Monday, October 31, 2011

Former Scottish National Party leader Gordon Wilson says he was the victim of a 'gay marriage' lynch mob... instead of an organization like GAFCON

Anglican Mainstream posted an article claiming that Former Scottish National Party leader Gordon Wilson was the victim of a “lynch mob” that booted him off the board of the Dundee Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) because of his support for traditional marriage. Wilson said... I knew from the start that it was like a lynch mob, and whatever I said, it was obvious that they were intent on my removal...When I pointed out to the meeting that their statement of equal opportunities also included the rights of those of religious faith, this was disregarded.

Lynch Mobs are so ungentlemanly!

Yes lynch clubs are much more civilized when run by judging Christians!

John Richardson clarifies ...It is the "Ugley", not "Ugly" Vicar - as in the village of Ugley, not the appearance of ugliness.

John Richardson clears up the confusion that surrounds his name.

Oh I think John's attitude towards women's ordination is pretty ugly!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Haydn Sennitt gets it wrong! It's going to be a gay Movember not November!

Sydney Anglican Haydn Sennitt works for Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, which helps gays and lesbians repress their same-sex attraction, in hope that one day they may be united in Complementarian wedded bliss. If Haydn had enlisted the help of another Sydney Anglican by the name of Peter Bolt, then he may have posted a more accurate article. That's because all Australians know that the eleventh month is Movember, and with Peter's twist... gay November could have been transformed into evil Movember!

Hey Tony what's this I hear about Peter Bolt basing his spiritual underworld book on The Supranos? Doesn't he know how much we donate to the Catholic Church?
Don't worry about it's a bit of experiential writing...and what's wrong with a bit of nepotism anyway? Pssst... I heard Phillip Jensen is about to write a book called "The Evils of Feminism" based on the lives of Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh!

David Ould asks the question...What's worse? Being embarrassed about Jesus, or being embarrassed about being embarrassed about Jesus?

Standfirm shows why Jesus is not embarrassed, about being embarrassed, about the pettiness and spite that falls out of evangelicals' mouths... and passes for Christianity.

The problem is David just hasn't been keeping up with Phillip Jensen's sermons... because Phillip said "We do not need to protect our Saviour, his claims will win out." OK... I know the context of the quote was relating to Islam but what's context to a bible-basher? By evangelical standards...liberal Anglicans advocating for equal rights for gays and women, must be heretics... At least Muslims have the same fundamental beliefs about gender and sexual orientation as Sydney Anglicans.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sydney Anglican Russell Powell rounds up the world's weekly 'gay' news...but omits Rudd's appeal to CHOGM delegates to decriminalise homosexuality!

Ex-mainstream journalist and Sydney Anglican, Russell Powell primes up his 'gaydar' to collate the world news, warning to his fellow Sydney Anglicans of a gay November! He includes the possibility of an ALP conscience vote, and even shows a level of hysteria about a British man receiving a pay cut, when he displayed his homophobic views. Russell said the pay cut was frightening!
Russell goes onto report...There's also a one-sided debate going on about the findings of a study, which says therapy can be successful for homosexuals wanting to change. Here's an example of the coverage, he says... and here is the coverage that Sydney Anglicans pasted on their breaking news website.

I wonder if Jesus is as bent as this coverage of Russell's 'gay' news article... and Russell assures us that he has a brain! He might have one but he's not using it... not when he omits 2 significant stories like CHOGM and the 'Kill the gay' bill being reintroduced in Uganda! Ooooh... I forgot Peter Jensen doesn't want anyone to know that he and his diocese advocate for a Commonwealth 'gay persecution' policy! And it's comforting to know that as an aside, Russell tells us that the Sydney Synod voted against same-sex marriage...and just only two weeks ago!
Petty, small-minded reporting... but he is a Sydney Anglican!

In London ...St Paul's choristers try to drive 'Occupy London' protesters off with singing!

It's great Christians are finally mixing with the wider community... but it would help if they could sing!

Now listen boys we'll go back to the protest when that lot have finished singing. I don't know why they just couldn't pitch a tent and mingle like normal people! It's so embarrassing listening to them sing about me when I'm trying to protest against corporate greed!

Michael Kirby says...criminalising gay people is "sexual apartheid"... while the Secretary General of the Commonwealth backs gay rights.

Yes it's true that Anglican members of GAFCON helped put me here... all because I am gay!

Well... all I did was get a gay person some medical help!

Michael Kirby has made a powerful stand against homophobia in Commonwealth nations at an address in Perth in the official lead-up to CHOGM. He stated that HIV infection in Commonwealth countries is double that of non-Commonwealth countries, where homosexuality is outlawed in 41 of 54 Commonwealth nations (42 if you see the Sydney Diocese the way it does... as independent from Australia). Kirby said... countries which have been most successful at prevention are those which have reached out to the groups that are most at risk of HIV infection...If you don't reach out to those groups, if you stigmatise them, if you criminalise them, they will not come forward, they will not take the HIV test, they will not protect themselves and they will not protect their communities.... This is a human rights issue. It's discrimination against people for something they don't choose and can't change... Unless we take steps, a lot of our brothers and sisters in the Commonwealth are going to die.

Secretary General of the Commonwealth,
Kamalesh Sharma, has called for each of the member nations to end the discrimination and criminalisation of gay people. He stated at the Commonwealth People’s Forum in Perth, that the Commonwealth is about democracy, development and diversity, and that includes sexual identity. Discrimination and criminalisation on the grounds of sexual orientation is opposed to our values and I have had occasion to refer to this in the context of our law-related conferences, he said.

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has said that he will call for an end to the laws criminalising homosexuality at CHOGM. The Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has also said he will support the call, while British Prime Minister David Cameron has previously expressed support for moves that would improve lgbt rights in the Commonwealth.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sydney Anglicans post on their 'breaking news' site that psychologists at two US Christian universities prove therapy successful for homosexuals...

Psychologists, Stanton L. Jones of Wheaton College and Mark A. Yarhouse of Regent University are the authors of the longitudinal study. The study claims that sexual orientation can be changed ...but when the results are looked at more closely, then the outcomes appear somewhat convoluted ...These results do not prove that categorical change in sexual orientation is possible for everyone or anyone, but rather that meaningful shifts along a continuum that constitute real changes appear possible for some... the results do not prove that no one is harmed by the attempt to change, but rather that the attempt does not appear to be harmful on average or inherently harmful.

Dr. Jones told that the study was likely skewed toward optimism towards therapy, as it wasn’t able to count candidates who dropped out early.

Well David, it must be comforting for those at GAFCON to know that the persecution of the Ugandan gays and lesbians is deserving ... all they have to do is change their sexual orientation and the persecution will stop! It's called reparatory therapy aka known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder! It works well in Sydney!

Uganda's 'Kill the Gay' Bill is back before Parliament

And Bert... Jensen thinks the future of Anglicanism lies in Africa, with people like Orombi! Won't it be a terrible church with the likes of Jensen, Sugden, Venerables and Orombi running it? Compassion will be hard to find.
Yes Ernie...and Christians like that Tory Ann Widdecombe thinks that stopping British aide to countries that ( and which use Christianity to) persecute gays is a bit extreme! I don't think it's extreme enough... when you listen to human right activist Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera... “Harassment occurs almost on a daily basis, verbal attacks in public or more sinister repression. The simple suspicion of being a homosexual has serious consequences: being evicted from your home or losing your job is quite common; many homosexuals commit suicide.”

Chris Sugden asks...But the question is what is proper and appropriate love, and what is its legitimate expression?

The issue of same-sex attraction within the Anglican Church has got Chris Sugden at Anglican Mainstream confused. He writes that there are two Anglican Communions (when really there is only one). The first is the one where Anglicans see “God-in-everything”, and the second where God is an external point, by which He is used to judge issues of truth and goodness. In simple terms ... one camp believes God created LGBT people in his likeness and therefore loves and approves of them, and a camp that says they are broken and a product of man's sinfulness, allowing Sugden to judge them as sinful by God's standards. Sugden sees these two opposing views as a problem for Rowan Williams, who he believes is trying to hold both positions.

I agree with you Chris.... Rowan is trying to keep one foot in each camp. It's about time you took down your tent and helped build a cohesive church.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christian demoted when he opposed same-sex marriage but identified himself as working for an equal opportunity employer!

What the chance of me getting a job at Sydney Anglican's Kings School?

Just like Jesus and not like members of GAFCON, Archbishop Desmund Tutu knows how to love his brother

Unlike those at Anglican Mainstream and GAFCON, Archbishop Tutu praises the Presbyterian Church for accomodating the ordination of practising homosexuals. Unlike cruel bible-bashers, Archbishop Tutu watches out for those who are persecuted by extremists. In an interview on CNN in 2009, Archbishop Tutu said... he reads his Bible every day, but argues that some parts should simply be rejected. "You have to understand is that the Bible is really a library of books and it has different categories of material," ..."There are certain parts which you have to say no to. The Bible accepted slavery. St Paul said women should not speak in church at all and there are people who have used that to say women should not be ordained. There are many things that you shouldn't accept." He goes onto say... "A parent who brings up a child to be a racist damages that child, damages the community in which they live, damages our hopes for a better world. A parent who teaches a child that there is only one sexual orientation and that anything else is evil denies our humanity and their own too."

Hey Bert... do you think those Gafconites will get the Nobel Peace Prize, the Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism, the Pacem in Terris Award, the Sydney Peace Prize, the Gandhi Peace Prize and the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
What... you mean for spreading discontent, misogyny and homophobia? Isn't it funny Ernie...I used to think the church was there to protect the victimised... that was until I witnessed the treatment of gays and women by these cruel conservatives.

Monday, October 24, 2011

David Ould asks...why do we make such a big deal of the devil "tempting us"?

David...that's because Phillip Jensen just keeps going on and on about me! Sometimes I think I'm the basis of Christianity and not Jesus!'s just as well Phillip's brother, the Archbishop of Sydney, knows something about Jesus! I must ask him if Jesus would use his money and power, to create a climate that fosters homophobia and misogyny?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Former Tory minister Ann Widdecombe says "hedgehogs" have a better chance of being protected by the Government than Christians.

Ann I find you extraordinary... you want perpetrators of harm protected! Being a gay hedgehog among a group of conservative Christian bigots, saw me have to rely on outsiders for support!

Ann Widdecombe, the former Tory minister, will tomorrow claim the Government is turning a blind eye to abuse of Christians around the world while piling pressure on those who target sexuality. In a speech in London, she will say “hedgehogs” have a better chance of being protected by the Government. Miss Widdecombe has hit out following reports that David Cameron has threatened to slash aid to poor African countries that persecute gay people.
“Once we start going down a road of saying you do not get aid unless you stop persecuting (certain groups) then why on earth are we not putting religious freedom in as an equal to homosexuality? It is extraordinary.”

Ann I'm all for religious freedom...bring on pologamy!

Why doesn't Ann stand up for persecuted GLBT people AND Coptic Christians in Egypt?

I think this says it all!

Can't some of those rich GAFCON bigots and their mates pour some aide into countries that persecute gays? Surely they didn't ALL lose their money gambling on the stock exchange!

Oh that lot of bigots don't give aide...they only pour money into countries to promote homophobic and sexist scripture!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Phillip Jensen preaches 'conditional hospitality'!

Phillip Jensen clarifies his point... Christians must be hospitable, but not naïve. We are not to let false teachers abuse our hospitality to promote false gospels. The creation of purported historical scenarios to re-contextualise the clear teaching of scripture is a false method that evangelicals must avoid. An evangelical is not one who professes belief in the Bible as the word of God, but one who, without twisting it, lives by what it says (2 Peter 3:16, James 1:22f).

Spot Peter Jensen and Chris Sugden... in their attempt to prevent women bishops and gay clergy!

Chris Sugden is concerned that the gay and women bishops issues are "part of the same agenda to ensure that the Church of England is 'culturally relevant'". His tunnel-vision prevents him from seeing that many Anglicans genuinely believe that it is unGodly and unBiblical to discriminate against more than half of the church population, or persecute someone for being born gay. Does Chris Sugden, like many literal Bible-believers, need to use God's name to have authority over others? Well it seems so... as he was one of the founders of GAFCON and the secretary of The Anglican Mission in England (AMIE), which was set up this year for bigots in England, who have concerns over the gay question, but is also keen to help Anglicans who cannot accept women bishops. When this group of bigots is left isolated from the rest of the developed world, they can join with third world countries and the Sydney Diocese, taking Anglicanism back to the times where gays were hunted down and women didn't have the right to vote. Sugden proclaims... And if it cannot reach agreement with the C of E, AMIE says members will look to the worldwide Anglican movement Gafcon for leadership. Interesting though there is no opportunity for comment on this post at Anglican Mainstream.

I think I can see the white faces of Sugden and Jensen in the back row. Wouldn't you think they'd blacken their faces so they wouldn't spoil to photo shoot? I know the black and white minstral thing is not politically correct...but these two guys don't care about offending anyone ...look how they treat women and gay churchgoers, in developed countries!

Sydney Anglicans developed? Please!!!! As the writer at the Loon Pond says..."Whatever, the Sydney Anglican pages remain a remarkable read, and provide a reminder that just at the end of King Street in Newtown - just a hop skip and a jump from the pond - there are people who still believe in a real Adam, and all the consequences for men and women in relation to sex and sexuality (and love pain happiness and the whole damn thing), and dress it up as theological anthropology ..."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

US right-wing evangelical and role model to Sydney Anglicans, Mark Driscoll says ...masturbation is a form of homosexuality!

Sydney Star Observer reports...An anti-gay Christian pastor has made headlines in the US after linking masturbation with homosexuality.
Pastor Mark Driscoll, a right wing activist who’s also recently stated that there wasn’t any proof that LBGTI people exist, says that men need to stop masturbating because it’s a kind of homosexuality.

I can't understand Mark saying that Christians must be judgmental like Jesus. I'll have to ask Sydney Anglicans Phillip Jensen and Kel Richards to explain Mark Driscoll to me!

Peter Jensen claims it's intellectually absurd to to write Christ out of human history ...but intellectually plausable to write the 'gay' out !

... everyone knows penguins have problems conforming to intelligent design!

Newspaper reports last month suggested BC and AD would be replaced by the academic terms BCE (Before Common Era), CE (Common Era) and BP (Before Present).
The reports sparked outrage from religious leaders, with the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, labelling it an ''intellectually absurd attempt to write Christ out of human history''. But Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority's general manager of curriculum, Robert Randall, told a Senate hearing that BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini, Latin for ''the year of our lord'') would continue to be used.
''We haven't extinguished the use of BC and AD,'' he said.

Hey Bert, isn't Peter Jensen trying to extinguish AC/DC ?

On the contrary Ernie, Sydney Anglicans are fond of AC/DC... it's part of their post-gay approach in 'praying away the gay'!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will Sydney Anglicans campaign against David Cameron's move to create sexual equality within the royal succession process?

In Sydney, a woman can be the Prime Minister, the Governor General, the constitutional monarchy and the head of the Anglican Church... but she can't be a priest! That's because God said the status of Anglican men in Sydney is higher than women. These men are not misogynists who cannot subject themselves to such indignity, as to sit in a pew and listen to a woman! No it's God who is the misogynist because He told them they were superior in headship... eventhough Jesus (aka God) broke His own rule!

All I can say with David Cameron's head!

This female succession thing is a bit of a worry... we all know God said marriage is between a man and a woman, so a man can show his headship... it works for me being unmarried! Personally, I think this reform should be narrowed down so only Catholic male climate change experts have the right to the throne!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Haydn Sennitt says another ex-gay minister bites the dust!

Haydn reports that... a week or so ago, a former ‘ex-gay’ leader named John Smid, openly declared on his blog that sexual healing and reorientation are not possible and has distanced himself from orthodox Christian teaching. But this will not deter Haydn who says...Many people will look at a ministry like Liberty Christian Ministries and say, “See, there you go: another one bights the dust. All that you say and teach, it doesn’t work! The tide is turning against you”. As common as this kind of view is, it is no sign of defeat. It indicates that the spiritual war is intense, that many are being deceived, that hearts are being darkened, that people are not guarding their own hearts (Prov. 4:23), and that truth is all too often being exchanged for lies...But often people lead themselves away from healing and victory by neglecting their prayer life and looking after themselves, by making small compromises over a long time frame, and failing to deal with the core issues of their brokenness.
If only I'd prayed harder then it could be an ex-gay like John Smid
describes... I would consider myself homosexual and yet in a marriage with a woman, which doesn’t change the fact that I am who I am and she is who she is.

Rudd FINALLY calls for an end to laws criminalising homosexuality at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth next week

...despite calls for action at CHOGM in 2009. Australia did not confront Commonwealth country Uganda over a proposed anti-homosexuality bill which called for the death penalty for gay Ugandans.

I acknowledge receipt of your email of 10 December 2009 regarding the proposed Ugandan legislation against homosexuality.

I appreciate your concern for the gay and lesbian people of Uganda and the threat to their welfare from this Bill. I have written to the Prime Minister, the Hon Kevin Rudd and to the Foreign Minister, the Hon Stephen Smith, voicing the concerns of the Anglican Church regarding the human rights violations entailed were this legislation to be implemented.

Yours sincerely

The Most Rev’d Dr Phillip Aspinall

The Rev’d Gillian Moses
Executive-Research Assistant to the Primate
St. Martin's House,
373 Ann St.
G.P.O. Box 421,
Brisbane, Qld., Australia, 4001

Tel. +61 7 3835 2222
Fax.+61 7 3832 5030

Date: Wed, Dec 23, 2009 at 3:26 PM

Hey Wal...did Sydney Anglicans offer support to LGBT people in Uganda?

Not likely Merv... because of their close relationship with Archbishop Orombi and GAFCON (the coalition of the willing to persecute GLBTIQ people)...they were approached first... but couldn't sign the
petition because God told them to criminalise homosexual behaviour. They responded with a draft which was sure to have the Kill Bill passed!

We, Christians of various nationalities and traditions throughout the world, are alarmed at the severity of the penalties that are proposed under Uganda’s new ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill’.

In raising our protest and calling for reconsideration by the Ugandan government, we want to emphasise that we do not support or condone homosexual behaviour. The teaching of Scripture is clear that such behaviour is contrary to God’s purpose in creation, which is for the joyful expression of our sexuality in the context of the life-long marriage of a man and woman. Two thousand years of Christian witness have also made clear that all sexual activity outside of such a context is prohibited by the God who made us. In particular, it is highly significant that the stand Christians have made against homosexuality has played an important part in Ugandan history, extending as far back as the martyrs of Busega Natete in January 1885.

While we believe it is perfectly appropriate for civil authorities to impose legal and criminal sanctions on such behaviour, the severity of the penalties widely publicised as part of the new legislation in Uganda are excessive. In particular, life imprisonment and the death penalty would seem to be extreme responses to such aberrant behaviour.

We therefore call on Christians around the world, and particularly Christian leaders, to use all possible avenues to have the proposed legislation modified so that the excessively severe penalties are removed.

Sun, Dec 6, 2009 at 9:39 PM

Chinese woman feels what Sydney Anglicans can't...SHAME!

Sydney Anglicans posted an article about a young child in Shanghai who was left dying, as 18 passers- by ingnored her. The Shanghai Daily News said...Many of the 18 people who passed Yueyue's limp body denied they had seen the wounded girl, except for one mother who said she was ashamed of her behaviour. Many blame a Nanjing Judge's decision for the inhumanity displayed, when a good Samaritan was blamed for knocking an old lady over in the street... and "common sense" meant only the guilty help the injured.
Sydney Anglicans have displayed a similar level of coldness, displayed when the Ugandan Anglican Archbishop Henry Orombi, announced his aim to “purify” the Anglican Church by driving out gay and lesbian Christians and their supporters...Jensen as a Sydney Anglican representative, sat beside him in solidarity. Now remember...the future of the Anglican Church lies in Africa... just so long as we can conservative Anglos can keep hold of the reins!

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

One who condones evil is just as guilty as the one who perpetrates it.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity