Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Alan Jones can find a cause...but it's not addressing racism

As I said...People just don't like Adam Goodes....they don't like him standing up for his heritage...they don't like him taking offence when a teenage girl ...continually calls him an ape...they don't like him for addressing racism when other aboriginal players don't...Adam should be like me ...He should laugh in the face of bigots and gain over looking their prejudices...He should give up standing up for indigenous rights and become cause driven like me...but he's got to pick a mainstream cause like Coal Seam Gas name one safe cause...because if I continued to push a cause that addresses prejudices...then I could be treated  like Adam Goodes... Adam it's OK to have a spine...but you've got to have more than a need a good legal team...and years of practice knowing which part of yourself  to display to the bogans...It's a shame I have chosen to display my ulgy side.

Of course we are all Alan Jones listeners...Alan doesn't flaunt homosexual rights in our face...He respects our prejudices. He the loveable artful dodger...who knows which cause to pick ...and which one to leave alone.

Say Alan...would your 2GB listeners be of this type... if you were a gay man ...who was open  and  proud of your sexuality...Would your current 2GB listeners boo you... if you took on the prejudice directed at  LGBTI people ...with the same passion you applied to the banning the carbon tax? 

 Alan...I just want to say that I'm an avid listener .... but I don't think that all your listeners come from Struggle Street...A lot sound like they've moved to Right- of - Centre... Well bugger human rights, Alan...we all know the best human rights are associated with power and wealth.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The political arm of the Sydney Anglican Diocese, known as the Anglican Church League, held it's AGM... It's underlying make sure that elitism and bigotry remains strong within the diocese...and that it continues to align itself with right wing Baptist mentality...because it sure isn't Anglican!

Anglican Church League AGM President, Gav Poole writes ...

March this year, the ACL hosted its own conference, ‘Is there a future for confessional Anglicanism?’ (a closed question with an obvious answer). I believe it was significant in restating that gospel confession is not just Christian but a rich part of our Anglican heritage. The gospel is the foundation of our denomination and a challenge for all Anglicans is to ensure that we are not moved from our foundations

HMMMMMM  Do you remember....

This year the ACL was the proud sponsor of the FCA Australian launch. There was a theological side to the conference (known as how to keep the gays and feminists out of the and world wide...and not to to excommunicate ex-cons... ) and a practical side ( political strategizing...because everyone knows Christ can't tolerate inclusiveness). 

HMMMMMMM do you remember the 1st GAFCON convention...
  • The membership taskforce continues to promote and recruit membership applicants. They have proved that the ol’ ACL can get with the technical times. A new state of the art database has been commissioned, which will be jointly managed by the members themselves, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information. (God loves technology more than people ...and let's not forget money!)
  • The communications taskforce has communicated the ACL’s activities with you. Their job is to ensure that you are not kept in the dark. (Keep the propaganda raging...Oh and let's not forget the indignance!)
  • The training taskforce ensures that we are not only recommending people for diocesan roles but supporting them. We can look forward to upcoming events. (Let's keep the status ideas may bring about compassion within the diocese....and let's not forget we need to ex-communicate those who don't repent by ACL standards)
During last year’s triennium elections three of our five contested elections were won, including all candidates for General Synod. At least ten vacancies were filled by new people but were uncontested. Four of these were on Standing Committee. The ACL was involved in all their nominations...(so the ACL can control the diocese )

And don't you love Gav's comments HERE ....
The Anglican Church League president, the Reverend Gav Poole, said that while he disagrees with the ''inevitable'' Church of England decision (to ordain women bishops), he admires its approach, which has made allowances for minorities who do not support the ordination of women.
England's decision came two years after a similar vote failed on grounds that it did not include provisions for those who in good conscience could not accept the leadership of a woman.
Echoing both sides of the ordination divide, any shift in local attitudes was likely to be a long way off, Mr Poole said.
''Sydney is known around the world for its evangelical character and its holding to the authority of the scriptures,'' he said. ''That's a long tradition here in Sydney and something we have always appreciated.''

Dah!....Well all's I can say to Gav is... what a shame Sydney Anglicans don't make allowances for minorities who in good conscience cannot accept bigotry and discrimination...and ...just who...has appreciated the long evangelical character of the Sydney Anglican diocese? Those who have benefited the most...or those who have gained notority from being a minister in the diocese, when in other walks of life they may be seen as attention seeking...or those masterminds who looked after the diocese's financial interests so well, that they took it upon themselves to be  leaders of the world ...or those expert theologians who know more than those who rely on scientific research Sydney Anglicans will be publishing books on Climate Change..We live in hope...anything  for a buck...I suppose!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sydney Anglicans believe that ec-cons, as they refer to them, need to repent (obviously before Sydney Anglicans) for their crime before they can be accepted into a Sydney Anglican Church

Sydney Anglicans have posted on their website an article titled .... How to Welcome Ex-cons to Church

Hey Nelson...At least when I get out and convert to Sydney Anglicanism...I can go from being a an ex-con...but I really think my family would like me to be referred to as a person.

Say Ennis...sounds like it's just as tough for ex-prisioners as it is for gays in the Sydney Anglican diocese....I mean listen to this...
Other organisations working with offenders both inside of prison and outside, hold to the practice that those working with them do not need to know the crime. They expect their workers and volunteers to exhibit an unconditional acceptance of a person, just as Christ himself accepts us. This is a very powerful aspect of working with people who for most of their lives have experienced abuse and very little acceptance.
But welcoming a person into the fellowship of the people of God involves more than acceptance...
While excommunicating the believer who does not repent seems harsh it is what the Scriptures tell us to do and has also been Anglican practise from the beginning. In 1 Corinthians 5 the Bible tells us to remove the immoral, arrogant person. This is not done with any sense that we are better than him. The whole purpose of excluding the unrepentant brother or sister from fellowship is so that they will realise that sin is a serious matter. The hope is, having been delivered over to Satan (v.5), they will repent and be restored to fellowship.    

Well Sisters...its not hard to work out how Sydney Anglicans purged the gays and feminists ...from their church in the 80s...I heard that we were called "homos" ....and the "feminists" were called lesos...
the young turks ...believed it was their right and duty to have these heretics... kneel before them in repentence...whilst they prayed over them with a Bible in their hand

Who the hell do these Sydney Anglicans think they are... judging people's level of commitment to God ... because they have served time in prision...  when Vanda Gould...their Moore College trained treasurer (who held the position for 25 years!!!)... is being investigated for setting up off shore accounts that have been linked with tax evasion, insider trading and  fraud! This guy has donated over $2 million to Sydney Anglicans !

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sydney Anglican minister, David Ould, pokes fun at same-sex marriage

As David says...."I’ve been having some fun tonight"
And as David says..."Feel free to share with others"