Monday, November 26, 2012

Almost half the lay members who voted against female bishops were women ...

...ones that derive their power from male headship!

The UK Guardian reports that... Almost half of the lay people who voted against legislation to allow female bishops in the Church of England were women...33 of the 74 General Synod lay members who last week caused the long-awaited measure to fail were women and most of them are affiliated to the conservative evangelical group Reform or the traditional Anglo-Catholic movement Forward in Faith.
Susie Leafe and women like her, want women who have given their lives to serve God as priests, to be discriminated against, and forced to abstain from seeking promotion. This is because of her theological conviction that women can't preach infront of men, eventhough no one is forcing Susie to be ordained!


Speaking about stupid much longer will Julia Bishop continue with Tony Abbott's and Alan Jones' payback... nobody gets away humiliation on that scale!  

A Sydney Anglican talks about the lack of money being donated by parishoners

I don't think Australians think that promoting sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance and gambling away diocesan assets on the stock market is value for money.

The Briefing, has published an article about finance. This is very apt as everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans have had a lot of experience in the area of finance...what with their stock market loss of in excess of $160 million of diocesan assets... and the Matthias Media push for donations, to help move the publishing company into the $21st Century, whilst still producing material that promotes the predjudical values of the 1950s.

Phil Cogin writes...Sadly, statistics from the Australian National Church Life Survey (and the like) suggest that there is not an overwhelming outpouring of generosity in our churches, at least in regards to people giving to their church. We are nowhere near hitting an average giving of 5%, let alone a tithe of 10%. What does that say?
Some would say we need to send our ministers off for fundraising training. Others suggest that our training colleges need to be more practical. No doubt some of this would be helpful—but what this says to me is that there is a deep spiritual problem in our churches.

Phil goes onto criticise working mothers in a way that only Sydney Anglicans know how, when he says... we need to ask why the mothers of our children are going back to paid employment. It’s certainly not a sin, and sometimes it’s financially necessary. But if it’s not necessary to pay for our daily bread and for a roof over our family, then why do we so often do it? Is it because it gives a sense of worth and contentment that is not found elsewhere? If that is the case—and it will require some honest reflection to work out—then that needs to be challenged, because our contentment and worth should come from knowing and serving Christ. We need to ask if this work is actually to pay for a level of living that we think is our right but that God would really call greed (and therefore idolatry)? 

My contentment and worth does come from knowing and serving Christ but Sydney Anglicans and the like, won't allow me to fulfill my calling.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Mark Thompson says... opposing womens' equality within the church... "genuinely values women as opposed to devaluing them."

I hear the Muslims and the Christians are in conflict in Nigeria...and that new to be Archbishop of Canterbury is into promoting tolerance..Pffff...You go and show him how to deal with dissention,  Mark...never mind if the conflict escalates's all about Sydney Anglican biblical inerrancy.
...Yeah right...the C of E's being forced legally to embrace equality...bring that on ...because we who believe in inequality will fight to the death for it...remember what Mark Thompson says... Inequality within the church genuinely values women...oh but men more!

Will Sydney Anglicans sign the petition to stop the gay Ugandan death penalty

The Ugandan Parliament is set to pass a brutal law that could carry the death penalty for homosexuality. If they do, thousands of Ugandans could face execution -- just for being gay. People have helped stop this bill before. After a massive global outcry last year, Ugandan President Museveni blocked the bill's progress. But political unrest is mounting in Uganda, and religious extremists in Parliament are hoping confusion and violence in the streets will distract the international community from a second push to pass this hate-filled law. Please sign this petition.

What was the question again... Would John Chapman have seen his death  as more important than the termination of the lives of gay Ugandans?  Well John's not here to speak for himself ...and MY SILENCE as archbishop of the diocese that aligned itself with Ugandan and Nigerian church homophobia ... is a condemnation of God's love of humanity. Everyone knows that God loves the Bible more than those for whom it is written...and it is our job as Sydney Anglicans to destroy all who stand in the way of its implemention!  

You know where you gays went wrong...You were born...If you want to feature on the Sydney Anglican website ...then stay a foetus...because then they'll  fight for your right to life!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Haydn Sennitt gives some advice to Vaughan Roberts...don't accept your homosexuality...overcome it

In October 2012 one of the world’s leading evangelical preachers, Vaughan Roberts, disclosed in an interview that he has experienced same-sex attractions throughout much of his life. Haydn Sennit has written about where Roberts gets it wrong ...when  Roberts says that he feels God  didn't promise to change his sexual orientation... only Haydn's! 

           So how do you make a man like Vaughan Roberts shiny and new!

Well that's easy... Don't live with same-sex attraction as though it is a deformed limb...instead...
1. Marry a  young naive Christian girl
2. Read and promote sloppy research
3. Have children... because fathers solve all of society's problems...and of course LGBTI people have never had fathers...that's why they are unnatural
4. turn to Anglican Mainstream... one of the most offensive websites on the internet ...for help
5. blame your parents for yor sexual orientation
6. and most importantly watch this exerp from Lord of the Rings

And Vaughan...if the above doesn't make you change... then your faith is questionable... "because when I hear another Christian, though he be tremendously gifted, saying that God cannot do something because in his experience it has not been achieved, I cannot in good conscience have much faith in a testimony like that".... it's..." the limited experience of a man who has not yet tasted God’s power in working through his sin"...  "If that is true, then Roberts is identifying himself through his sin issue and not through Christ"

Haydn...did you ever stop to think that it's about having integrity, being honest, and taking responsibility for who I am... and what I choose to believe? That way I'm not ruining... or encouraging others to ruin...innocent peoples lives... when blaming them for my sexual orientation or involving them in emotional and sexual relationships that I can't commit to fully.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Is Sydney Anglican, Mark Thompson, getting ready to take over as Sydney's next following in the footsteps of Peter Jensen...when he calls the new Archbishop of Canterbury a coward?

One of Dorothy's readers over at Loonpond comments, that it is rumoured, that the ex President of the Anglican Church League, Mark Thompson, is a contender for archbishop Peter Jensen's job when he retires. Peter Jensen is well known for the animosity he has displayed towards Rowan Williams, who is the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury. Well it seems that Mark Thompson wants to continue with that level of animosity and describes Welby as... able to communicate clearly and winsomely. However, as he prepares to take up this challenging role at a very challenging time, one characteristic that has not been attributed to him is ‘courage’... or does Mark Thompson mean bigotry?

Mark Thompson wants Welby to:
  • tell Ms Jefferts Schori and her companions that they must be intolerant prejudical people like Sydney Anglicans 
  •  break away from the Cof E and join GAFCON
  • get rid of gay clergy
  • protect misogynists
  • promote dischord between the C of E and the secular world
  • allow evangelicals to plant Sydney Anglican churches throughout Britian to destablilise the C of E even more

Oh and this is the best one... and from a group who promote sexual identy change and the marriage of same-sex attracted to naive heterosexuals. Mark says..."Will you (Welby) have the courage to challenge the British government over its social engineering agenda, including the promotion of the legitimacy of homosexual behaviour?" It's a pity Mark and Sydney Anglicans like him...don't stop persecuting liberal Anglicans and the UK government ..and instead turn their outrage towards another group of fundamentalists who share their own backyard!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sydney Star Observer reports that the Ugandan 'Kill the Gays' Bill is back

Sydney Star Observer reports that Uganda’s Parliamentary Speaker has claimed that Uganda's notorious anti-homosexuality bill will soon be passed by lawmakers.
Uganda’s Daily Monitor reports that Rebecca Kadaga  made the statement last week after returning to Uganda following an international summit in Canada.
She told reporters at Entebbe International Airport that she would stand firm against homosexuality.
“They said I should stop the debate on the anti-homosexuality bill, but I assured them there is no way I can block a private members bill,” she said.
PinkNews reports that a group of anti-gay religious leaders were there to meet with her at the airport, along with the bill’s architect, MP David Bahati.
Bahati had proposed for his legislation to include the death penalty for certain cases of “aggravated homosexuality”.
In February this year it was reported that life imprisonment would replace the death penalty in the bill.

It was first introduced in 2009, but has yet to gain parliamentary approval

Say you reckon that Peter Jensen fella... in his role as secretary, and what seems to be media guru for GAFCON, will release a statement like Rick Warren did ...condemning the persecution of Ugandan gays?
Watch it Bill...Calam's drinking...she'll choke if you encourage her to laugh and drink at the same time!

Michael Jensen reviews the Liberty Christian Ministries' committee chairman's new book...'Transformed by God'

I want to recommend  David Peterson's books 'Possessed By God' and  'Transformed by God'... because they helped me get where I am today!  

The committee chairman of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, David Peterson, has written a new book called Transformed by God, which is a sequel to Possessed by God...instead of  Possessed by Evil. Michael Jensen tells us that... One must assume that the theme follows along the lines in which he (Peterson) showed how the Bible sees ‘sanctification’ as not a process as much as a work in us by God parallel to our justification... when most of us thought it was more along the lines of a Stephen King sequel... Gollum's Journey out of Homosexuality, and into Sexual Conflictedness.
Michael Jensen tells his readers ... In an era of self-help books and with Christian bookshops awash with unbiblical drivel on this subject, Peterson’s book stands out... and that's probably because of the extremism and sensationalism used to attract readers... if it is like other publications written by Sydney Anglicans
Bill...them titles are right up there with The Twilight series...I reckon if Matthias Media keep on publishing stuff like that then all their money worries are over... Their sensationalistic titles sound like the basis for great  movie material...I'm sure them Christian kids would pay good bucks to watch people living with demon homosexuals...and  being saved by Phillip Jensen's and Tony Payne's version of pure sex...which ultimately climaxes into a God tranforming experience of sexual wholeness! Yes Calam...I reckon it might even be better than 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer"...and Moore College would be the perfect setting...what with them feminists and gays out to get them ! Do you know what Calam...them Sydney Anglicans can dress God up as a homosexual slayer ...complete with tights and a cloak...Oh come to think of it ...them Sydney Anglicans much prefer bombs and tanks...when representing God!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Have Sydney Anglicans been advising South Australian police on how to keep gay police officers in the closet?

South Australian police officers have again been denied permission to participate in the Adelaide Pride March in uniform.
The decision comes despite calls from the South Australian Minister for Social Inclusion, Ian Hunter, for SAPOL to follow the lead of the NSW and Victorian police by allowing officers to march in uniform.
Hunter said...“Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers were introduced to provide a partnership and support between SAPOL and all elements of the community and also within the organisation by promoting equity and diversity in the workplace. 44 employees currently undertake this important role.”
Adelaide’s Pride March will be held on Saturday November 10 starting from Victoria Square at 5.30pm

Say Ennis...them Sydney Anglicans should get off their butts and help the SA government purge their police force of female know... force them to go home and submit to their their husbands can be better husbands!
I dunno Jack...I think I'd rather sign a petition to help prevent the closeting of gay police officers...than promote more prejudice.


I'll have to ask Raj what Sydney Anglican men are like before their wives learn to submit! I wonder if Helen Jensen's submission was responsible for  making Phillip Jensen a better husband ...oh ...and an expert on clergy wives and women in general?

Anthony Venn-Brown explains that closeted gays and those presenting with an ex-gay facard spend a lifetime in denial and suffer a dualistic existence in order to be acceptable to God and others.

So Michael...Why would I want someone to change their sexual identity to be acceptable to me...and more importantly...why would anyone aspire to gain acceptance from misguided, judgmental and  prejudical people who base their faith in a discriminatory God ? 
Anthony Venn-Brown has produced an excellent article explaining on what happens to sexually conflicted same-sex attracted Christians, when they embrace the type of Christianity that brands SSA people and their advocates as atheists and heretics.

Say you reckon them Sydney Anglicans can offer some support to Jessica Simpson's dad?

I dunno Calam...he reckon's he's not gay...but I reckon that Haydn fella could work on Joe's porn addiction...if he has one