Saturday, September 5, 2015

Loonpond readers discover Claire Smith and her Sydney Anglican Complementarian views on feminism

 And will Sydney Anglican Complementarian men write to Dorothy and demand an apology?

Dorothy quotes Claire Smith at the Loonpond...If, however, you mean, ‘Is it sexist in that women are inferior to men?’ then it’s not sexist. This is not a statement about worth. It’s a statement about our participation in the congregation and in one limited aspect of what happens in our congregation involving teaching and authority. In fact, not even all teaching, but a particular sort of teaching: the ongoing, authoritative, formal instruction of the congregation. So, it’s saying, ‘Women are to be submissive in that they are not to have a formal teaching role with respect to men in the congregation.’ They are not to engage in that sort of teaching.

...and the readers' responses


  1. Fucking patriachs - all of the one God religions are anti-women. It was when they wrote Lilith - hunter gatherer woman - out of history and replaced her with the gormless Eve - agricultural woman - that the 'original sin' was perpetrated on both men and women.

    From wiki:

    "The idea in the text that Adam had a wife prior to Eve may have developed from an interpretation of the Book of Genesis and its dual creation accounts; while Genesis 2:22 describes God's creation of Eve from Adam's rib, an earlier passage, 1:27, already indicates that a woman had been made: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."

    "The Alphabet text places Lilith's creation after God's words in Genesis 2:18 that "it is not good for man to be alone"; in this text God forms Lilith out of the clay from which he made Adam but she and Adam bicker. Lilith claims that since she and Adam were created in the same way they were equal and she refuses to submit to him:[57]

    "The background and purpose of The Alphabet of Ben-Sira is unclear. It is a collection of stories about heroes of the Bible and Talmud, it may have been a collection of folk-tales, a refutation of Christian, Karaite, or other separatist movements; its content seems so offensive to contemporary Jews that it was even suggested that it could be an anti-Jewish satire,[58] although, in any case, the text was accepted by the Jewish mystics of medieval Germany."


    1. Lilith was most probably a Lesbian, Anon. Explains it all.
    2. Crap anon, Lilith would have eaten the snake, made sauce from the apple and given Adam a good time and then she could be a lezzie in her spare time if she felt like it. Only the power of property relations explains the conservative women like Eve who survive the patriarchy by sucking up the blame for everything the alpha Adam man chooses to do, like eating the apple she offered him. What a little boy, dog ate my homework type excuse for making the wrong choice? My mother would have said "and if Adam jumped off the cliff would you follow?".

      But here you go; a real life running dog collaborator Eve on RN this morning - of course on the Tom Switzer program - a dinosaur woman who must be Miranda Divines' heroine and source of her wisdom.

      Christina Hoff Sommers says, "But some commentators warn that today’s modern feminism is a corruption of what feminism should be; that feminism is no longer about freedom, it’s just a lobby group for pet grievances. That it's not so much about emancipation; it’s now reactionary."

      But she is in favour of lezzies, listen and weep.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    It would appear that nowadays the Liberals have two Saviours in their pantheon, God and Coal.

    The question however is how do the creationists among them explain the formation of coal. Thanks to the intertubes we can wonder no longer;

    A delightful piece of tosh evidently written by a real geologist.



    1. A classic DW, and the pond is eternally grateful, at least until the twelfth of never, for the link.

  3. Thanks Claire Smith. Now I know why Xians don't support SSM: they can't tell who the submissive partner is. And now I know why that is so critical to their whole existence.
    Maybe if we offered to wear labels that would resolve the issue? A dress? HIgh heels? I'd do almost anything to marry my partner of 20 years; I'd even be prepared to identify as the submissive one - at least in public.


    1. I think a Venn diagram might help sort out some of those tricky areas of responsibility between man and woman in Smith's argument.



      David Ould is in a flap again...over the comments of yet another Anglican from Victoria.

      David Ould is in a flap!  God forbid...the bishop of Wangaratta (not Sydney!!!)... Bishop John Parkes...  a former barrister... has told the Chronicle that he believes the country has “grown up” and that the federal government will be bound within a relatively short time to change the Marriage Act to enable people of the same gender to marry.

      David Ould being a true religious fundamentalist...  believes that no one is allowed to have an opinion or speak publicly,  especially if the views expressed,  differ to his views.

      It seems that David is the only Anglican who has the right to publish articles, write blogs, make radio and TV appearances, and endorse these with the acknowledgement of his status as a Sydney Anglican minister.

      Of course...the endorsement of Sydney Anglicanism immediately reminds  the listener, viewer and reader that homophobic and misogynist comments will follow.

      However Bishop John Parks is not a Sydney Anglican so why does David Ould expect Bishop Parks to be stupid and bigoted in his comments?

      Now David ...hard line fundamentalists don't like double standards you know...I'm not sure that the Bishop of Wangaratta was doing anything other than showing some common sense and respect. Just like know when you were on TV ...and Living with the Enemy ... you know ...when you walked in the Mardi Gras show mutual respect for those two gay men ...who you took to your church ...and got them to sit through your sermon ...about the evils of homosexuality.

      You know ...I'm an Anglican who lives in Sydney...and I get  traumatised  when I see David Ould  representing the face of Sydney Anglicanism. .. Muriel Potrter is right when she is quoted in the Wangaratta Chronical as saying... I hope that many more bishops speak out as Bishop Parkes has done because I know that there are a number of bishops and leading clergy in this country who wish to see faithful, loving, monogamous same-sex relationships honoured with marriage,” Dr Porter said yesterday. “If they keep silent nothing will happen.“Silence will just allow hard-line fundamentalists  to dominate the debate.“But if our leading clergy speak up like this, as Bishop Parkes has done, then I would see the church coming in a much more friendly way – and more quickly – to a resolution on this question.”

      Friday, August 28, 2015

      Why does the Diocese of Gippsland have to respond to David Ould? Why does David Ould think he's so important?


      David Ould is again whinging about the appointment of Rev Head to another parish. Rev Head is reported to be in a same sex relationship. David criticised and called for the sacking of Rev Head and hounded Bishop McIntyre until he passed away. Now David Ould is turning his attention to Bishop McIntyre's replacement...shock...horror...a woman...Bishop Kay Goldsworthy. He'll be able to blame her decision making on her gender...because David doesn't believe that God created women to preach his word to males.
      David claims that the Diocese of Gippsland has broken rule 7.4  from Faithfulness in Service...You are to be chaste and not engage in sex outside of marriage.
      Well David ...if you and your cronies supported marriage equality and weren't so divisive...then Rev Head would fulfil 7.4. At present marriage is not available to him ...well unless he joins Sydney Anglican Liberty Christian they can cure him by getting him to marry a woman!

      Wednesday, August 19, 2015

      The Sydney Anglican Church League reports that Archbishop Okoh was a member of the National Peace Committee for this year's general elections in Nigeria.

      Sydney Anglicans ...just like their GAFCON African counterparts ...don't consider violence against GLBTI  people as  violence. This is apparent when they promote their GAFCON buddy Nicholas Okoh.

      As reported at Erasing 76 Crimes...Nicholas Okoh, primate of the Church of Nigeria, “commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his courage in signing the anti-gay bill into law which has continued to generate reactions in some quarters in Nigeria and beyond. According to him, those not in support of the bill are like the biblical duo Adam and Eve, who questioned God for asking them not to eat the fruits from the Garden of Eden,” Channels Television in Nigeria reported. Okoh said that disobeying God’s instruction to allow marriage only between men and women would bring disaster.

      The Anglican Church League reports that the ... Now, the deputy chairman of GAFCON, the Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Archbishop Nicholas Okoh, has called on churches to give priority to the (GAFCON) President's  anti-corruption drive....
      Archbishop Okoh told Nigerian TV that the behaviour of some public office holders was 'a huge disappointment' to Nigeria

      Geezzze Bill...Some Sydney Anglicans just make you sick to the stomach...And these people see themselves as the keeper and propagator of God's GAFCON is saying God's a hypocrit then? .....You not wrong there Calam...I wonder if GAFCON's Secretary Peter Jensen manages GAFCON's finances?

      Tuesday, August 18, 2015

      Has a background in religious fundamentism aka right wing Catholicism deprived Tony Abbott of the ability to negotiate ...or is bullying the act of a desperate man who is inept in his job and just trying to hang onto power?

      I'm reading the riot act... shut down
      1. Freedom of Speech and just let me keep making stupid statements
      2. Freedom of Thought and let me manipulate politics and the law ...because I don't give a ***k about anyone but my rich mates
      3. any opposition to my governance by using my cromies ...because then I can't be exposed for being bloody incompetent

      You know something Dan...I worked for a boss who managed a business just like Tony...and the business didn't Dan it damn well exploded!

      Yeah Rosie...I reckon we're on course for something really big...and I hope those Murdoch and 2GB self - serving people realise how much they have contributed to this farce. For Christ's sake...why can't Alan Jones accept that the electorate didn't want him years ago...and stop trying to govern by proxy!

      I'm just waiting..... oh ...and watching ... just watching Tony shoot himself in the foot...and let's not forget the mouth ...oh ...and I'm laughing with Dorothy...over at  the Loonpond

      The Sydney Anglican Church League posts yet another right wing US Baptist post about discernment leading to disaster...which is probably why Sydney Anglicans were totally stupid and greedy when it came to investment

      Sydney Anglicans...this video is for you.

      Yes the Sydney Anglican Church League is once again posting right wing US Baptist material on their website.

      Well the ACL is a Baptist organisation ...isn't it ? Albert Mohler's stupid title called ...  "When Discernment leads to Disaster" is on a par with Phillip Jensen's writing titled... "The Limits of Fellowship"... but isn't it stupid and irresponsible to use a position of  power to promote discrimination and bigotry?  

      The Anglican Church League  rarely posts anything Anglican, yet prolofic self promoter and ACL member, David Ould has the hide to declare that the consecration cermony of a woman bishop in Perth as un-Anglican!

      Sunday, August 2, 2015

      Alan Jones said (on 2GB 3.8.15) that unlike Julia Gillard...Bronwyn Bishop didn't call the misogyny card when she was criticized for the Choppergate Affair

      Oh Sophie...I can't call the misogyny card because everyone knows that I support the concept of misogyny...and as Alan Jones says about Goodes...It's not about racism...the people just don't like me

      You know Ennis...Alan Jones is right... I don't like mean nasty self indulgent hypocrits like  Abbott, Jones and Bishop.
      Yeah Jake...what about when Sophie was repulsed by Simon Sheikh's collapse ?
      Courtesy of Loonpond

      Wednesday, July 29, 2015

      Alan Jones can find a cause...but it's not addressing racism

      As I said...People just don't like Adam Goodes....they don't like him standing up for his heritage...they don't like him taking offence when a teenage girl ...continually calls him an ape...they don't like him for addressing racism when other aboriginal players don't...Adam should be like me ...He should laugh in the face of bigots and gain over looking their prejudices...He should give up standing up for indigenous rights and become cause driven like me...but he's got to pick a mainstream cause like Coal Seam Gas name one safe cause...because if I continued to push a cause that addresses prejudices...then I could be treated  like Adam Goodes... Adam it's OK to have a spine...but you've got to have more than a need a good legal team...and years of practice knowing which part of yourself  to display to the bogans...It's a shame I have chosen to display my ulgy side.

      Of course we are all Alan Jones listeners...Alan doesn't flaunt homosexual rights in our face...He respects our prejudices. He the loveable artful dodger...who knows which cause to pick ...and which one to leave alone.

      Say Alan...would your 2GB listeners be of this type... if you were a gay man ...who was open  and  proud of your sexuality...Would your current 2GB listeners boo you... if you took on the prejudice directed at  LGBTI people ...with the same passion you applied to the banning the carbon tax? 

       Alan...I just want to say that I'm an avid listener .... but I don't think that all your listeners come from Struggle Street...A lot sound like they've moved to Right- of - Centre... Well bugger human rights, Alan...we all know the best human rights are associated with power and wealth.

      Thursday, July 16, 2015

      The political arm of the Sydney Anglican Diocese, known as the Anglican Church League, held it's AGM... It's underlying make sure that elitism and bigotry remains strong within the diocese...and that it continues to align itself with right wing Baptist mentality...because it sure isn't Anglican!

      Anglican Church League AGM President, Gav Poole writes ...

      March this year, the ACL hosted its own conference, ‘Is there a future for confessional Anglicanism?’ (a closed question with an obvious answer). I believe it was significant in restating that gospel confession is not just Christian but a rich part of our Anglican heritage. The gospel is the foundation of our denomination and a challenge for all Anglicans is to ensure that we are not moved from our foundations

      HMMMMMM  Do you remember....

      This year the ACL was the proud sponsor of the FCA Australian launch. There was a theological side to the conference (known as how to keep the gays and feminists out of the and world wide...and not to to excommunicate ex-cons... ) and a practical side ( political strategizing...because everyone knows Christ can't tolerate inclusiveness). 

      HMMMMMMM do you remember the 1st GAFCON convention...
      • The membership taskforce continues to promote and recruit membership applicants. They have proved that the ol’ ACL can get with the technical times. A new state of the art database has been commissioned, which will be jointly managed by the members themselves, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. (God loves technology more than people ...and let's not forget money!)
      • The communications taskforce has communicated the ACL’s activities with you. Their job is to ensure that you are not kept in the dark. (Keep the propaganda raging...Oh and let's not forget the indignance!)
      • The training taskforce ensures that we are not only recommending people for diocesan roles but supporting them. We can look forward to upcoming events. (Let's keep the status ideas may bring about compassion within the diocese....and let's not forget we need to ex-communicate those who don't repent by ACL standards)
      During last year’s triennium elections three of our five contested elections were won, including all candidates for General Synod. At least ten vacancies were filled by new people but were uncontested. Four of these were on Standing Committee. The ACL was involved in all their nominations...(so the ACL can control the diocese )

      And don't you love Gav's comments HERE ....
      The Anglican Church League president, the Reverend Gav Poole, said that while he disagrees with the ''inevitable'' Church of England decision (to ordain women bishops), he admires its approach, which has made allowances for minorities who do not support the ordination of women.
      England's decision came two years after a similar vote failed on grounds that it did not include provisions for those who in good conscience could not accept the leadership of a woman.
      Echoing both sides of the ordination divide, any shift in local attitudes was likely to be a long way off, Mr Poole said.
      ''Sydney is known around the world for its evangelical character and its holding to the authority of the scriptures,'' he said. ''That's a long tradition here in Sydney and something we have always appreciated.''

      Dah!....Well all's I can say to Gav is... what a shame Sydney Anglicans don't make allowances for minorities who in good conscience cannot accept bigotry and discrimination...and ...just who...has appreciated the long evangelical character of the Sydney Anglican diocese? Those who have benefited the most...or those who have gained notority from being a minister in the diocese, when in other walks of life they may be seen as attention seeking...or those masterminds who looked after the diocese's financial interests so well, that they took it upon themselves to be  leaders of the world ...or those expert theologians who know more than those who rely on scientific research Sydney Anglicans will be publishing books on Climate Change..We live in hope...anything  for a buck...I suppose!

      Sunday, July 12, 2015

      Sydney Anglicans believe that ec-cons, as they refer to them, need to repent (obviously before Sydney Anglicans) for their crime before they can be accepted into a Sydney Anglican Church

      Sydney Anglicans have posted on their website an article titled .... How to Welcome Ex-cons to Church

      Hey Nelson...At least when I get out and convert to Sydney Anglicanism...I can go from being a an ex-con...but I really think my family would like me to be referred to as a person.

      Say Ennis...sounds like it's just as tough for ex-prisioners as it is for gays in the Sydney Anglican diocese....I mean listen to this...
      Other organisations working with offenders both inside of prison and outside, hold to the practice that those working with them do not need to know the crime. They expect their workers and volunteers to exhibit an unconditional acceptance of a person, just as Christ himself accepts us. This is a very powerful aspect of working with people who for most of their lives have experienced abuse and very little acceptance.
      But welcoming a person into the fellowship of the people of God involves more than acceptance...
      While excommunicating the believer who does not repent seems harsh it is what the Scriptures tell us to do and has also been Anglican practise from the beginning. In 1 Corinthians 5 the Bible tells us to remove the immoral, arrogant person. This is not done with any sense that we are better than him. The whole purpose of excluding the unrepentant brother or sister from fellowship is so that they will realise that sin is a serious matter. The hope is, having been delivered over to Satan (v.5), they will repent and be restored to fellowship.    

      Well Sisters...its not hard to work out how Sydney Anglicans purged the gays and feminists ...from their church in the 80s...I heard that we were called "homos" ....and the "feminists" were called lesos...
      the young turks ...believed it was their right and duty to have these heretics... kneel before them in repentence...whilst they prayed over them with a Bible in their hand

      Who the hell do these Sydney Anglicans think they are... judging people's level of commitment to God ... because they have served time in prision...  when Vanda Gould...their Moore College trained treasurer (who held the position for 25 years!!!)... is being investigated for setting up off shore accounts that have been linked with tax evasion, insider trading and  fraud! This guy has donated over $2 million to Sydney Anglicans !

      Thursday, July 2, 2015

      Sydney Anglican minister, David Ould, pokes fun at same-sex marriage

      As David says...."I’ve been having some fun tonight"
      And as David says..."Feel free to share with others"

      Tuesday, June 23, 2015

      Sydney Anglican Church League post Albert Mohler's thoughts on heresy in relation to the Southern Baptists and their links to racial superiority

      The Anglican Church League  loves Albert Mohler because everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans  are not really Anglicans ....but Baptists in disguise.
      Mohler says...More humbling still is the fact that many churches, churchmen, and theologians gave sanction to that ideology of racial superiority. While this was true throughout the southern churches, Southern Baptists bear a particular responsibility and burden of history. The Southern Baptist Convention was not only founded by slaveholders; it was founded by men who held to an ideology of racial superiority and who bathed that ideology in scandalous theological argument. At times, white superiority was defended by a putrid exegesis of the Bible that claimed a “curse of Ham” as the explanation of dark skin — an argument that reflects such ignorance of Scripture and such shameful exegesis that it could only be believed by those who were looking for an argument to satisfy their prejudices.....

      So Jack...will all the members of the Anglican Church League eventually be remembered for homophobia and misogyny?
      I reckon that Gavin Poole will quote these as the ACL greatest yearly achievements ..but seriously previous achievements have been even more stupid.

      Monday, June 22, 2015

      Calling for the resignation of a bishop....of course David Ould has the details!!!!!!

      The Sydney Anglican Church League says that David Ould has details that.... (OOOH AHHH ) ... not ONE but TWO prominent evangelical ministers in the Diocese of Oxford have appeared on BBC radio to call for the resignation of Bishop Alan Wilson…
      Tony are those 2 prominant evangelical ministers this lot ... because I can't wait to hear ACL 's President Gavin Poole speak  from God’s word about what the League has achieved, under God, over the last year.
      Christopher....We all know the benefits of spreading bigotry...privatizing public education... so the rich will attend elite private schools...and public education can become second rate...just like women and homosexuals ...but can Gavin's God say he has stopped the boats and got rid of the Carbon Tax ?


      Peter Jensen is at it again...flying around the world dividing the C of E

      and all because he can't stand people ...who understand and accept ...that SSA people need love and companionship too ...And what about the divisive person ....finding it too offensive to attend the ordination of a female bishop ...the man is a bigot...he uses theology to support his bigoted ideology...and people like David Ould call me disgusting....please!

      Well Merve...I'm with Jensen...We GAFCONITES know that marriage is about having sex and producing children....that's all I do day and night with my wife . SEX, SEX, SEX and more SEX.  Marriage has got nothing to do with sharing a house, travelling together, making decisions, listening to each other, watching TV together, supporting each other, providing companionship, sharing responsibilities, coping with the trials and tribulations of life and growing old together.
      Hey Jensen a member of the IRA?... Oh surely he couldn't be...because there were two denominations involved in that conflict...perhaps that's why he wants to divide the C of know to really escalate the dissention...Belfast could do with more conflict.

      Monday, June 8, 2015

      Sydney Anglicans implent a domestic violence task force to counteract the effects of complementarianism

      Now remember to remain submissive to the male headship within the home and church...and if your behaviour gets out of control and your husband has to discipline you...especially if he is ordained and has a job with Sydney Anglicans...then don't worry.. the Sydney Anglican domestic violence task force will be there to help you.

      Dear me... Complementarianism....Why would you ever encourage a woman to remain submissive? You'd want her to recognise when she's in an abusive relationship... be able to speak up....have some social and financial independence...and  be encouraged to be part of  a reciprocal and equal relationship ... otherwise the erosion of her self esteem....the controlling behaviour of her husband/partner...  the social and  financial dependence upon someone else... may keep her trapped.
      So who's going to run this "put a band-aid on it" task force...Peter Bolt who reckons men's rights are abused when it comes to DV...or Phillip Jensen who is an expert on wives submitting....or will it be David Ould who can't understand why women would want to take on men's roles...or maybe those  Equal but Different women whose aim is to keep women refined and in their place ... for their male leaders.  Personally I think a Royal Commission into the church and its mistreatment of women is in order... I wonder if complementarianism is to DV  celibacy is to paedophillia

      David Ould has the hide to criticise Hillsong for lack of discernment in having Mark Driscoll speak at a Hillsong event...when Sydney Anglicans had him speak at Moore College and St Andrew's Cathedral

      No David...I think if we remove that plank from your eye...then your vision will be restored....but you being a Sydney Anglican... might like to get a second opinion from a male...because my position does not complement your ego... nor your ambition.

      David Ould is becoming the new face of the Anglican Church League... since the old face has stepped aside from being all over the net! And David is upholding the hypocritical form displayed by Sydney Anglican fundamentalists. David criticises Hillsong for inviting Mark Driscoll... to speak at an event... but when it is pointed out that Sydney Anglicans actually had him speak at numerous events...including to students at Moore College.... and preaching at St Andrew's Cathedral... then David Ould claims... that no one knew what Mark Driscoll was like back then. In fact many people knew what Mark Driscoll was like... but much of what was published about him and by him ...reflected the Sydney Anglican stance. It was only after Mark Driscoll spoke ....and criticised ....the Sydney Anglican elders approach to evangelism.... that some Sydney Anglicans queried his approach. What is interesting is that the most prolific ....all over the net ....Sydney Anglican..... David Ould... remained quiet about Mark Driscoll....back then! But Mark Driscoll was a member of the The Gospel Coalition back then...Wouldn't like to snuff out any future opportunities!

      You know that UK priest, Fr David Heron, alerted Anglicans to Mark Driscoll through his satirical blog ...the one the Ould's and Sydney Anglicans forced him to shut down (on numerous occasions) ...because he criticised Sydney Anglicans for travelling all over the world inciting hatred against gays... and because laughed at Peter Ould for declaring himself a self proclaimed  expert on homosexuality ...and for taking offence to Peter Ould's twin .... David Ould...who was criticising same-sex attracted people in the church and calling for their sacking on his blog and the right wing evangelical Standfirm site...What a joke... Standfirm had established itself as a major influence in promoting right wing evangelical politics throughout the worldwide C of E. Standfirm's writers obviously believed that others were not allowed to criticise them ...let alone laugh at their postings.
      You know Fr David Heron was threated with blackmail ...and when he wouldn't cower to these bullies...was forced to apologise as part of  a litigation process brought on by David Ould.  Fundamentalist evangelical thinking rationalises that being offensive through satire cannot be tolerated...but being down right offensive and hypocritical through evangelical Jensenism is OK.
      Fr Heron's blog was very popular ....those who like/d to be all over the net must have been getting jealous at the time. Anyways Calam...History will eventually tell the tale.

      Well I had a similar experience with that Mark Driscoll character....I posted a satirical piece about Mark Driscoll being a wanker expert...which he is...and blow me down my blog was sabotaged by people having a go at Fr David Heron.... Seriously how could David Ould who is all over the net...and the Sydney Anglican Church League...not know about Mark Driscoll's writings...when Fr David Heron and I knew what he was like?  I mean Mark Driscoll wrote for  The Gospel Coalition ...just like David Ould reports that he does.  

      Now take note ladies ...Mark Driscoll is right... I am a blokey bloke... and as Mark Driscoll says in the Porn-Again Christian ... Masterbation
      can be a form of homosexuality...and ladies make sure you give your husbands a blow job tonight....What ...can he reciprocate? Only if you don't gain any pleasure from it!
      Mark Driscoll also wrote...Without blushing, Paul is simply stating that when it comes to leading in the church, women are unfit because they are more gullible and easier to deceive than men. While many irate women have disagreed with his assessment through the years, it does appear from this that such women who fail to trust his instruction and follow his teaching are much like their mother Eve and are well-intended but ill-informed. . . Before you get all emotional like a woman in hearing this, please consider the content of the women’s magazines at your local grocery store that encourages liberated women in our day to watch porno with their boyfriends, master oral sex for men who have no intention of marrying them, pay for their own dates in the name of equality, spend an average of three-fourths of their childbearing years having sex but trying not to get pregnant, and abort 1/3 of all babies. . . and ask yourself if it doesn’t look like the Serpent is still trolling the garden and that the daughters of Eve aren’t gullible in pronouncing progress, liberation, and equality (p. 43).

      And Jesus...Liberal Anglicans were supposed to keep their mouths shut while Sydney Anglicans promoted this trash?