Monday, March 30, 2015

And the spite just keeps on ...over at the Anglican Church League website

The Episcopal Church’s Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, addressed viewers of a live webcast from Los Angeles last week about the climate change crisis. Anglican Church League members seemed concerned that an Episcopalian would dare be speak about the effects of climate change on future generations.

Don't worry about those Anglican Church League members they are caught in a time warp...They are still plotting ways to keep women repressed and discriminate against same - sex attracted people. They can't think on an abstract level me!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Celibate gay ....Dr Wesley Hill...speaks to Moore College graduates and congregations from Dominic Steele's Village Church in Annandale...about churches needing to remove the emphasis from family to church community...where singleness is just as much a witness of God

We Catholics understand the importance of celibacy...that's why we'd never allow a married man to be ordained...those silly Sydney Anglicans won't even allow an unmarried man to head a parish...let alone value a homosexual!  

Sydney Anglicans invited Dr Wesley Hill to speak at Moore College. Dr Wesley Hill is a gay man who has chosen celibacy. The Anglican Church League posted that Liberty Christian Ministries Inc arranged the invitation... but click on the link at LCMI conference link  and there is nothing!  Liberty Christian Ministries is a Sydney Anglican organisation that declares SSA people as broken.
The reason that Dr Wesley Hill has been invited to because Sydney Anglicans and other conservatives ...are participating in an Anglican Future Conference, which is being held in Melbourne.  The theme of the conference is Human Sexuality and Sexual Ethics... aka same sex attraction and same sex marriage. David Ould explains that if the Australian Anglican Church moves away from bigotry... then he and his Anglican Church League mates... will be .. ready to "swing into action". Ould says they are drawing a line in the sand ...the line being ...that the removal of discriminatory practices against SSA people is not on!

Although Dr Wesley Hill promotes celibacy for SSA people...he has posed some thoughtful ideas which completely undermine the foundations ...that the Sydney Anglican diocese has been built upon. Can Sydney Anglicans come to terms with:
1. the family not being the emphasis of church... having the policy that Sydney Anglican ministers have to be married males...with submissive wives ...and preferably have a lot of children? 
2. singleness being  just as important and valued... as marriage
Some more questions....
3. does that then mean that single males can  head Sydney Anglican parishes ?
3. will single and married be the new "Equal but Different"?
4. will Matthias Media publish new materials about  singlenss and marriage?
5. Will Phillip Jensen write sermons for Mothers Day about the value of not being a submissive wife and mother?
6. will Sydney Anglicans continue to discriminate against women not recognising their gifts and talents...outside of continuing to discriminate against their Godly right be viewed as equal within the church? 
7. will parishoners accommodate SSA people ...into their lives as family members allowing them to stay in a caravan...instead of the as to help the SSA person...  overcome the lonlinesss of not having a partner...and prejudice that s/he experiences?
8. is that why Dominic Steele invited Dr Wesley Hill to speak to his Dominic can  learn how to love, value and accept SSA people ...after he was very unkind to a SSA parishoner ...who he asked to leave
9. Will Sydney Anglicans give Dr Wesley Hill a copy of their wonderful book about cured homosexuals... or are they too ashamed...

I notice that Liberty Christian Ministries has eradicated any evidence of Haydn Senitt...except for this...all reference to homosexuals being evil and like Gollum have been removed.
10. Will Dr Wesley Hill become the new Mark Driscoll of the  Sydney Anglicans
11. Will Sydney Anglicans send out their advice on how to accept a SSA person into a Sydney Anglican parish ... As they say over on their LCMI website ...about loving SSA family and friends...

But if you choose to be open about your own doubts, fears, and uncertainties with your sexually broken friends, then that will advertise itself as powerful as anything else. Then when you’re talking with someone with homosexuality (or anyone else for that matter) it isn’t as scary and you will be a more attractive person to be around. However, acting like you have it all together is not only untrue but it will put people off wanting to come to Christ and will likely to cause the person to worship you instead of Jesus.

Seriously...and Sydney Anglicans wonder why they have reputations for being dickheads! To have to be taught to mix with human beings who are SSA ...says it all....just shows how discriminatory Sydney Anglicans are!
There are a few liberal parishes that accept SSA people and they never get a mention on the Sydney Anglican website... Those Anglican Church League members are bizarre...or are they just horsing around?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Inclusive Islamists worship at C of E church in Southwalk with a female Imam leading the service...Conservative Anglicans just can't cope!

What does David Ould mean that people read it on his blog first know...when conservatives in the C of E.... spat the dummy over Christians and Muslims worshipping together... in a C of E church?  Who  knows...I read in on the Anglican Mainstream website on 10.3.15. .. As They reported at Anglican Mainstream...  the actions of poodles of the secular liberal establishment.

What's wrong with poodles?  Poodles are intelligent... David Ould sounds incredibly childish... and oh so provocative...when he says things like that...He must really enjoy promoting dissention and gossip!

No...we at Anglican Mainstream are not intelligent enough to be poodles...We'd rather be savage guard dogs who protect Jesus from any form of multifaith harmony... Look how successful we've been at helping create divisions in society that help to radicalise young disenfranchised British Muslims...
Oh and let's not forget that we help to keep women and the LBGTI community in their place!
I mean it's a lack of respect for conservative tunnel vision...and offensive to Christ...who just can't cope with Islam

But Jesus...aren't you offended to take a drink from me...I'm a Samaritian...AND a woman!                                                              Only those at Anglican Mainstream are offended!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Julia Baird states that male headship and female submissiveness... in some cases... can be underpinning factors of domestic violence ...but some Sydney Anglicans refute Julia's methods of research...because she only uses first hand reports from victims.

PSSSST ... I'm glad that Sydney Anglicans have used the strategy of attacking the person ...and implying a lack of confidence  in Julia's article... by claiming she has an ulterior motive!
That's right Tony ...Sydney Anglicans can't let the abuse of  individuals and minorities... get in the way of church politics...or a politics in general.

Everyone knows that I'm a good Catholic boy ...who had premarital sex ...and that's why I winked ....after hearing that a pensioner had to become a sex  worker on a hotline... to make enough money to live ! I  was just doing the Jesus thing David Ould points out in his Abusing an Argument ...Eph. 5:25    Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her so I pretended to be Jesus ...and I fantasised that the caller was Mary Magdeline...I was just trying to make an honest woman of her! I just love the time when David Ould emulated Jesus ...and displayed Jesus' conditional love and respect...when a female wasn't complementarian and in agreement with him. 

Seriously Tony..why don't you listen to David Ould's advice ....and do the Jesus thing...and sacrifice youself for the good of the party...and the country?

And I totally agree with those Sydney Anglicans... as I said... About 20 per cent of girls are good (submissive and in agreement with me) ...and of course ...Boys and girls are not equal...How stupid of that article to report... India’s biggest problem was its “mentality” enforcing perceived differences between girls and boys from birth.  

Now we Sydney Anglicans would never see male headship used to  emotionally, intellectually, sexually, mentally or physically abuse women... ssshhh lets not talk about the history of the Sydney Diocese!

I've gotta say that it is a worry ....when a high profile Sydney Anglican woman... like Claire Smith... does not have one woman confide in her.... or  divulge to her...  any form of mistreatment due to a male's interpretation of headship. This is a woman who educates hundreds of Sydney Anglican women in Complementarianism. Her response to Julia Baird's SMH piece ...proves nothing!...and Ian Paterson with an AM to boot! Actually...all it proves is that women like Julia Baird are important when it comes to picking up the pieces of evangelical biblical manhood and womanhood!