats leader flatters himself by saying that he fears people will think he's gay if spotted in the company of another man!

Fred Nile has nothing to worry about because his bigotry and ignorance makes him very unattractive... to any sex!

Rev Fred Nile confesses ... I’m often with another Member of Parliament and we go to functions, and sometimes you can see people looking at you because of two men walking together.
No Fred they are just taking the opportunity to eyeball a bigot up close!
Fred thinks everyone has sex on the brain just like him when he says... [It’s] how people think. It happened to me when I was overseas on a study tour. We’d split up into smaller groups for meals or something. It was just interesting to see people’s reactions.
Nile holds similar views to Sydney Anglicans, in that he feels that gays require treatment. Nile said homosexuals should receive therapy for what he said was “a mental health problem". Compassionately Nile says...[But] not shock therapy or anything like that,” he said.

Aussie chaplains overstep the mark with poor training!

Chaplain...Everyone is calling me a faggot and bashing me up on the way home from school

Ben, look at the taunts as aversion therapy and character building. I know this is a public high school but God spoke to me exclusively, and as a Reformed Calvinist He said to tell you that you are a sexually broken sinner and in need of salvation. He recommends post-gay therapy so Sydney Calvinists will accept you... and don't worry about the mental health issues that will develop as a result of your lack of sexual identity because depression and self harm are lesser of God's evils!
The Australian newspaper reports... Opposition to the school chaplaincy program is widening among mental health leaders. Expert groups are branding the scheme potentially dangerous and demanding its $220 million in funding be redirected.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sydney Anglican, Ian Powell says... "God gives us a brain that he expects us to use."

Ian Powell is not the first, or second but the third Sydney Anglican to defy Sydney Anglican policy... and use his brain to think!
Everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans specialise in training the brain to develop tunnel vision! That's why they are so divisive on issues such as women's ordination, acceptance of same-sex relationships and inter-denominational fellowship.

Hey Jules... did you know there is a Sydney Anglican who has had years of experience in working with the Muslim community? I can't understand why the diocese never profiles his achievements or utilises his expertise!
Who knows, he probably didn't vote for the Country Party ...or maybe Archbishop Jensen doesn't like his dress sense!

Anglican Mainstream proves that it has the patent on design and intelligence... and exposes the Swedes going at it again!

Arthur, those Swedes think they know all about equality...well let's show them a thing or two!
Martha, we at Anglican Mainstream know exclusion and equality are interchangeable.

Creationists at Anglican Mainstream have scoured the net for a disgusting Swedish story. This one unlike their others articles involves preschoolers! Egalia is a preschool that provides an environment free from gender bias and sexual stereotypes.

Speaking about Anglican Mainstream...Couldn't you find a picture of dinosaurs?

In 'Jensenspeak' is the word Ould really a euphemism for Jensen?

And who's calling who a dummy?

Ould writes a critique about Rowan William's intervention into political debate. The article takes an incredible twist when Tory supporter Ould compares Williams to Archbishop Jensen. He uses rumour to paint Jensen as a political lefty, whose primary concern is social policy!!!
Ould sounds so much like Phillip Jensen, who would no doubt find it hard to speak publicly about Williams ... especially after calling him a prostitute!

Oooh! I weely wove the line from David's carefully chosen article that says... Jensen has put on weight in the past couple of years. It’s inevitable given that so much of his work is sedentary, chairing meetings and dealing with the nuts and bolts of running the Sydney Archdiocese’s $3 billion financial and property portfolio. Wowan weally should be more like Peter and then he could bankrupt the worldwide Anglican Church!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Phillip Jensen says camels need culling because they destroy evangelical churches!

Phillip Jensen warns that the evangelical arm of the Anglican Church is on a slippery slope if they let homsexualists and feminists enter those narrow evangelical gates, when disguised as camels! What the heck ...everyone knows that camels have got more chance of triggering the sensors of the ethereal gates than those concerned with earthly currency!

Just sit back and listen to Sydney Anglican's theme song as you enjoy a drag or two!

I had to give up dressing as a camel. The colour of the suit was just too bland!

Lawyers called in, as once again satire is wasted on must be a Sydney thing!

Satire! What's satire? I'll sue the next person that says I'm an evangelical!

What happened to the good old days when church lawyers bought you censorship through litigation?

I agree. What's the world coming to when the papers report that a
drunk Hillsong evangelist has crashed his car ? It's not like he preaches the evils of alcohol to those being seduced by his preaching!

Evangelicals double their vision and standards!

US evangelist Jason Hooper was on a mission from God when he got drunk after preaching and crashed into a parked car. Jason might benefit from a Phillip Jensen sermon on the evils of alcohol. Like Jason, Phillip knows all about double standards and sins of the flesh!

There's nothing like double standards!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jensen says...The ordination of women has ushered in wholesale persecution not only of its opponents but also those who oppose homosexual behaviour.

"Bigotry is a lifestyle choice!"

Phillip Jensen blames feminists for misogynists leaving the church! Phillip rants... the Movement for the Ordination of Women (MOW) presented more than a single decision. It was an attempt to change the nature of the relationship between men and women in every aspect of church life. Yes Phillip, it addressed the ill treatment and inequality that existed within relationships, all in the name of a fundamentalist God! He raves on further by saying... the logic was such that other theological conclusions, notably the acceptance of sinful behaviour such as homosexuality, could not be resisted. Just as the acceptance of women’s ordination has lead to the exclusion of all opponents so it has lead to the acceptance of homosexuality and the persecution of its opponents. Let's not worry about the years of persecution of gays and women, at the hands of those who saw their cleric role, as a chance to wield power without any empathy for those who were suffering!

Sounds like a case of one - eyed bigotry to me!

Sydney fundamentalist surrenders his absolute authoritian stance and sees another point of view!

Sydney Anglican, Archie Poulos is unable to see the devastating effects that Bible - believing principles have on gays and women... but he is ABLE to see the fip side of banning live animal trade to Indonesia! He writes that ceasing live animal trade will impact on others, like farmers, stockmen, Indonesian meat salesmen, and the banning will drive up Indonesian food prices, greatly effecting the poor. Archie says... the termination of live animal exports is too simplistic and does not take into account other factors... God has given his people the privilege of a renewed mind and it is our responsibility to think through the situations that confront us; not just on this, but on any issue.

Think! Who gave you permission to think?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Is Sydney Anglican, David Mansfield tone deaf or does he march to the beat of a different drum?

Sydney Anglican, David Mansfield states that Bible-lovers (particularly ESV Bible lovers) have very little in common with Australian ethicist Peter Singer... except a common concern for children dying of poverty. David says...While we believe there is nothing more important than the rescuing of people from the horror of hell to the safe haven of heaven, social, emotional and physical needs still matter.

Hasn't anyone told David that Sydney Anglicans only have one focus, which is personal salvation through the purchasing of Matthias Media resources?

I don't know why but David goes onto say...The Southern American Evangelical Baptist culture of Philip Yancey’s childhood and teenage years was white supremacist, segregationist and racist.

Again hasn't anyone told David that Matthias Media has joined Sydney Anglicans to Southern Baptists? Anyway, it might help Sydney Anglicans to hang out with a more progressive and compassionate group than only took the Southern Baptists until 1995 to apologise for advocating slavery... that's better than Sydney Anglicans who apologise for nothing!

David definately lost the plot when he said...The Archbishop (Jensen that is!) went on to speak about the Global Financial Crisis ... “I hope we have not forgotten (the biblical virtues of faith, hope and love) for we are going to need them. Faith that God is in control; confidence in his future as being that which fulfils human existence; love from him that makes us generous to others . . . . these are the qualities we are going to need more than ever as a community, as a nation . . . . if Australia does better than others in the crisis, we will bear an even greater responsibility to the poor of the earth.”

What's that quote got to do with Sydney Anglican compassion or feeding poor children? Borrowing $260 million dollars to gamble on the stock market was about greed and power. It wasn't about feeding starving children but using the money to empower those who persecute LGBT Ugandans and turn a blind eye to the trafficking of children.

Robert James Elliott (in the comments section) sums up Sydney Anglican ethos... I would be wary of engaging with Peter Singer on any moral topic without first being absolutely sure of the ground we are on. Singer is to ethics what "gay marriage" is to "marriage".

Calvin lets his hair down as Moore College explores feelings and then arms up to battle evil...all in an action packed 2 days of mad mayhem!

Yes the Sydney Calvinists are running some fine courses with some innovative speakers such as Michael Jensen, Peter Bolt, Michael Nazir , David Petersen ... just to name a few! Just click on the brochure link to make your choice.

Well we're going to David Petersen's talk on Corporate Worship and Emotions... because we all know how much experience he's got using corporate worship to discriminate against LGBT people. The proof lies in his establishment of an organisation to combat homosexuality in Christians!

I'm going to Peter Bolt's because he usually specialises in the Spiritual Underworld! Peter doing emotions... should be like Phillip Jensen talking about feelings!

Oh! I think I'll go to Michael Jensen's talk on Theological Anthropology and the Emotions ...because I love being confused and I don't get satire!

Modern society and evangelical views naturally conflict...will the Jensens click their heels and transport the Sydney Diocese to Africa?

2,196 evangelical were leaders surveyed and 64 percent said there is a "natural conflict" between being an evangelical and living in modern society.
Evangelicals tend to be conservative, and the number of converts is expanding in Africa, Latin America and other parts of the developing world where leaders tend to hold more pronounced conservative views, the Pew report said.

All it takes is one click of the heels and Sydney Calvinists are gone!

I'm not sure these homophobes and misogynists are balanced enough to cope with modern day heel clicking!

Sydney Calvinists have a passion for wealth and power, so one click of Ronald McDonald's boots, may transport them to the land of their dreams!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jesus Christ used fishing nets and the open sea to collect disciples, but Sydney Anglican Jodie McNeill sees HSC Christian study camps like...

shooting fish in a barrel!
Jodie uses a gun in a captive environment because he's not a good fisherman. Jodie says I'm sure that if I had a barrel full of fish and a loaded shotgun that I’d improve my chances significantly. When it comes to fishing for youth, HSC study camps are more like fishing in a barrel than fishing off the beach.

but Jodie, I need live disciples! The ones that survive your treatment are either spiritually depleated or brain dead!

Evangelicals turn on evangelicals

Westboro announced on its website that it is going to picket Mark Driscoll's Mars Hill Church for Biblical illiteracy. Mark Driscoll's church is being criticised for leading people to destruction by lying that God loves everyone.
Mark Driscoll has reponded by saying that Westboro is ...more of a political hate group who use the name of God to advance their agenda...Doctrinally, they are extreme five-point Calvinists, or what I like to call Crazy Calvinists,"

I thought Sydney Anglicans were the crazy Calvinists! What are those Baptists at Westboro on about anyway? Mark doesn't think God loves feminists and gays! or he wouldn't be Sydney Anglican's poster boy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sydney Anglicans can't see any point in being Anglican...could it be because they are really Baptists?

In an address entitled 'Thank God I'm Anglican', Moore College lecturer Dr Michael Jensen says he is met with blank stares when he talks to students about the advantages of being Anglican candidates.
That's because they all thought they were Baptists! These young Calvinists have been taught is how to emulate the US Baptists.Their programming has included:
1. continual exposure to Matthias Media publications which are generated for the Baptist market
2. continual undermining of Anglican Church culture through evangelical church planting
3. continual exposure to Baptist propaganda
4. continual exposure to Baptist preachers
5. continued undermining of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the world wide Anglican communion
6. the glorification of John Calvin at the expense of all those who put their belief in Jesus Christ.
As Michael Jensen says of Calvin ... His followers are witch-burners and slave-traders, the architects of South African apartheid and the advocates of slavery in the American south. It is a faith which broods on the depravity of humankind rather than celebrating its glorious capacity to build, to create and to redeem.
And even Michael's Baptist parents-in-laws’ were dubious about his reading of Calvin in the course of his theological studies!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Archbishop Rowan Williams is outed as a spy!

Pssst! Did you hear the Bishop of Canterbury was an ex-spy?

Yes Prime Minister Thatcher had him arrested for singing Psalms. He must have had a really bad voice!

Yes it's such a shame that hairy man wasn't like that nice man Peter Jensen, who modelled himself off Ronald Reagan!

Dean Jensen was offended when his brother was asked if same - sex marriage ALSO CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING!

The Dean has jumped to the defence of his brother who he believes is a victim of a sensationalistic journalism!
It's terrible when your relatives are demoralised publicly... I mean how bad must the parents of LGBT people feel when their children are called sexually broken, unChristian, sinners and shameless?

Christian fundamentalists don't care about anyone else's feelings, only their own! Anyway they'd just blame the parents for not gender stereotying enough during the child's formative years.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gays through the eyes of Israel's Deputy Education Minister and the men of GAFCON ...

" ...well bugger me, I could have sworn that I was a real person!"
" No Col, buggery is what Anglican Mainstream specialises in...usually with sheep and horses!"

In an attempt to vilify LGBT people in Israel, will Israel’s Deputy Education Minister, Menachem Eliezer Moses call upon support from leading homophobic bigots, like those who are leading participants of GAFCON ... Archbishops Peter Akinola of Nigeria, Benjamin Nzimbi of Kenya, Donald Mtetemela of Tanzania, Peter Jensen of Sydney, Australia and Presiding Bishop Greg Venables of the Southern Cone; Bishops Don Harvey of Canada, Robert Duncan of USA and Martyn Minns of the United States; Canon Vinay Samuel of India and Canon Chris Sugden of England.

What a breakthrough! These GAFCON guys could hold the key to world peace...give the Palestinians in Gaza a break, and persecute people who aren't real!