Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gene Robinson will visit Australia in 2013

First gay bishop heading to Australia The first openly gay bishop to preside over an Episcopalian diocese will be visiting Australia next year following the launch of his new book God believes in love, straight talk about gay marriage.

Over the years he has been a campaigner for same-sex marriage and was able to marry his partner of 25 years in 2010 once the laws in New Hampshire permitted their marriage.

"I think it will be not too far in the future that we will look back on this the same way we look back on laws that prohibited people of different races from being married or how we look back at slavery," Robinson told US reporters.

Robinson will be hosted in Australia by the Paddington Uniting Church and a collection of like-minded churches and individuals.

Bill ... would it be ethical for Sydney Anglicans who are dissatisfied with the prejudical treatment of gays and women... to seek ordination from Bishop Robinson and then return to Sydney setting up liberal satellites churches responsible to an Episcopalian diocese?
Well Calam... conservatives did it so it must be ethical... but I think it's only ethical if the alliance is certain to promote homophobia and encarceration of gays in African countries.

Friday, June 29, 2012

“Causing occasional offence is not the greatest sin. Being boring, self-righteous or unkind compete for that award”

... says Michael Kirby.

Say Bill... do you reckon that ugly dog barks like a seal !

Come to think of it Calam...he even looks like a seal!

Well I dunno...because I thought he was a cat!?

Phillip Jensen wants the right to discriminate and cause dissention within the public sector

Phillip Jensen criticises the media for what he believes is the libertarian censoring of fundamentalists like himself. Phillip is finding it hard to practise his Christianity because his fundamental right to discriminate within the public arena has been compromised. Phillip claims that...To question migration policy is to be called a racist. To question Islam is to be attacked as ‘Islamophobic’. To oppose homosexual marriage is to be labelled ‘homophobic’. To question abortion ethics is ‘an affront to women’s rights’. Phillip says that democracy is no longer the rule of fundamentalists like him but the rule of ‘right thinking’ people i.e. non-religious people.
Yes but all is not lost Phillip because there is always totalitarian  Jensenism, where fundamentalism flourishes unopposed within the Sydney diocese... a world where the 'Southern Cross' can print biased articles and refuse to publish the letters written by liberal Anglicans; an environment where the Sydney Anglican website avoids publishing the impact that evangelicals and Anglicans have had on the human rights of GLBT people in Uganda. Oh... and what about Sydney Anglican's attitudes towards Anglicans who don't believe in discrimination against gays, the literal interpretation of  Noah or women being forced to remain subservient to male clergy? I'm sure they are encouraged to leave the diocese because they are not seen as 'right thinking' or religious enough?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Victorian Anglican Priest and professor of sociology backs marriage equality

Anglican priest and professor at Monash University, Gary Bouma, told the Monash Weekly that he was an advocate of same-sex marriage and called for a change in legislation to reflect public sentiment and end discrimination. He said...I will support religious diversity and people's different beliefs but I don't believe I have the right, on the basis of my religious beliefs, to limit somebody else's life chances or deny them basic human dignity.Professor Bouma also pointed out that...the kingdom of God, as acted on by Jesus, was more inclusive than anybody could even begin to think of at that time. It was inclusive of Gentiles, it was inclusive of women who were absolutely despised and excluded from society. It was inclusive of those who were deemed impure by the religious leaders. Jesus extended the boundaries of acceptability and inclusion every time he turned around.

Exodus moves away from curing gays and towards promoting celibacy or finding an understanding member of the opposite sex

This week in Minneapolis, 600 Exodus ministers and followers are gathering for the group's annual conference. The conference is about dissociating the group from the controversial practice usually called ex-gay, reparative or conversion therapy. Exodus president, Alan Chambers, says... I do not believe that cure is a word that is applicable to really any struggle, homosexuality included...
The ministry's emphasis for gays and lesbians is now about celibacy or finding an understanding opposite-sex partner.
Chambers acknowledged some Exodus affiliates might still offer reparative therapy and that 99.9 percent of people he's encountered in two decades with Exodus were not able to completely rid themselves of same-sex attraction.
So Ennis ... did Sydney Anglican, Haydn Sennitt, raise enough money
to take himself off to the Exodus Conference?

Perhaps Sydney Anglicans could get their organisation, Liberty Christian  Ministries Inc to seek out understanding heterosexual Christian women and arrange marriages. Now wouldn't they be  marriages made in heaven...and Haydn could tell the men how to behave and Phillip Jensen could provide the marriage guidance for women.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Julian Mann speaks out at Anglican Mainstream and says... THE CHURCH IS


Well known misogynist, Julian Mann is asking someone to repent for the unGodly disorder that permeates from clergy civil partnerships within the C of E. Usually, Mr Mann is trying to clean up the unGodly disorder of women's equality within the church. Julian knows that God created discrimination against gays and women in the church to ensure order for the heterosexual male.

Perhaps that nice Mr Mann might be able to repent for those unGodly gays and women...that would be a nice Christian thing to do. Do you think Archbishop Williams is referring to Mr Mann in his recent article about the church's attitude to homosexuals and women's equality? It seems that the church is very proccupied with sex and gender.

Dog Tags for Gays in Queensland...and Anglican Mainstream thinks it's a good idea!

Anglican Mainstream has used Queensland, Australia as a source of hope in rolling back gay rights. The newly elected Liberal government in Queensland, last week rolled back the state’s Civil Partnerships Act to prohibit state-sanctioned ceremonies and change the name of civil unions to registered relationships. The Sydney Star Observer reports that Nathan Stoneham has created dog tags to potentially replace rings to send a strong political message. Nathan said...This process of registering your relationship sounds like the same thing you’d do with your dog or your trailer. It’s not very romantic... This gives people a way to get the message out that things are going backwards in Queensland.
The tags are engraved with “DOG TAGS FOR GAYS” with a unique, meaningless registration number.

I wonder if that lovely little Dobby or Canon Sugden would like me to order them one. They could be registered as ugly bigot 007 and 008.

And why would parents want Ethics taught in schools ...when their children can be exposed to graphic images of Hell by Sydney Anglicans?

This graphic image was posted on the Sydney Anglican website to accompany Phillip Jensen's article on Hell. Isn't it any wonder parents are challenging the government's funding of chaplains and boycotting scripture classes in public schools. If is this advertised as a mainstream religion then what are extremists teaching our children?

Do you know Bill...schools make the wild west look like Disneyland...what with Sydney Anglicans drawing and writing about hell and Catholics nailing someone to a cross and hanging him above the chalkboard... all that scary stuff must help children learn.

Calam you reckon that getting the school kids to watch a few scalpings might help them improve their grades?

Monday, June 25, 2012

A leap too far for both Sydney Anglican and Saudi Arabia women

Dalma Malhas, an American-born, London-educated multi-millionaire’s daughter was briefly set to make Olympic history as the first woman to compete for Saudi Arabia at the Olympic Games. Dalma is a very talented equestrian but Saudi Arabia's repressive culture does not allow women to wear jodphurs. Jumping hurdles in a burqa can be dangerous, especially if the mare she rides is forced to be similarly dressed.  The SMH reports  that ...Saudi women are currently barred from voting or standing for office, are not allowed to expose any part of their body beyond eyes and hands, and have to have a ‘‘male guardian’’ with them at all times. They have separate entrances for public buildings and are not allowed to drive a car... But there is still hope for Saudi women, unlike their Sydney counterparts who also have restrictions placed upon them... for Abdullah has said that he wants women to drive when society is ready for it. Sydney Anglican women know that their society will never be ready for them to be treated as equals and they will always remain second rate citizens, subservient to their husbands and never able to speak out, or preach to men, at Bible study or in church.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dick Cheney's daughter marries girlfriend

Amid fierce US debate about gay marriage, former US vice-president Dick Cheney says he is delighted his lesbian daughter has married her long-term partner. Cheney differs from the right wing Sydney Anglicans in that he loves his lesbian daughter unconditionally and is delighted his daughter and her partner are able to take advantage of the opportunity to have their relationship recognised.   A Cheney family statement said... Mary and Heather and their children are very important and much-loved members of our family and we wish them every happiness.

Do Sydney Anglicans disown their gay children, after they fail their Liberty Christian Ministry Inc sexual reorientation course?Cheney was linked with the torture of those imprisoned at US military facilities... perhaps Sydney Anglicans might be able to probe him for some sterilization techniques.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Conservative Anglican Lord Carey promotes hate and resentment with his Coalition for Marriage strategy

Let's make those same-sex attracted people feel really bad by showing them that we can get married and they can't...Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! Oh and let's make them even angrier by politicking against them... because they are inferior to us.

This couple, who married in March, became the public face of the Coalition For Marriage campaign, backed by Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury. Earlier this month they handed in the group’s petition to David Cameron. Rhys and Esther Curnow received scores of messages after opponents of their stance on same-sex marriage circulated their Facebook details online. They included messages saying the committed Christians, should “rot in hell” ...become infertile... die of cancer... be subject to compusory sterilisation.  The couple say they are at a loss to understand how people could be so vicious when all they did was petition for the right to discriminate.

Bertie ...another wonderful conservative Anglican strategy...neary as good as the post-gay, ex-gay bus initiative that backfired! Anyway why didn't Carey and his wife become the public faces for marriage inequality...they are married aren't they?

Yes Reginald...what a great idea... SSA people are sure to be turned off marriage if they associate marriage with Carey.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Deacon Down Under explains how the Sydney Anglican's Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) works in preaching Jensenism

The Deacon Downunder has done a fine piece on Phillip Jensen's Hell. The Deacon Downunder explains how new recruits are converted and trained in Jensenism... the Mullah of St Andrew's Cathedral preaches about the wrath of God and how God will send his naughty children into eternal flames, where they will burn in agony if they disobey the Jensens.

Calam... I think Jensenism in the hands of less educated people could prove a tad problematic!

Now Bill... I reckon a compassionate God could put all that water  He wasted on drowning people (except Noah) better use by putting out those hellish fires. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Godless are out numbering Anglicans in Australia

The SMH reports that Atheists are now the second largest grouping behind Catholics. Dorothy at the Loonpond writes ... Angry Atheists have soared past Angry Anglicans, who dropped by 1.6% to 3.679m, way below the happy band of no-religionists at 4.796m. (by Angry Anglicans we mean that bunch of true believers who seem to accept that Sydney Anglicans are right to be consistently angry about women priests and gay marriage).

Bill... Sydney Anglican Biblical authenticity sure looks like hatred for gays and women. Do you reckon shooting Injuns is part of Biblical authenticity?

Calam...only if you your hatred is implemented with a patronising smile!

Dangerous Love or just plain...DELUSIONAL!

Sydney Anglican, Lionel Windsor uses Mr Squiggle to turn God's word into Lionel's... at The Briefing website. Lionel likens himself and his Sydney Anglican mates to Jesus and His apostles when he quotes... Jesus’ love-command, then, is not a cuddly warm mission strategy telling us how to win the world’s approval. Our love for one another is to be like Jesus’ love for us. This is crazy love in the eyes of the world. It’s the kind of love that will get us hated. Jesus’ love is dangerous love.
I know Sydney Anglicans are hated throughout the world ...but I think that Sydney Anglicans resemble the pharisees that Jesus found problematic...more than the apostles!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sydney Anglicans could learn a lot about humility from GLBT Christians

You know Bill... I had the priviledge of attending the annual GLBT Multifaith Service last night. It was supported by the Uniting Network, MCC, Dayenu and Acceptance, and is a listed event in the June Sydney Pride Festival. I was blown away by the humility these people displayed in their worship. It was nothing like the hardline judgmental arrogance displayed by Sydney Anglicans when putting down GLBT people ...or anyone else who dares to think differently?

Who is more humble? The scientist who looks at the universe with an open mind and accepts whatever the universe has to teach us, or somebody who says everything in this book must be considered the literal truth and never mind the fallibility of all the human beings involved? -Carl Sagan

This is basic theology, friends. You might wish to concede the point on a global flood (although I wouldn’t personally – the approach itself betrays a certain attitude to Scripture) but that doesn’t mean you have to accept Mascord’s argument. Disagreements about the historicity of the flood are exactly that, disagreements over historical claims. Disagreements over being “born” gay are an entirely different category. That Mascord, who taught philosophy at Moore College for many years, seeks to equate the two arguments is particularly disappointing - David Ould Sydney Anglican

As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on thing and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.
― C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Worse than hypocrisy is shamelessness. Knowing something is wrong, refusing to repent and openly and flagrantly continuing to practice that which is wrong. This is sinning defiantly - “with a high hand”. It is an attitude of unrepentant shamelessness that needs to be repented of even more than the sinful actions- Phillip Jensen

Until you have suffered much in your heart, you cannot learn humility. ― Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

Sydney Anglicans learning humility...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Guardian writes that the Anglican church is fit only for bigots and hypocrites

and it seems that bigotry and hypocrisy is linked to Sydney!
Thank you to the blog Eruptions at the Foot of the Volcano for posting two very good articles. In the first post , Nick Cohen from The Observer (UK) explains how Rowan Williams pandoured to conservatives within the Anglican church, who sought the alliance of African bishops to prevent Jeffery Johns from being ordained Bishop of Reading. It is well known that the Sydney Diocese facilitated the homosexual discrimination and the proof can be substantiated in its role as secretary of GAFCON. The article points out... But how can Anglicans oppose the Ugandan government's attempts to mandate death sentences or life sentences for homosexuals? Can Anglicans expect anyone to believe them when they say there is no connection between theological justifications for homophobia and the terror the Ugandan state and the Ugandan Anglican church wish to direct against homosexuals? The language of "communion" and "engagement" sounds kind and woozy. There is nothing kind about the prison cells that await gay men in Kampala – nor grace behind their bars. As with gays, so with women.

The article goes onto highlight the misogyny of some clergy who cannot even deal with a male bishop because in their mind they have been tainted by being ordained by women bishop...Anglicans in 42 of the 44 dioceses of the Church of England say they want women bishops. They have offered the services of outside male bishops to the minority of parishes who cannot accept a woman in authority. The generous concession was not enough. So Williams cut a deal with the misogynists. He proposes that not only can they have male bishops, but male bishops who have not been ordained by a woman, or ordained a woman themselves or even taken communion from a woman. (Williams will have to appoint bishops who were born to a sinful woman, but one suspects that if he could find men without mothers he would take them.)
The other post reviews a documentry film called... ¨Call Me Kuchu detailing the plight of David Kato, Uganda’s first openly gay person... The film goes on to detail a libel case affecting regular law-abiding gays, as well as a national proposed law from Ugandan MP David Bahati that would require citizens to "report" gay people within a twenty-four hour period of discovery.¨
The film also shows the effects the manipulation of Western Evangelicals have had upon this society and the lies that are allowed and encouraged which include gays are involved pedophilia, prostitution, the deliberate spread of HIV and a terorist bombing in Kampala . It exposes an environment where...Gay youth are manipulated by the system, including curative rape, no counsel for defense, and subjection to abortions. Activists battle against an HIV spread rate which ignorance makes more rampant.


And whilst homophobia is rife within the Sydney Diocese, the Minister for education Mr Adrian Piccoli has made a committment to stamp out homophobia in public schools.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Penny Wong says same-sex marriage will come but not with the support of some church leaders

The SMH Penny Wong, the openly gay Federal Minister for Finance said ...people who opposed gay marriage had nothing to fear. Equality does not diminish the worth of your relationships, it simply recognises the worth of ours...When we are told these relationships are different, that they should be treated differently, we understand the truth of what is being said. And it can be hurtful. But instead of flinching, we are motivated to act because we all know the worth of our relationships. That is why this campaign will continue and that is why change will come.
But is Peter Jensen listening to those he has hurt... when he, together with Catholic and Greek Orthodox bishops have ordered clergy to read out a letter against same-sex marriage during services today.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Peter Jensen uses the SMH to declare...

In general terms, the ''right'' to marry already exists. Any adult can marry provided that a proper person (not a sibling, minor, or member of the same sex) is also willing, for that is what marriage is. What we rightly lack is the right to marry anyone we choose without discrimination...extending marriage to include two men or two women...  I would have to find a different word for my marriage, or add the rider ''heterosexual'' to the word ''marriage''.

The education of my children would be different. Same-sex marriage is symbolic of social acceptance of gay sex as a moral good. Most people still believe the physical make-up of humans points in another direction. But they would not be able to prevent their children being taught that consenting sex between any two persons is a matter of moral and physical indifference.

Human rights would be different. A right does not come into existence by mere claim and declaration. When human rights language is used in the wrong way, it cheapens the discourse. It makes it harder to stand up for human rights, and against real injustices.
Dr Peter Jensen is the AnglicanArchbishop of Sydney.

Hey Ned...the city of Sydney is so lucky to have a man like Jensen as a religious figurehead... promoting prejudice, discrimination and hatred towards SSA adults... and maintaining the rage against SSA Youth in schools.

Yeah Jed ... I need my marriage to be labelled heterosexual because my missus looks a bit like you Ned. You know the way we tell the difference in our marriage, Jed? Well, when I'm home, I wear a sailor's cap because marriage is about one ship, one captain. I don't want people thinking I'm faggot! Glad to see Pete Jensen doesn't think them homo-sexualists have any rights. If my mate Alan Jones can call for the drowning of the PM ...then I reckon it's OK for Sydney Anglicans to support those who encarcerate homo-lovers, who take more than 24 hours to report  Ugandan gays to the police...for being gay!

When reviewing Scripture...Michael Kirby says it's inconceivable that God created same-sex attracted people for Christians to be beastly to them, call them an abomination and be put to death.

Doesn't Michael Kirby know anything...everyone knows that God sent Haydn Sennitt to cure abominations!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Russell Powell states that...when Jason Russell fell his deck of cards went with him

At least Jason tried!
Russell Powell in his regular weekly posting on the Sydney Anglican Network website explains that he has to check anywhere between 60 to 100 sites everyday to come up with his weekly posting. This is to save busy people having to filter out unfavourable material linking Sydney Anglicans to injustices that are perpetrated in the name of their Calvinist God.

I am going to base my next movie on a group of Calvinists who live in the Capital city of a developed country, and who use despotic strategies to bring about 16th Century reform. It will have all the intrigue needed to be a hit... nepotism, misogyny, homophobia, gambling,  entrepreneurial outsourcing and bonding with underdeveloped nations ... all as a means to oppress women and persecute gays! I think that I will call it..."Let's Save Women's Subservience in Marriage by Encarcerating Homosexuals!"

Give me a high five...because everyone knows that  it's OK to support GAFCON allies who advocate the killing and persecution of gay people because the Bible says so! Wash your mouth out it's not  OK to oppress and persecute because it is written in the Quran...well maybe just women and gays!

It's Friday...Will Russell Powell tell Sydney Anglicans about Jensen's support for those who seek to reintroduce the Ugandan 'Anti-gay Bill' aka 'Kill the Gay Bill''

David Ould blogspot reports that the Ugandan Anti-gay Bill is being pushed by Ugandan bishops including Peter Jensen's GAFCON allies. Will Russell Powell, who criticises the public media, inform Sydney Anglicans via the Sydney Anglican Network Portal about what they as part of the diocese are supporting? The Bill includes...
  • *A 7-year jail sentence for consenting adults who have gay sex;
  • *A life sentence for people in same-sex marriages;
  • *Extradition and prosecution of LGBT Ugandans living abroad;
  • *The death penalty for adults who have gay sex with minors or people with disabilities, 
  •  consensual or no, or who communicate HIV via gay sex, regardless of condom usage or consent;
  • *Jail for anyone who doesn’t report suspected gay people within 24 hours;
  • *A ban on the “promotion” of homosexuality so open-ended that it would endanger HIV/AIDS
  •  treatment and sexual health clinics in the country and could effectively exclude gay people from
  •  petitioning the courts by making those representing them liable for criminal action;
  • *A mandate to break all ties with international commitments and laws opposing the Anti-
  •  Homosexuality Bill.

  • The Uganda Joint Christian Council says on its website that it works “to build a society that harmoniously co-exists and promotes, protects, respects and upholds human dignity.”

    Gloria Jeans donates $30,000 to the anti-gay political lobby group ...The Australian Church Lobby

    Sydney Star Observer reports...Gloria Jean’s has faced a social media backlash after it emerged the cafĂ© franchise donated $30,000 to anti-gay marriage group, the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).
    The company donated $30,000 to the ACL in 2010 and was the only business besides a Christian superannuation organisation to donate political funds to the group in that year.
    Social media campaigns on Facebook and have already notched up hundreds of supporters as well as the angry boycott messages posted on its Facebook page.  
    Australian Marriage Equality national convenor Alex Greenwich has accused the ACL of scaremongering after a new video linked same-sex marriage to polyamory.
    “The ACL’s scaremongering is a sign of desperation and will be rejected by the majority of fair-minded Australians who want their gay friends and family members to be able to share in the values, traditions and joys of marriage as an exclusive, lifelong union,” Greenwich said.
    “The international experience proves there is no link between same-sex marriage and polygamy, which is why conservative figures like [beyondblue chairman] Jeff Kennett, [British prime minister] David Cameron, and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key have no problem supporting same-sex marriages.”
    Hey Ennis... is Anglican Mainstream still calling for the worldwide boycott of Starbucks... for its support of marriage equality.

    The Australian Church Lobby misquotes Michael Kirby about polygamy

    It has been reported that the Australian Christian Lobby have misquoted Michael Kirby implying that he was in favour of polyagmy.

    Anthony Venn-Brown posts...Australian Christian Lobby Quotes Michael Kirby (out of context)
    It is not unusual for conservative Christian political groups to take statements out of context that backs up their own negative view of gay and lesbian people.

    The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has just launched a media campaign demonstrating once again their 'let's ignore everything else that has been said, there is only one thing I heard' policy. The video campaign is meant to prove WE TOLD YOU SO!

    It's fear-mongering at its worst.

    The ACL media release commences ' The Australian Christian Lobby today released a video outlining one of the almost inevitable implications of redefining marriage'.

    By that, they mean there is some underhanded, insidious agenda behind the marriage equality movement. It is not that gay and lesbian couples want the same opportunity that straight couples have - to make a commitment to each other for life and have that recognised legally. ACL believes  that this is only the beginning, after they get same sex marriage,  the gays will want to marry multiple people - polygamous relationships. I think this is the first time they haven't mentioned marrying pets as well. (but I digress)

    Michael Kirby was asked this question by Senator MichaeliaCash: "But only where two people are concerned in a homosexual relationship. What I am putting to you is: are you limiting the definition of equity and equality in relationships to purely a man and a woman, whether they be heterosexual or homosexual; or are you saying there should be equity and equality in relationships regardless of, for example, the number of people participating in that relationship?"

    In the ACL video they use Michael Kirby's response to Senator MichaeliaCash's question. Michael Kirby's answer has been taken out of context by using three sentences and  ignoring the other 3,600 words he spoke about the need for Australia to grant marriage equality to same sex couples as a human right.

    Michael Kirby's response was to that question only. But not according to the ACL.

    ACL neglected to quote this bit from Michael Kirby.

    'It is entirely reasonable to ask where the logic takes us. As a lawyer and as a judge that is something one has to do all the time. But, if we look at the countries that have accepted recognition of equality for homosexual couples and bisexual couples, there has not actually been a stampede of demand for trios, quadruples and other relationships. It has not led, in my respectful view, to any damage to heterosexual relationships. I have never had a satisfactory explanation made to me of how my loving relationship of 43 years with my partner has in any way damaged the institution of marriage or would, if marriage were available to us, damage that relationship, diminish it or degrade it in any fashion whatsoever. On the contrary, I would respectfully suggest that securing access to marriage entitlements would encourage stable relationships, and the committee"
    If you are really interested you can read the entire question and answer session of the committee hearing by clicking here.

    Beryl... I see where the ACL describe themselves as the voice for values. Well Daisy ...lies and gambling seem to be the values required to implement God's word! Daisy did you know that once marriage equality is achieved we can go and marry a few other people because our marriage will lead to polygamy...eventhough as Kerryn Phelps points out that polygamy exists in countries that persecute gays!

    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Hayden is going overseas

    Hayden says... As of next Monday I will be away overseas (June 18 – July 4) in South Korea and the United States. During that time I will be obviously unavailable for meetings, deputations, and other regular ministry duties. However, I will be checking the Liberty email account during my absence and will be making the most of my time for Liberty. We will still be having our monthly prayer meeting.
    If you need to contact Liberty during this time, you can email us at or call us on (02) 9818-8111. Please look at the Liberty website from time to time during my absence, as I will be providing updates on what I will be doing while overseas. Please pray.
    Haydn (pastoral worker).
    If Haydn hands out just one Matthias Media "What Some of You Were" on the plane...and I'll be opting for the life jacket and whistle!
    To all my friends at Liberty Christian Ministries Inc

    Tuesday, June 12, 2012

    Sydney Anglicans call upon all homophobes to attend the launch of Sexegexis...a book aimed to keep gays and lesbians excluded from Anglicanism

    St Andrew's Cathedral welcomes all bigots and homophobes who wish to dress prejudice up as Biblical authenticity, to a book launch at the Cathedral on June 14th at 11.00am. A book has been written by evangelicals so of course it is about Gay Sex. Sydney Anglicans are responsible for its distribution through Youthworks. Generally, Sydney Anglicans specialise in books that promote the oppression of women, however with marriage equality becoming a human rights issue in developing countries, Sydney Anglicans and their Moore College graduates throughout Australia have decided to launch a book about the unGodliness of homosexuals and lesbians. They are doing this because God spoke to Sydney Anglicans exclusively when he sat down and wrote the Bible. It is well  known that an Anglican Church League member is really a reincarnation of Moses in a polyester suit who has traded stone tablets for a Bible filled with hate filled passages to be used against women and gays. Dreadful liberal Anglicans committed an act of treason against God when they wrote a book called the "Five Uneasy Pieces" which took the Bible passages used against SSA people and looked at them in a contemporary context. Everyone knows that Anglicanism belongs in the 16th Century and it's implementation is best suited to the standards and values reflected in third world countries that oppress women and kill gays.
    Yeah so let's call upon the Diocese of Tassie to join Sydney Anglicans in the best darn Hoedown in Australia since the ordination of women!
    Geeze Darlene...all the best stuff is on  at St Andrew's Cathedral...Look I missed the Greatest sermon ever...Unjust generosity. Do you think it might be like conditional hospitality?

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Beware...Bible-bashing Calvinists on bikes!

    Sydney cyclists breathed a sigh of relief when Sydney Anglican, Michael Kellahan, decided that attending church on Sunday morning was more important than trying to convert cyclists in a local cycle club.

    And doesn't God work in mysterious ways Peter... who'd have thought that employing Sydney Calvinists to ride with Olympians would pull seconds off those atheletes best times... goes to show you the power of the Bible in the hands of a fundamentalist!

    Channel 7's Sunrise interviews Jim Wallace from the Australian Church Lobby and Peter Jensen about same-sex marriage.

    The team from Channel 7's Sunrise arranged a debate between Dr Kerryn Phelps and Jim Wallace after being critised by ACL for televising  the "I Do" campaign. Weekend Sunrise went on to interview Peter Jensen about his opposition to marriage equality.

    Sydney Anglicans would have great difficulty embracing marriage equality seeing marriage to them is all about inequality.