Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sydney Anglicans explain how tolerance works when dealing with Keith Mascord and same-sex marriage

Rev. Dr Keith Mascord appears to be the first Anglican casualty of the same-sex marriage debate.
The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Dr Glenn Davies has decided not to renew Rev. Mascord's ministry licence.
Dr Mascord - an outspoken advocate for reform in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney - has told Noel Debien that churches need to give people the freedom to say what they think and believe in the debate about marriage.

You know something Bill...at least you didn't gag me like them Sydney Anglcans do...but they never let you down...you can always rely on their tunnel vision and self serving hypocrisy...Did you read the article by Raj Gupta titled the Intolerance of Tolerance....ya know when he says...
All I am doing is upholding and defending marriage as it has been understood and embraced for thousands of years. And for that, apparently, I am labelled as a bigot! Really? This is the intolerance of so-called tolerance. And it has progressed – even to the degree of seeking to silence the national debate.
Whether or not Australia has a plebiscite remains to be seen. It would be a chance for the views of the people of multicultural Australia to be expressed.