Tuesday, July 22, 2014

David Ould describes himself as an ultra - conservative...

who believes that the election of a high proportion of conservatives, like him,  to the Australian General Synod, is excellent, and is genuinely representative of the national church.

As David points out...I no longer stand up for minorities.
 David  enjoys the fact that liberal Anglicans, like Muriel Porter, who fought hard for the rights of women in the Anglican Church, are concerned that Anglican women, may end up like women in Afghanistan,  losing the gains they have made towards equal rights and opportunities. Rights eroded by trained ultra conservatives who follow a pure fundamentalist ideology of gender apartheid, used to oppress and discriminate, against those who do not meet the ideological gender stereotype.

That's right David.. don't be physically violent to women ...not like the Taliban...use spite instead ...that's the best Christian tool...There is nothing worse than offensive evil feminism... as Phillip Jensen says...Feminism’s freedom resulted in girls’ genocide!....
Oh and what about  Gav Poole ... over at the Anglican Church League website...The man deserves an award for publishing such great stories filled with indignation and dummy spitting... no turn the other cheek with these guys...Phillip Jensen may have crowned me King...but  I think he is confused about the type of crown I wear... I think he thinks that my bloodied crown of thorns gave permission to persecute!

Say  Jesus do you reckon David and Gav should be crowned the Queens of Spite and Indignation?

No Darlene...they're Anglicans...give them an OAM for sexism and bigotry

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc celebrates 20 years of homophobia.

Dr Trevor Hunter ... co- author of Matthias Media's "What Some of You (Homosexuals) Were"... and co-founder of Liberty Christian Ministries...writes the 20th Anniversary Service Sermon for Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. He draws attention to the biblical framework that governs our understanding of our human condition of which our sexuality is an integral part. 
He states ... The simplest and most comprehensive framework that I am aware of is given to us by the bible itself:
Creation                GOOD
Fall                        BAD
Redemption           NEW
Consummation       PERFECT
and ...We look forward to this new creation/bodies while we live within the old creation in our old bodies. Whatever we struggle with, whether sexual or otherwise, we know it will come to an end when He will “wipe every tear from their eyes” and “there will be no more mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things has passed away” Rev 21:4

So Bill..  is "The Fall" ...  the actual  display of unGodly bigotry and unkindness... you know...the behaviour that leads to...the death sentence, life imprisonment, self harm,  mental deterioration and suicide...of those who Sydney Anglicans brand ...as displaying the physical evidence of Adam and Eve's sin...ie same - sex attraction? 

As Dr Trevor Hunter says... people like Ian Thorpe bear the scars of same - sex attraction because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple ...and that apple was owned by an invisible God...who had power issues evidenced in his conditional love...when it came to fruit trees. Now that should be of great comfort to all those persecuted same-sex attracted people, Calam.

OMG...I hope Dr Trevor Hunter isn't a MD

And Darlene...because of the likes of you...and Eve ...such dreadful degenerate suductresses ...it is important that we evangelicals maintain inequality...in the form of misogyny... As a Baptist, Albert Mohler says about Women Bishops in the C of E... on The Anglican Church League website...next it will be same-sex marriage!

All I can say is... Long live the African heart of the Church of England...so we can protect misogyny and sexism ....and sell it as part of Jesus Christ's legacy... No I'm not pathetic!