Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Sydney Anglican Diocese was a scream under the Jensen administration...but nothing comes close to the Abbott administration

Listen Bill...I just read Dorothy at Loonpond...and it seems like the Federal Liberals must all be Sydney Anglicans...cause they are hilarious!

I don't know Calam...but when their term in office is over...they wouldn't be out of place with the Sydney evangelicals at Synod!

Well Alan Jones doesn't think I'm funny...could there be something wrong with his judgment... nah...look how successful he has made me

Oh dear...and Alan doesn't even use God to justify his misogyny...but you never know ...that lovely Mr Jones might be a closet Bible Basher...after all he did work at Kings School...didn't he?

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ex Sydney Anglican and strong supporter of women's ordination and LGBT people ...has sadly passed away.

ANGLICAN Bishop of Gippsland John McIntyre died on Friday night at Monash
 Hospital, Clayton, at the age of 62, after losing his battle with a short respiratory
 illness.Before his work in the Gippsland Diocese, Sydney-born Bishop McIntyre
 was the rector of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney South Sydney parish for 15 
years.He had developed a reputation as an alternative voice in the Anglican 
Church, often taking a stance against more conservative views. This included 
supporting the ordination of women and rights for  gays within the church.'s terribly sad to lose such 
a brave man...You know he was 
a man who had the courage to 
fight for equality within the church
...and then face the pressure from
 conservative forces within the church.
Yes Calam...he played a role in 
Changing Attitudes