Tuesday, February 26, 2013

And on the 8th day...God created the gay man

And then on the 9th day God created women who believe in equality....to help complementarian males  learn Jesus' message ....about breaking the stereotypes that lead to unGodly dominance.....the basis for prejudice, ignorance and hate...and let's not forget the God complex that develops when a male believes that God speaks only through "chosen" male Sydney Anglicans!   

I say Bill...if you didn't hang out with me Bill, then you'd be a chauvinist who thinks that all women belong in the kitchen!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sydney Anglican complementarian, Claire Smith, launches a new book. Well Claire...

Claire Smith has used the well known author of demons and underworld characters, Peter Bolt , as her supervisor, when writing her PHD about men and women co-partnering within the church. Claire looked at the nature of the earliest Christian Churches and came to the conclusion that, unlike Sydney Anglican Churches, they existed as scholastic centres where men and women learn from each other.
A fellow Sydney Anglican described Claire as a pioneer, and hopes that other womern will follow in her scholarly footsteps...Dr Sowada appears to be totally ignorant of the fact that most of the scholarly Sydney Anglican women were driven out of the Sydney Diocese many years ago, for voicing the fact that men and women can learn from each other.
Now woman...don't get too cocky... as soon as a women reads from one of those ten copies of Claire's book...then we men will vacate the room! Now let's be clear...when Claire Smith says her husband learns with her...then the one they are learning from has a penis! Jesus...is it true that Peter Bolt is now writing Phillip Jensen's biography...because Peter Bolt specialises in overcoming evil and Phillip Jensen is not gay...is he?

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

David Lammy says...Separate but Equal is a FRAUD... Jesus would not turn his backs on minorities.

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham gives a passionate speech as a Christian, on why he'll vote in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill 2013. David states that the idea of separating marriage rights according to sexual orientation is not equality. David explains that  the idea of Separate but Equal is a fraud because...
Separate but Equal relegated Rosa Parks to the back of the bus
Separate but Equal sent black children to separate schools
Separate but Equal prevented single women from voting
David says that Separate but Equal discriminates, oppresses, subjugates and brow beats
Them Sydney Anglicans are still using Separate but Equal to discriminate... but now they call it Complementarianism! I'm looking for one of them fine young Sydney Anglican men to compliment!

Ooh Calam...I'm looking to convert to Sydney Anglicanism... so I'm looking for a nice little heterosexual Christian lady to compliment me!

Say Sally...has that David Lammy been reading Anglican Mainstream's posts on how same-sex marriage leads to beastiality?  No Fred...I think he read Peter Jensen's theory on same sex marriage leading to polygamy...By the way Fred...what time are we getting married and how many brides do you intend to have?