Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tony Abbott...why would I want even one cent of my tax go towards the training of ... a Sydney Anglican misogynist and homophobe...or a pedophile priest? I will have to be excluded on principle I have an aversion to...sexism...misogyny... homophobia... child molestation ...and hypocrisy!!!

Taxpayers would subsidise the training of priests and other religious workers at private colleges for the first time under the Abbott government's proposed higher education reforms

OMG...the federal government wants me ...and you... to reward ... misogynists... discriminatory homophobes... and child molesters using our money pay for their training? ...It's a bit like providing support to the they can reinforce their good family values!!!
Well Calam...Tony Abbott has got to get his Christian army together ...somehow... to fight atheists, feminists, GLBT people and muslims.

Oh you gotta luv Tony with his good Catholic background...encouraging  Mr Pyne to extend educational funding include those teaching prescriptive Christian ideology... on sexuality and marriage....I wonder if that includes ...signing up for the priesthood....having premarital sex .....getting a young woman pregnant...having the baby adopted out...and then creating... the biggest fiasco... in telling the world you found your illegitimate son ....30 years down the track...but it really wasn't your biological son at all...What a moron!...the man has a hide as thick as an elephant...I bet the ex-girlfriend and the pseudo son felt a tad embarrassed!  

Do you reckon ...atheists might get taxpayer funding too? Don't atheists get married ...just like ....Muslims...Christians ...and Scientologists....Perhaps Climate Science might soon become a religion......oops I is already!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Alan Jones explains how nature sympathised with Phillip Hughes' mourners ...when the sky lit up with lightning and the thunder roared. Alan said that nature was also protesting the death of such a fine young man.

It's nice that Alan Jones has spoken so kindly about young Phillip Hughes ...when I tuned in during the final 15 minutes ...on  4.12.14...but seriously...when did Alan Jones begin to believe in  pathetic fallacy.... or  quantum mechanics?

Say Bill...if Alan Jones believes that there is a direct connection between human emotion and nature...then why doesn't he believe in the possibility ...that humans have a direct impact on climate change?  
Because it's not cricket...Calam


All sounds a bit apocryphal...but who am I to comment?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alan Jones says...don't be too hard on Tony Abbott ... he is facing a hostile Senate !!! are not serious...are you...and what about when you said that Tony only needs 51% of implement changes... Yeah.....I agree...***k everyone else


Stick with me Tony....and I'll make you Prime Minister...That's why Malcolm Turnbull will never be PM...He won't do what I tell him! 


Now Tony....don't get worried about the posters referring to you as Alan Jones' bitch.
But Alan....what about those chaff bags... and those signs saying that my family will disown me...because I have shamed them?
Don't worry son...they're not chaff bags...they're body bags... It's semantics! you miss me yet?  Well at least you...the Murdoch Press...and 2GB can keep on blaming me for your mistakes. Well I'm having a good laugh... watching you...your government ....and the right wing Tea Party members ....that are controlling your government ....implode!     

Say you reckon Jesus would support an atheist like Julia Gillard....or would he be on the side of a good Catholic boy like Tony Abbott? .....Neither Calam....Sydney Anglicans are the only people who know Jesus!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Peter Jensen reveals that if he hadn't gone into ministry...then he would have been a stand up comedian!

Seriously...not apocraphically... Peter Jensen wanted to be a comedian.

Well it's only natural that Peter would want to be a comedian...he's a Sydney Anglican isn't he? Just look at "the material that he's provided ....for people like me !

Well Calam...I find his brother Phillip more laughable...just glad he's decided to devote more time to preaching...cause that man loves the sound of his own voice!

Just thinking about Peter Jensen as a stand up comic.... brings tears to my eyes...just like it did to the SSA gays in Uganda ...and let's not forget the women he purged from the Sydney Diocese ...because they believed their vocation was similar to the males... who wanted to be ordained and lead parishes.

Homophobia in Schools

Same sex attracted or gender questioning young people who experience homophobia are at greater risk of mental health problems, including suicidal thoughts and behaviours:

31% of same sex attracted young people have self harmed, and 37% have considered self harm

16% have attempted suicide, and 37% have considered suicide

Students who have experienced either verbal or physical abuse are 55% more likely to self harm or attempt suicide

Recent research suggests that higher rates of drug use is a direct result of homophobic abuse, with many young people self-medicating to ease the pain of rejection and hostility from families, schools and communities

Homophobic abuse decreases substantially when schools are proactive and implement effective policies and practices.

(Writing Themselves In 3- La Trobe University 2010)

Say them Sydney Anglicans have proactive policies and procedures to combat homophobic bullying.

Well sure Calam's called shaming and excluding those, who are SSA, or who advocate for tolerance and diversity.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Global Warming Sceptic ....and the man who knows EVERYTHING...yes you guessed it...Alan promotes "The Spectator" the best read in town!

Alan Jones doesn't believe in global warming and taxing carbon, and is happy for his extremist views to be heard. Alan has been running the country by proxy...and engineering his control through  puppet politicians, however,  the world is  waking up ....and leaving Alan grasping at straws. How will Alan maintain control of Australia's response to  climate change .

God...those wind farms are utterly offensive

Coal's good for humanity

Bill ...I got "The Spectator"...just  like Alan said ...and alls I could find ...was a bit on how them UK, Cof E  Reformers....will have problems with taking direction from women bishops...Is that Alan Jones fella a bit sexist?  What does he think about Gene Robinson?
Well Calam...he probably wouldn't worry about homosexual long as they didn't out themselves..but Calam you were supposed to read the article on Farming Carbon.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Africans Christians dont read the works of African theologians...and by the look of it ...they aren't that impressed with the profilic Sydney Anglican Matthias Media authors either! They seem to favour US evangelists ...and that's why the C of E has split...because like Sydney Anglicans...some people really want to be Baptists!

Well I'll be Ned...fancy them GAFCON leaders not really being that popular with Christian readers...I bet that Mark Driscoll was popular once...well he was with Sydney Anglicans ...wearing his Micky Mouse shirt 'n' all...That Mark  fella's manner...sure resembles that of Phillip Jensen's...
Yeah Baz...and Phillip's resigning too...Going to set up a "Two Ways Ministry"...I didn't know he was in favour of bi-sexuals....Maybe Mark Driscoll could join  Phillip's  ensure there is a Resurgence in sexism, homophobia ...and the denigration of anyone who dares to hold an opinion...What da ya reckon?

iesDid I hear "Two Ways Ministry"...I've got the perfect minister ...David Ould's twin brother, Peter... Peter's same-sex urges were managed by refusing to lable himself gay...instead he just said that he was attracted to then there was no such thing as  being gay . Can't see why Peter would have become a target for criticism ...such a sensible cure!

David Ould reports that Peter Lin from St Barnabus Church, Fairfield is the new bishop for Georges River Region...but what David doesn't tell you is that... Glenn Davies, the archbishop of Sydney, had to beg for money, to fund the position

 Hey that because the Jensens' leadership left the diocese broke?
I'd say so Ralph...I think Glenn Davies has also had to call on another group of business men, to fund raise...for money to build new churches....that's because the previous leadership had to levy parishes, to buy land.  

You know Ennis...I once read that Sydney Anglican Jensenism ...was one of Australia's leading stock exchange investors...closer to 300million than 100 million!
Yes Jack...some dill from the Australian Church Record once likened the role of archbishop of Sydney to that of  Kerry Stokes... I thought Kerry got an AC for service to business and commerce through strategic leadership and promotion of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. If you were starving...the only thing Peter Jensen would give you would be a lecture on how believing in Jesus would fill your belly...just like his!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

David Ould has publicly stated that being on "Living with the Enemy" has made him realise the degree of hurt that some gay people suffer ...and that church goers have treated same - sex attracted people badly...

So will David apologise to the same sex - attracted people, and those, who chose to support them... because they already knew what David didn't know  ....when he hounded them....sued them... splashed articles about their unworthiness...across the net ...(as David says...David all over the net)... called for their sacking...when his writings directly caused great pain to so many people?

David Ould appeared on a radio program as a follow up to "Living with the Enemy" and here are some of the things gleaned from the interview:
1. David believes that he is an easy going fellow. Has David...or better still, the hosts of the radio program, ever read his blogs?
2. David thinks that their are many reasons for SSA... just like there are lots of reasons for alcoholism...not sure about his comments about cognitive behaviour therapy in the treatment of SSA... or whether that was limited to the treatment of alcoholism.
3. David's research into SSA is centred around Jesus' reference to Adam and Eve...and his brother's theories, on how he cured his SSA, by not giving his sexuality a label. When his brother, Peter Ould, was asked if he was still attracted to men...he answered evasively, by stating that he is attracted to lots of different people. He did not want to label himself. I wonder if David, as a heterosexual, applies the same principles and de-lables himself then he can say that he too is attracted to a lot of people.  Peter and David are lucky that Peter is bisexual and able to have a loving sexually fulfilling relationship with a woman ...because then they don't have to face the difficulties of being branded as sinners, for being a homosexual, or an advocate of mistreated homosexuals, who are persecuted, by puritanic fundamentalists.
4. David explained sexual fluidity (bisexuality) as being on the spectrum, like a bipolar thing.
5. David also explained that he was trying to be Jesus like.... explaining Jesus hung out with drunkards and sinners...Maybe David is trying to be Christlike in his breaking down of barriers between God's outcasts and the Chosen Few.  

6. David is concerned about Christians being labelled homophobic as a result of their refusal to accept SS marriage
7. David believes the definition of marriage is the union of a man and a women... and that the love an affirmation of a couple for each other, is not the basis for marriage.

Well female submission is not good enough for me to build a marriage on either!

Do you know something Calam...I reckon God made Peter Ould SSA on purpose ... so that both Peter and David can have their own crosses to bear ... it's just a shame that they keep handing the load to others... hopefully their journey will help them learn something about people and life...Gotta be better than promoting limits to fellowship like some Pharisees!

John Sandeman confirms what we all know...Phillip Jensen has spent his life being politically incorrect!


John Sandeman, once wrote "Phillip Jensen - a Ratbag". Sandeman now states that Phillip Jensen is, and has always been, politically incorrect. Sandeman, has no problems with Phillip Jensen's political incorrectness... but condemns the SMH for mentioning Jensen's age (70 years) when it  reported on a Jensen article.   The article, which was published on the Sydney Anglican Network Portal, is called "The Truth Behind ISIL" ... and is a typical piece of Jensen reductionist thinking... where he blames Islam for ISIL.

I've been suffering from reductionism too ...I've blamed Christianity for the rise of Jensenism... and the persecution of GLBT people and feminists? Golly gosh... that John Sandeman is one smart fella pointing out Phillip Jensen's historical political incorrectness ...because who could forget...
. Gene Robinson  being called shameless for being gay
. Rowan Williams being called a prostitute  for refusing to discriminate against same-sex attracted Christians within his church  
. the inspiring speech promoting divisiveness within the worldwide Cof E ...and the allegiance to discriminatory, third world, religious homophobes, who encourage the encarceration and death of gays, and anyone prepared to help them.  I'm not sure who the wanker is...Sandeman ....or Jensen!

Everyone knows ageism has nothing to do with Phillip Jensen's thinking... his thinking has always been simplistic, divisive and dangerous... Who else would reduce the relationship between mankind and God stick figures and a crown? I reckon Phillip Jensen is the one who likes wearing that crown!

Well someone must have had second thoughts about "The Truth Behind ISIL" being published on the Sydney Anglican website ...because look what popped up in The Telegraph....Seriously...what a crock...Phillip Jensen wouldn't know how to display wisdom and diplomacy.... Dorothy at the Loonpond is an interesting read.
And I bet Jensenists would label this Sydney Anglican as emotionally unstable!!! Pfffff..I know who is emotionally unstable.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Sydney Anglican Church League publishes Canberra and Goulburn Diocese's generic apology all those who have been hurt by its actions...but when will the boys at the Anglican Church League Website... apologise for all the harm ...that this body of members...have caused to people throughout Australia and all over the world?

On Sunday 10 August 2014, parishes across the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn will hold a special commemoration service called Lamentation Sunday.
These services will include a public apology by the Right Reverend Stuart Robinson, Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn.

I don't know if Sydney Anglicans are climate change denialists...but seriously...hell can never freeze over for them...because they are evangelicals! And come on fair...Phillip did fess up a little while ago...remember?

Monday, August 4, 2014

David Ould allows a gay couple to sleep in a caravan

Fundamentalist Anglican priest, David Ould, who vehemently opposes same-sex marriage shacks up for 10  days with  an engaged gay couple. David who refers to himself as all over the net, will do anything to get publicity.
Ould says he doesn’t hate gay people or wish to see homosexuality become illegal, but he doesn’t want gay people to be able to marry.
Storer who is featured in the program states... “But by the very fact that he stands up in church in front of his congregation — with us there in the church — and preaches to us that homosexuality is detestable, young people sitting there in his congregation hear that and this young person’s parents are going hallelujah and amen as a way of acknowledging that what he’s saying is right, that’s forcing your faith onto other people.”
Does he think Ould is inciting hate? “I don’t know that you’d go as far to say that he’s inciting hate. I don’t think that’s his intention. I think what’s missing in David’s thinking is he doesn’t recognise that the potential to cause harm to others is there.”


David....did I hear you say that you don't want to see homosexuality made illegal...Son I misread you...your silence regarding gay Ugandans was, and still is, deafening!

Say Bill...I don't think that gay couple were Christians...and they understood the profoundly damaging effects that preachers like Ould can have on gays... and of course the discriminatory attitudes that can arise in others.
Yes Calam...but if they had of wanted to see David Ould sleeping with the enemy ...then seriously...they should have shacked him up with liberal Anglicans who believe in then you'd witness spite and malice.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

African delegates from AIDS conference seek asylum in Australia

Melbourne's Aids conference wrapped up on July 25, 2014. A number of African delegates have stayed on to seek asylum.

At least 25 African delegates to the international AIDS conference in Melbourne last month have stayed on to seek asylum in Australia. Refugee advocates say that the delegates  come from countries where to work in the AIDS field is a life threatening process.

Tell Scott Morrison to send them refugees to Sydney. We Sydney Anglicans have a knack in  dealing with the sexually broken ...if they won't accept Liberty Christian Ministries ... conversion through Jesus Christ to sexual wholeness ...then just show them a Jensen family portrait...and they'll line up for lessons on how to sail the first available government lifeboat out of Sydney Harbour.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

David Ould describes himself as an ultra - conservative...

who believes that the election of a high proportion of conservatives, like him,  to the Australian General Synod, is excellent, and is genuinely representative of the national church.

As David points out...I no longer stand up for minorities.
 David  enjoys the fact that liberal Anglicans, like Muriel Porter, who fought hard for the rights of women in the Anglican Church, are concerned that Anglican women, may end up like women in Afghanistan,  losing the gains they have made towards equal rights and opportunities. Rights eroded by trained ultra conservatives who follow a pure fundamentalist ideology of gender apartheid, used to oppress and discriminate, against those who do not meet the ideological gender stereotype.

That's right David.. don't be physically violent to women ...not like the Taliban...use spite instead ...that's the best Christian tool...There is nothing worse than offensive evil feminism... as Phillip Jensen says...Feminism’s freedom resulted in girls’ genocide!....
Oh and what about  Gav Poole ... over at the Anglican Church League website...The man deserves an award for publishing such great stories filled with indignation and dummy spitting... no turn the other cheek with these guys...Phillip Jensen may have crowned me King...but  I think he is confused about the type of crown I wear... I think he thinks that my bloodied crown of thorns gave permission to persecute!

Say  Jesus do you reckon David and Gav should be crowned the Queens of Spite and Indignation?

No Darlene...they're Anglicans...give them an OAM for sexism and bigotry

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc celebrates 20 years of homophobia.

Dr Trevor Hunter ... co- author of Matthias Media's "What Some of You (Homosexuals) Were"... and co-founder of Liberty Christian Ministries...writes the 20th Anniversary Service Sermon for Liberty Christian Ministries Inc. He draws attention to the biblical framework that governs our understanding of our human condition of which our sexuality is an integral part. 
He states ... The simplest and most comprehensive framework that I am aware of is given to us by the bible itself:
Creation                GOOD
Fall                        BAD
Redemption           NEW
Consummation       PERFECT
and ...We look forward to this new creation/bodies while we live within the old creation in our old bodies. Whatever we struggle with, whether sexual or otherwise, we know it will come to an end when He will “wipe every tear from their eyes” and “there will be no more mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things has passed away” Rev 21:4

So Bill..  is "The Fall" ...  the actual  display of unGodly bigotry and unkindness... you know...the behaviour that leads to...the death sentence, life imprisonment, self harm,  mental deterioration and suicide...of those who Sydney Anglicans brand displaying the physical evidence of Adam and Eve's same - sex attraction? 

As Dr Trevor Hunter says... people like Ian Thorpe bear the scars of same - sex attraction because Adam and Eve ate the forbidden apple ...and that apple was owned by an invisible God...who had power issues evidenced in his conditional love...when it came to fruit trees. Now that should be of great comfort to all those persecuted same-sex attracted people, Calam.

OMG...I hope Dr Trevor Hunter isn't a MD

And Darlene...because of the likes of you...and Eve ...such dreadful degenerate suductresses is important that we evangelicals maintain the form of misogyny... As a Baptist, Albert Mohler says about Women Bishops in the C of E... on The Anglican Church League it will be same-sex marriage!

All I can say is... Long live the African heart of the Church of we can protect misogyny and sexism ....and sell it as part of Jesus Christ's legacy... No I'm not pathetic!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Sydney Anglican Diocese was a scream under the Jensen administration...but nothing comes close to the Abbott administration

Listen Bill...I just read Dorothy at Loonpond...and it seems like the Federal Liberals must all be Sydney Anglicans...cause they are hilarious!

I don't know Calam...but when their term in office is over...they wouldn't be out of place with the Sydney evangelicals at Synod!

Well Alan Jones doesn't think I'm funny...could there be something wrong with his judgment... nah...look how successful he has made me

Oh dear...and Alan doesn't even use God to justify his misogyny...but you never know ...that lovely Mr Jones might be a closet Bible Basher...after all he did work at Kings School...didn't he?