Friday, December 30, 2011

US Catholic adoption agencies close rather than consider gays and lesbians as adoptive parents

Standfirm reports that Roman Catholic Bishops in some parts of the US are choosing to jettison their adoption programs rather than comply with nondiscrimination laws, which require by law that they consider same-sex couples, as potential foster-care and adoptive parents if they want to receive state money. Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Ill. said of the laws ... In the name of tolerance, we’re not being tolerated.

Homer...are you related to Bishop Paprocki?
Well what kind of anti-discrimination laws are these when you are discriminated against for discriminating?

Bishops face formidable opponents who also claim to have justice and the Constitution on their side. They include not only gay rights advocates, but also many religious believers and churches that support gay equality (some Catholic legislators among them). They frame the issue as a matter of civil rights, saying that Catholic Charities were using taxpayer money to discriminate against same-sex couples.

Guess whose having dinner with Jesus?

Now listen...when these fundamentalists turn up for dinner, Pete, you stash the gold under the table. Paul, you lock the women up, and whatever you lot do...don't mention the word homosexual or we'll be here for weeks... and salvation could be lost completely!
So want us to stick to topics like two parent families with all members being heterosexual and all committed to 1950 stereotypical gender behaviours? Sounds a a bit unrealistic!
Say Jesus...can you ask Mark, the ex-Catholic turned Calvinist, if he will join the Australian Ordinariate, when women and gays are ordained in the Anglican Church in Sydney, Australia? Oh don't worry...I just remembered... the Sydney Diocese is not part of Australia!

I'm up for the ordinariate!

Tesco cop an 'earful'... from a loving and concerned Christian at Anglican Mainstream

Your continued support of this morally bankrupt group shows your utter contempt for true family life and the protection of children from exposure to unacceptable practices at a young age, by overtly bringing "family friendly" events to something which at its very base is specifically unfriendly to the family unit as it has always been understood.
Tesco, which is the largest private-sector employer in the UK chose to sponsor Pride London to show its committment to workplace diversity. A group of employees called 'Out at Tesco' asked for some support for Pride London, and Tesco agreed, as part of its policy to treat all who work for it fairly. Tesco states that it supports many charities and the £30,000 donation to Pride London was a very small part of an overall charitable and community contribution which last year amounted to £64 million. This was explained in a letter to a' Christian' woman who had complained about Tesco's support for Pride London... but the explanation did not 'cut it' with the Christian woman and Tesco got a very ungracious 'tongue lashing'... which has been posted at Anglican Mainstream.
I do not consider an individual who is gay as a worse person than anyone else, but... You would perhaps be appalled at the notion that a man/woman could perform a sexual act on a child or even an animal in public, but some in the Gay Pride movement have intimated that such things would not be considered immoral – after all, if you belong to a section of society that views any sexual behaviour as acceptable, where do you draw the line? – Ant Tesco have put their name to this!!

Hey Pa...So this is Christian love transformed?
Yes Arnold they talk about angry ants but their is nothing more hostile than a loving Christian protecting his/her rights to persecute and discriminate! Son ...that's called GOD'S GRACE.
Pa who wrote this letter...Christine Sugden?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Anglican Mainstream reports ...Catholics open the doors for hundreds of Anglican misogynists!

HELP...It's a woman!

Anglican Mainstream reports that traditionalists who cannot accept the ordination of women are already lined up to join the Pope. Mgr Newton who is the head of the Ordinariate said there were some challenges such as finding jobs and homes for the newly ordained Catholic priests. On New Year’s Day an Ordinariate will be created in the USA, followed by another in Australia in the spring, both of which are likely to have more members than the British one.

So Ralph...does that mean that Sydney Anglicans can join the Ordinariate when women are ordained in Sydney... Oh and when LGBTI people are treated as human being within the Church? you really think the Pope is going to want a group of recalcitrants like the Jensenites?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

John Richardson suggests that fundamentalists 'man up' for a confrontation with bishops over sexual orthodoxy.

John Richardson writes that the Church of England is... staring into the abyss when it comes to declining numbers... and that a new breed of bishops is emerging; one who is ambitious for church growth. But John sees peril ahead because he knows that it is only the extremely orthodox who can speak about Jesus... because Jesus is all about SEX. He says that even some evangelicals are moving away from teaching bigotry. He concludes by saying ...the orthodox therefore face a difficult challenge... they must develop and make the case for sexual orthodoxy and, if necessary, must be willing to confront even those bishops who are leading the evangelistic charge in their dioceses.

And what better way to 'man up' than use the Phillip Jensen 'Hall of Shame' technique?

Aren't fundamentalists just such wholesome loving people?

Well we can't have people in the Church saying stuff like ... John - it is tragic and sad that once again - and in Christmas tide - you can only post negatively about things that the vast majority of people are really tired of people going on about in the Church of England. Orthodoxy is about a great deal more than sexuality. Extreme conservatives are having to face the fact that ordained women are here to stay, and some are even being converted to the good news that they represent. Fortunately at Chelmsford you have a bishop who can be positive and inclusive about both ordained women and same sex partnerships. You have now seen that it is still possible to support such things AND be evangelistic. That is the good news. They are not difficult days at all. They are days of rejoicing. If extreme conservatives want to sit and whine then can you please encourage them to do so quietly whilst we get on with the crucial task of proclaiming the good news?
Andrew Godsall, Exeter

The ABC explains Sydney Anglicanism... after broadcasting a night with Phillip Jensen

The ABC has provided a blurb to accompany the replay of the carols from St Andrew's Cathedral. The ABC explains that the carols were broadcast from a church, where simplicity, sobriety and measure were the markers and clerical vestments were put aside, and replaced with a business shirt and tie; the wearing of a jacket was too formal for National TV. The ABC sums up by saying religious imagery is not favoured in Sydney Anglicanism and to get a sense of some of the religious motivations of Sydney Anglicans, it is helpful to read Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536).

Did that blurb read 1536? No wonder those Sydney Calvinists always fighting with everyone...they live in a time warp!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Gay rights activists form an alliance to protect GLBTI people from religious prejudice

The Sydney Star Observer reports that the federal Attorney-General’s department is consulting with the community on its draft National Human Rights Action Plan, which has included a commitment to include sexual orientation and sex and gender identity as part of a new consolidated federal anti-discrimination act.
The National LGBTI Health Alliance will make a submission on a range of areas, including on any exemptions which may allow religious organisations a free reign to discriminate against LGBTI people. The Alliance will argue that many tax payer-funded services are delivered by faith-based organisations, particularly in the health and aged care sectors, and exemptions for these organisations sends a message it’s not safe for LGBTI people to reveal their sex or gender identity or sexuality.
A spokesman for the Australian Coalition for Equality (ACE) would advocate for anti-discrimination law protection, marriage equality and issues relating to LGBTI health and aging and bullying in schools and he states that Federal law applies comprehensive protection for all Australian’s regardless of which state they live in.

Eeeeek! What's the world coming to... people forming alliances to protect LGBTI people against hatred and discrimination? Everyone knows Evangelicals have the patent on bigoted alliances!

What will religious extremists do if they can't join together to persecute LGBTI people?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Phillip Jensen asks will Australia change ...and will Australia's PM call upon archbishops to end what Phillip sees as moral neutrality.

Phillip Jensen utilises a speech by the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, to call for a move away from moral neutrality. Cameron's speech was aimed at the Archbishop of Canterbury and a call for his intervention in controlling the morals of the rioters in England; this was after Cameron had failed to accept the archbishop's cautionary advice about implementing radical government policy, that would further disadvantage the disadvantaged. Cameron's use of the Bible seems to be similar to that of Sydney Calvinist, Phillip Jensen...use the Bible to oppress the oppressed and maintain the status quo, and never ever address the issue of corporate greed.

Hey Ernie... I thought England was far from being morally neutral... what with Occupy London, eradicating the prejudical treatment of GLBT people and ordaining women bishops

Oh Bert...Phillip sees prejudice as having a moral conscience. He wants Australia to return to the pre 1950s, where all Australians cowered down to the white heterosexual male.

Oh so you mean Phillip wants to use Calvinism to 'Republicanise' the world?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

St Andrew's Cathedral does the What and Why of Christmas carols

Will Phillip Jensen ever shut up? I only came to hear the carols!

The ABC featured carols from St Andrew's Cathedral Sydney. It beamed 58 minutes of 'game show' host Phillip Jensen asking questions of his mates Peter Bolt, Kel Richards and the cathedral crowd. It was a night when Phillip and his mates dressed in business shirts and ties, and displayed the mediocrity of Jensenism. The congregation got some spiritual relief when the choir performed during the intermittent breaks in the quiz show.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Peter Jensen says that people want to stop him from talking about Jesus...and ain't that the truth!

Peter Jensen sends his Christmas message, which says that some people want to write Jesus out of history because they are frightened of his influence and will do anything to stop us talking about him.
So Jesus, it's your fault that the world has to listen to this incessant Calvinist bigotry, delivered as endless Biblical prattle.

I know and I'm really embarrassed about the way biblebashers pretend to know my word... and I worked so hard to never be taken literally!

Well I've been left with no option... not since Jensenism invaded Africa!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wanted... 2 editors for Matthias Media to specialize in spreading evangelical homophobia and misogyny throughout the world.

Tony... I specialize in tunnel-vision

And I specialize in intolerance

And I have special skills in ball breaking

Decisions decisions and so much talent to choose from!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Michelle Bachmann's husband to campaign against same-sex marriage if he becomes the "first man"but he assures everyone that...

Republicans are not... disrespectful or dishonoring of someone who is choosing and being gay in their lifestyle or wanting to be married. That’s up to the churches.

Monday, December 19, 2011

It's official...Sydney Anglicans are unpopular... as posted by none other than the Anglican Church League itself!

and ... it's all because they are "tall poppies"!
The Anglican Church League has posted an article written by Gerald Bray, who reviews Muriel Porter's book... Sydney Anglicans and the threat to world Anglicanism. Bray speaks of Muriel Porter's animosity towards the diocese of Sydney, and criticises her for speaking out as a lay person. Brag is not in favour of Muriel airing Sydney's dirty linen in public.

Brag favours censorship because it doesn't threatened totalitarian regimes like the Sydney diocese. I mean what diocese is run by a family? And which ordained member of the Sydney diocese would dare criticise Phillip Jensen?
Bray shows that he is totally deranged when he says...On the other side, Sydney Anglicans are remarkably humble in their dealings with others and open to suggestions from many quarters... as long as they're dealing with bigots! He speaks of the way evangelicals churches grow in Sydney but fails to mention how most Liberal Anglicans were exiled from the Sydney diocese because of their views on inclusion.
Well everyone knows that it's about choices. You can be a human being or you can be a bigot... if you want to be a human being you look's simple! We're about cleansing the diocese of generations of humans!
Bray continues with his lunacy by saying... Dr Jensen has laid the foundation for others to bulid on... that is working towards complete financial bankrupcy! And to top off the crap, Bray finishes by saying...Evangelicals can be accomodating to polygamy (at least in the African context) ...while standing firm against the ordination of women and practising homosexuals.

And what does the Bible say about bigots?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anglican Mainstream names gays and lesbians as the new lepers of the Anglican Church!

Anglican Mainstream advertises a new book and conference called The Lepers among us : Homosexualality and the Life of the Church, and it is coming to Belfast and London in January. The book launch is brought to you by Core Issues Trust, where co director and sexpert Lisa Nolland teams up with the extremely bigoted committeeman, Chris Sugden.
So that the conference where bible believing evangelicals pray that our dicks fall off?
I dunno Jake...with Lisa there, them biblebelievers might pray for our horses... and that's going to take a mountain of prayers...but some say these evangelicals are so holy that they can move mountains!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Anglican Church League says US evangelicals turn Catholic!

The Anglican Church League realise that evangelicals like themselves have more in common with Catholics than Anglicans. Everyone knows that the basis for evangelical sola scripture and Catholicism is that God hates Gays...oh and women are subsidiaries of the male ego.

Listen Wal...when are Australians going to ordain gay and lesbian clergy, so that Sydney Anglicans can amalgamate with Islam?

Islam? What are you thinking...muslims are not going to take a retrograde step like that!

The ABC invites you and your couch to join Phillip Jensen... in an evening of 'Reform'.



Enough already! Does this guy ever shut up? For God's sake Jeff... just tell him you're reformed... I haven't seen the wife and kids for 3 weeks!

Anglican Mainstream report...'evil Christians' boycott Tesco because of a juice called Pussy!

Anglican Mainstream reports that Christians are no longer all the same. It seems there are Christians and evil Christians according to Nick Lansley, Head of R & D for It seems that evil Christians are boycotting Tesco this Christmas, in protest of Lansley's comment... I'm also campaigning against evil Christians (that's not all Christians, just bad ones) who think that gay people should not lead happy lives and get married to their same-sex partners.
Anglican Mainstream reports that evil Christians are also disgusted with the company for selling an energy juice called 'Pussy'. According to the Tesco website, sales of the drink are supporting Cancer Research UK, with five pence from the limited edition going to the charity for life saving research.

I dunno Ennis... just when we get used to term evil, them damned Christians go and steal the term off us!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ugandan gays left out of the Ugandan HIV/AIDS budget

Sydney Star Observer reports that a former Ugandan MP who tabled a HIV/AIDS bill which excludes homosexuals from HIV prevention and treatment now “regrets the oversight”.
There is no budget from the government to undertake activities targeting homosexuals and lack of information has led many Ugandan gays to believe that HIV is only spread heterosexually.

Hey Merve ... it looks like the Ugandan's have been reading Chris Sugden's human rights agenda. I mean who does Hillary Clinton think she is saying that gay rights are human rights? Keep 'em ignorant I say... we need to keep religious fundamentalism alive!
Speaking of Chris Sugden... did you see the
anti-gay book he put out with Lisa Nolland and Sarah Finch? Is 'blow job' a term included in Anglican Mainstream's glossary of sex?

Anglican Mainstream says marriage is all about breeders verses non-breeders!

Anglican Mainstream posted an article which follows the same process as those who read the Bible at Anglican Mainstream. It's called "reductionism" and it is now being applied to marriage. The reductionist approach reduces marriage to procreation by sorting couples into two sets ... breeders and non-breeders! The non-breeders are then divided into 2 subsets, known as the heterogeneous non-breeder and the homogeneous non-breeder. The breeders will tolerate the heterogeneous non-breeders because they try to imitate the breeder in breeding style, but the homogeneous non-breeder is seen as unsavory because the breeder cannot procreate using that particular breeding style. The authors from the Ruth Institute conclude by saying... Trying to consider a private reason for marriage, such as love, does not work on the large-scale, sociological level.

Morrie, the vet said that I'm a prolific producer... so you're the one who will be off to the glue factory for shooting blanks!