Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alan Jones says...don't be too hard on Tony Abbott ... he is facing a hostile Senate !!! are not serious...are you...and what about when you said that Tony only needs 51% of implement changes... Yeah.....I agree...***k everyone else


Stick with me Tony....and I'll make you Prime Minister...That's why Malcolm Turnbull will never be PM...He won't do what I tell him! 


Now Tony....don't get worried about the posters referring to you as Alan Jones' bitch.
But Alan....what about those chaff bags... and those signs saying that my family will disown me...because I have shamed them?
Don't worry son...they're not chaff bags...they're body bags... It's semantics! you miss me yet?  Well at least you...the Murdoch Press...and 2GB can keep on blaming me for your mistakes. Well I'm having a good laugh... watching you...your government ....and the right wing Tea Party members ....that are controlling your government ....implode!     

Say you reckon Jesus would support an atheist like Julia Gillard....or would he be on the side of a good Catholic boy like Tony Abbott? .....Neither Calam....Sydney Anglicans are the only people who know Jesus!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Peter Jensen reveals that if he hadn't gone into ministry...then he would have been a stand up comedian!

Seriously...not apocraphically... Peter Jensen wanted to be a comedian.

Well it's only natural that Peter would want to be a comedian...he's a Sydney Anglican isn't he? Just look at "the material that he's provided ....for people like me !

Well Calam...I find his brother Phillip more laughable...just glad he's decided to devote more time to preaching...cause that man loves the sound of his own voice!

Just thinking about Peter Jensen as a stand up comic.... brings tears to my eyes...just like it did to the SSA gays in Uganda ...and let's not forget the women he purged from the Sydney Diocese ...because they believed their vocation was similar to the males... who wanted to be ordained and lead parishes.

Homophobia in Schools

Same sex attracted or gender questioning young people who experience homophobia are at greater risk of mental health problems, including suicidal thoughts and behaviours:

31% of same sex attracted young people have self harmed, and 37% have considered self harm

16% have attempted suicide, and 37% have considered suicide

Students who have experienced either verbal or physical abuse are 55% more likely to self harm or attempt suicide

Recent research suggests that higher rates of drug use is a direct result of homophobic abuse, with many young people self-medicating to ease the pain of rejection and hostility from families, schools and communities

Homophobic abuse decreases substantially when schools are proactive and implement effective policies and practices.

(Writing Themselves In 3- La Trobe University 2010)

Say them Sydney Anglicans have proactive policies and procedures to combat homophobic bullying.

Well sure Calam's called shaming and excluding those, who are SSA, or who advocate for tolerance and diversity.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Global Warming Sceptic ....and the man who knows EVERYTHING...yes you guessed it...Alan promotes "The Spectator" the best read in town!

Alan Jones doesn't believe in global warming and taxing carbon, and is happy for his extremist views to be heard. Alan has been running the country by proxy...and engineering his control through  puppet politicians, however,  the world is  waking up ....and leaving Alan grasping at straws. How will Alan maintain control of Australia's response to  climate change .

God...those wind farms are utterly offensive

Coal's good for humanity

Bill ...I got "The Spectator"...just  like Alan said ...and alls I could find ...was a bit on how them UK, Cof E  Reformers....will have problems with taking direction from women bishops...Is that Alan Jones fella a bit sexist?  What does he think about Gene Robinson?
Well Calam...he probably wouldn't worry about homosexual long as they didn't out themselves..but Calam you were supposed to read the article on Farming Carbon.