Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mrs Brown meets Sydney Anglicans

The Sydney Anglican stance on the story of Noah is well documented on one of the world's leading evangelical websites but does Mrs Brown's opinions differ to some authentic word ministries?

Yet another wayward strategy from Anglican Mainstream

Anglican Mainstream have been petitioning against the Terrence Higgins Trust, which is a UK charity that works to help reduce the spread of HIV, and promote safe sex practices. Their initial Avaaz petition was withdrawn by Avaaz and so Anglican Mainstream turned to Changing Org to petition against government funds being given to this charity. As a result the government has given the Terrence Higgins Trust 8 million dollars!

I don't know Bill...but what's that UK government thinking... I mean why not let AIDS become an epidemic like it has in Africa?
 Anglican Mainstream knows how to Anglicanise a nation Calam...because everyone knows that the only kind of sin the C of E recognises is sexual sin... so why not let AIDS get rid of all the sinners.  Bloody progressive thinkers those Anglican Mainstreamers!

David Ould questions the intent behind smh publishing an article about tolerant parents...but does not question the federal opposition's reason for withholding a conscience vote on same-sex marriage.

David Ould has questioned the integrity of the smh's timing around the publishing of an article called Parents without Prejudice. This article discusses the shame that Geoff Thomas feels about his behaviour towards same-sex attracted people, prior to his son disclosing to him that he was gay. The article says that... GEOFF THOMAS still feels ashamed. Of using the word ”poofter”, of inheriting the homophobic views of his father without questioning them, and of the way this affected his own gay son.
David Ould questions the timing of this story, saying ... After all, the story of Geoff and Nathan Thomas isn’t a new one, although you wouldn’t know that to read the article...So why resurrect this now? Well because at some point in the next few months we’ll have a vote on this topic in Federal Parliament and there is every indication that it will be lost by the pro-”gay marriage” side since the opposition are not allowing a conscience vote and there’s enough on the government benches who also oppose the motion for it to fail. So between now and then those lobbying for the change, not least the smh, have to pull every trick out of the hat that they have. And that involves some deliberate straw-manning.

Say Sibyl... David Ould said that he had discussions with Geoff's son, Nathan, around the issue of same-sex marriage. I wonder if he might like to talk to the parents of gay adolescents who suicide, especially parents of youth who are raised in conservative rural areas, pride themselves on being Mr and Mrs and hold the religious ideology of clergy as absolute.  

Well Calam... that question is very pertinent because Sydney Anglicans have just posted two articles on suicide. One implies that the suicide rates are higher than reported and the other talks about acknowledging the death as a suicide and the questions loved ones ask after someone suicides. Sydney Anglican, Michael Kellahan, says...  "Where the family knows it is a suicide I’ve encouraged them to let me say this at the funeral and not to keep it hidden. I’ve found these four questions arise: why did it happen? is this my fault? is it wrong to feel angry? and is forgiveness possible?"

Monday, July 23, 2012

Can London evangelicals save Sydney Anglicans?

Phillip Jensen has invited two British evangelicals to visit Sydney in mid-August. They are to speak at the to ministry intensive at St Andrew’s Cathedral. Because societal change is accelerating, Phillip needs some innovative ways to seduce the innocent into embracing misogyny, homophobia and right wing 1950's values.
Phillip Jensen, says ... We are therefore under great pressure to change the way in which we minister to adapt to our changing world, yet faithfulness to the ‘old story’ is what we are required to do. So we cannot change our message even while we are changing our methods.
Phillip believes Mr Coekin and Mr Ash, are at the forefront of ministry in the 21st-century, with  Coekin specialising in segregating the men from the women, when providing Biblical instruction regarding the flesh and the devil.

Bill...I think the horse has already bolted when Phllip Says... not even staying stationary is an option because if the world changes, our message will be misrepresented or misheard if we express it in old words, old music and old culture.

Say those Londoners write for AnglicanMainstream ... because some of those cutting edge ideas might include boycotting Sydney, plastering buses with homophobic material, organising offensive 'gay leper' conferences, and blaming the disadvantaged when becoming upset about the banker's level of white collar crime, which plummeted the world into economic crisis.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How can Anglicans be taken seriously if the thinking of Anglican Mainstream and The Anglican Church League are the public voices of Anglicanism?

The Sydney Anglican Church League have seen fit to post an article written by US Baptist Albert Mohler about the massacre in Colorado. Mohler attributes the massacre to human moral evil, that was released into into the cosmos after mankind's fall from grace. Mohler says... Christians must not underestimate the potential of any human being — ourselves included — to commit moral horror. Mohler and Sydney Anglicans, at no stage consider that the civil liberitarian view of easy access to guns and ammunition, and the modelled use of violence depicted in movies, as part of man's fall from grace.
Meanwhile those at Anglican Mainstream want to promote and extend the Palestianian/ Israeli conflict by encouraging US provocative bus ads, just so they can continue to persecute gays.

Seriously Ennis...if this is Christianity, then why would you bother. All this gun slinging righteousness is great basis for animosity and war.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sydney Anglicans and Anglican Mainstream quote Elton John..."It will break my son's heart to realise he hasn't got a mother" ... but they omit from the same interview...

the discussion about when Sir Elton came out as gay, and people burned his records and radio stations refused to play his music!

Here are a few more omitted quotes from the same interview...
But he’s so happy. I’ve never seen a more contented child.
I want Zachary to have a brother or a sister to go to school with him, and so that he can have someone to play with.
If we found a surrogate who is half as beautiful as our first, we would be very lucky.

What...did Anglican Mainstream call for a boycott of Elton John like they did Tesco and Starbucks? There's a lot to be said for planned parenting.

I wish I' had parents like Elton and David

Well this one's not wanted...anyone for adoption!
My mother died from an overdose when I was a baby.

I always wished my mother had been happier ... then she may not have shaken me so forcefully when I cried

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Will Sydney Anglicans and Liberty Christian Ministries Inc cut ties with Exodus because Alan Chambers denounces reparative therapy and refuses to admit that same sex attraction can be crucified

Haydn Sennitt is devastated that Alan Chambers has distanced Exodus ministry from its traditional position of advocating change in sexual desire for people with unwanted same-sex attraction (USSA) through reparative therapy.

Haydn, being a highly credentialled  mental health expert says that his expertise has been heavily sought since Alan Chambers has stated that sexual orientation can't be changed. Hayden explains...
 recently I have had crucial conversations privately with those seeking my expertise on Chambers comments and decisions to gauge my response... even ministry friends of mine in non-western countries know about the controversy and have asked me about it, people whom I thought would have had no knowledge or stake in it...Perhaps Chambers and Whitten and others have been misread and interpreted the wrong way; heck it even happens to me in my job.
Haydn, further elaborates by using his own experiences to generalize others experiences by saying... In my own experience, I once thought that SSA was a part of my struggle and always would be, but then it became an entrenched part of how I saw myself and was unhealthy. God showed me in many ways that it could never be a functional part of my life and would one day overwhelm me if it wasn’t overcome. I couldn’t have two identities, just as I couldn’t have two masters. One had to die.
Haydn sees his battle with SSA as an opportunity to secure a good seat in the Heavenly playhouse, when he says ...those who overcome sin in this life before they are judged and enter into heaven will go on to receive a crown of life (Rev. 21:7).

And Haydn, like most Sydney Anglicans, takes an adversarial position when it comes to compromise, Haydn feels that Alan Chambers stance on tolerance towards the GLBTI, will give ammunition to enemies of Liberty.

Merv ... how do you crucify same-sex attraction?

Dunno  Phil... but it sure has a habit of resurrecting itself later in life!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Has Anglican Mainstream gone Catholic? you follow the Ugandan ABC policy of Abstain, Be faithful, and, as a last resort, use a Condom?

Anglican Mainstream has gone all Catholic with its postings of two Catholic articles about sex. The first tells of how wise the Pope is regarding his theory about condom use in Africa. He claims that condoms spread AIDS. The second article defends biased research funded by the Catholic organisation known as the Whitherspoon Institute. The results of the comparion study shows that children of homosexual parents have significantly more social and mental-health problems than children of heterosexual parents.

Say Bill...Sydney Anglicans also posted that article about the biased research ... but Sydney Anglicans and Anglican Mainstream forgot to post the current story that features the Catholic know the one about protecting and providing a top Queens Counsel to defend a known pedophile priest against allegations of sexual abuse of an alter boy. that the story where the young man wasn't deemed a credible witness and the pedophile priest was...and then the young man committed suicide? I wonder Anglican Mainstream have done a heterosexual verses homosexual parenting comparison study into the vulnerability of children to pedophile priests?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hayden Sennitt sees some benefit in being same-sex attracted...

Haydn explains to Liberty Christian Ministries Inc readers that same-sex attraction can be positive, as long as you are married to a woman. Haydn explains his point of view...For me a great benefit to having SSA is an absence of lustfulness for other women; I am sexually attracted to my wife, but not necessarily other women. And boy, there are many ‘ever straight’ men I know who wish they had that!

That's right Rock...Mrs Sennitt has nothing to worry about as long as Haydn hangs out with women!

Yes Philis...and isn't this comment a little naive...“I would like to comment on the notion that … homosexuality should not be treated as being bigger than most other issues. It should be, because it speaks to the very identity of a person. Stealing or pride do not inherently prevent me from mating and having children. They do not cripple my sense of manhood and intrinsically modify my every relationship. [Same-sex attraction] does.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anglican Mainstream displays how Complementarianism is applied to women who view submission as oppression...

Watch watchers will not be in the least surprised by the ruthless tactics of these domineering, self-promoting women who see service in the church as something to be received while they constantly push the secular values of the general public to justify their cause.

......I wonder what women's submission looks like in private...especially if a woman dares to show some initiative...or if she is more capable or intelligent than her husband!
Now that's where the brainwashing comes in...and let's not forget about those clergy to remind them they are their husband's crowning glory!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anglican Mainstream posts the Ugley Vicar's Change Org petition aimed at maintaining misogyny within the C of E

The Ugley Vicar and his fundamentalist mates believe God made males and females in His image... but displayed a bias when choosing only heterosexual males to preach to heterosexual males. If a heterosexual male sits and listens to a woman preach, then he will absorb girlie germs and become effiminate, be exposured to sacrilegious practice, and be forced to listen to the tainted word of God. All this contamination is believed to be generational...heterosexual males ordained by heterosexual males who have been ordained by women bishops, could actually pass on this religious virus. To combat the problem, the Ugley Vicar has petitioned for misogyny, as a way of exterminating this  C of E  virus. This will enable fundamentalists to maintain discrimination and bigotry as the God's  word and provide for a destablising force within the church, which will help eradicate the equality virus.

   Not sure what the Reformation was about Bill...all sounds like the RC Church to me!
Yes and the bulk of the church population are women ...keeping the "fairer sex" as subservient dog's bodies is a serious concern...and The Global South whinge about colonialism being a thing of the past for them...what about sexism in developed countries?

Reading Anglican Mainstream is like wallowing in a filthy swamp.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Calam says...reading some right wing fundamentalist Anglican trash is like sinking to the bottom of a putrid quagmire and somehow trying to find a way out of the oppressive filth

Anglican Mainstream posts that... to condemn sexual behaviour outside marriage as sin is not “homophobic” any more than to condemn adultery is “heterophobic".
You know's not healthy reading stuff written by those right wing fundamentalists like Sydney Anglicans and their GAFCON mates. When you read this stuff you enter into the twisted minds of people who believe that succumbing to hatred is the road to enlightenment. Not everyone is like Dorothy... and  able to stay sane inside insanity, when reading that stuff...Well just look at me Bill...all that negative reductionist thinking has taught me more about the devil and human sacrifice, than it has about a loving God.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Will producers of Russell Crowe's new movie seek Biblical authenticity from experts at Standfirm?

In the Bible, God sent a dove out after He finished punishing everybody by drowning all the people and animals on Earth... all except for Noah, his family and the animals that Noah selected for the ark. Russell Crowe will take centre stage in the making of this movie... but will the director Darren Aronofsky, who has pledged to "breathe new life into the biblical epic," consult with Biblical authorities at Standfirm to ensure Biblical authenticity, which deters homosexuality... by carefully pairing heterosexual couples?

I hope Noah is as good at using a hammer as Thor!

A support service for women exploited by Liberty Christen Ministries Inc and Exodus


Listen Maam I reckon them post - gay promoters might be able to find you are real nice fella...just so long as you don't mind sharing him with his same-sex fantasies.
So think that nice Mr Peterson and Mr Jensen would recommend that their daughters marry a man who has attained post-gay status... eventhough research suggets sexual orientation doesn't necessarily change in men who are exclusively same-sex orientated ?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

And these people want to tell others who can and can't marry... and what gender God chose as his representative!

Four Corners reported a shocking case of abuse committed over several years against numerous children. The abuse was horrifying, and second only to the devasting impact it had on the lives of its victims, including multiple suicides. The most alarming revelation is the fact that the Catholic Church turned a blind eye to a pedophile's crimes. The Catholic Church allowed a priest to move from parish to parish, apparently without alerting the police and funded his legal representation when high profile members of the Catholic Church in Australia knew of his crimes.

That male dominated culture sure is good at cover ups! Got to look after the church and orthodoxy before people!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sydney Anglican Karin Sowada sums up the refugee plight in Australia.

The Sydney Anglican Network Portal
has posted an article written by Karin Sowada which seeks to explain what is happening in parliament regarding the rufugee policy in Australia. Karin writes...The failure of the Parliament to agree on a mechanism for off-shore processing is all the more regrettable considering that a Bill to re-dress financing of government programs in the wake of the High Court ruling in Williams v Commonwealth (the so-called ‘school chaplaincy case’) speedily passed through the Parliament with the agreement of all parties in two days. Nothing like healthy self-interest.

On refugees, the Coalition kept insisting on Nauru and the Greens for on-shore processing. No one was prepared to compromise to save lives. Political point-scoring and ideological purity triumphed over human tragedy. The Greens in particular made a bad decision here and it is a classic case of their failure to recognise that politics sometimes involves compromise. Given the Agreement between them, Government’s measures should have passed with Greens support.

As for the Coalition, Tony Abbott’s continued negativity and obstinance was lamentable and there must be plenty of MPs on his side who are unhappy with this outcome.

Let's pray that the winter recess brings a change of heart and a new policy compromise that stems the tide of misery from Indonesia.

Yes Maam...I reckon that Karina has summed up how mule - headed stubbornness and bad policy can destroy people's lives. I can see why Sydney Anglicans wouldn't think me a suitable candidate for Complementarianism.... wouldn't be able to tell me and Phillip Jensen just joshing... but seriously why don't those conservatives listen to the whole debate on issues? I don't know about you maam  but I really feel for those gay people who have been seriously affected by church dogma, have been isolated from their families and persecuted by governments because of religion. You'd have hoped Christianity was better than that!

Queensland Christian parents and church leaders are seeking therapy to cure gay teens.

Changing Attitudes Australia has posted on its Facebook page, a story published by The Brisbane Courier Mail, which tells of  gay teens being sent to counselling to turn them "straight" through controversial therapies that are facing a ban overseas. Experts warn that the practice is rife in Queensland as desperate parents and some Christian leaders try to get children to change their sexuality.
Brisbane psychologist Paul Martin has helped children as young as 14 who have been severely affected by the therapies and is contacted by a new patient every few weeks.
"The psychological damage being done to Queenslanders under our noses as we speak is just horrendous," he warned.The therapies treat homosexuality as a psychological disorder that can develop from factors such as sexual abuse as a child or a lack of strong parental figures. In some cases, therapies involve banning males from kitchens or instructing people to wear more masculine or feminine clothes.
"With Christian reparative therapy, being gay is not only a psychological disorder but it is inherently sinful, which means every time they have a thought about a boy or girl they believe there are going to hell," Mr Martin said.
"If you start saying that to a kid at that age during puberty, it instils a belief that they are defective and that can cause depression and turn the volume up much higher in suicide and mental illness."
Exodus Asia Pacific's website lists five ministries in Queensland, two in NSW (of which one is the Sydney Anglican Liberty Christian Ministries Inc organisation) and one in Victoria that claim they can help people overcome homosexuality.
The Australian Psychological Society recommended in 2000 that practitioners refrain from therapies that attempted to change a person's sexuality.
But a research project set to be released within months has found Australian psychologists and psychiatrists are covertly using or recommending the therapies.
Sydney-based Anthony Venn-Brown - who went through  therapy, warns of its dangers - and said online courses were "the most dangerous of all".
"People don't know who they are contacting," Mr Venn-Brown said.
"These people are not professionally trained - not psychologists. I know of people who have attempted suicide after trying it."

* Ex-gay ministries treat homosexuality as a failing that can be overcome like an alcohol, drug or gambling addiction
* They link homosexuality to sexual abuse as a child or the search for a father figure
* Along with worship and prayer, gay Christians are encouraged to go to regular meetings on topics such as the true feminine and the true masculine
* Often, participants are bombarded with testimonials from former gay leaders who claim they have transformed their sexual orientation
* Participants also can enter 12-week courses or go away on weekend retreats. Groups are aware of the scrutiny and some offer participants the option to pay in cash or via PayPal to avoid linking the person back to the organisation

The 'addiction cure' therapy sounds a bit sus...because it was a complete failure in curing Sydney Anglican's of their gambling problem.
Darlene ... addiction therapy in Sydney only works with sexual urges ...their puritanic view of sex would emotionally castrate anyone...regardless of their sexual orientation.  I see Melbourne is holding "A Different Conversation"'s wasted on Sydney Anglicans who only have one conversation...and a bigoted one at that!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sydney Anglican Rector points out that same-sex Australians are being denied marriage equality because of Jensen's anti-gay GAFCON stance within the Anglican Church

The rector of the influential St James Anglican church has written to the SMH disagreeing with  Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen's recent letter to parishioners opposing proposed federal legislation which would legalise same-sex marriage.
Dr Jensen has provided little evidence for his argument that same-sex marriages are bad, except to give a specific interpretation of the Bible with no further proof...  Given that the same-sex marriage issue has caused internal rifts among Anglicans, the Sydney diocese may be entering into a public debate on a decision in the sphere of the state ''more for the purpose of managing its internal concerns  than for the welfare of the wider community''...

Does Jensenist theology only speak of childish things?

Dorothy at the Loonpond critiqued Sydney Anglican 'Jensenism' saying ...The Jensenist theology speaks of childish things, which helps explain why they love the concept of hell, and continue the simple-minded demonisation of women and gays. Well I say you be the judge...

Spiritual warfare?
The joy of hell
Exodus affiliated
Kill the Gay Bill
Easy money
No Dobby you can't get on board because you are an individual..individuals.drown
Well Jensenism may look pretty childish but it's practical application looks pretty horrific to me!