Saturday, March 31, 2012

David Ould clarifies that 'Jensenism' is just plain and simple evangelicalism...and we all thought it was just plain and simple sexism and homophobia

Mark Thompson has rehashed his attack on Muriel Porter and her book Sydney Anglicans and the Threat to World Anglicanism at The Briefing website. Mark has insinuated that Muriel has updated her criticism... obviously a strategy that Mark has employed to elicit sympathy and detract from the small mindedness of Peter Jensen, when refusing to attend the ordination of an Australian Anglican woman bishop. Dorothy at the Loonpond is eloquent in highlighting the pettiness and spite of Sydney Anglicans. Mark Thompsons rehashes what was originally published on his website and The Anglican Church League website in July,2011.

With strategies like that...Mark is well on the way to being a contender for Archbishop ... and as David Ould says... "Jensenism will be the new world evangelicalism"... yep that's where good Christian men like Hamish say things like..." I understand her full name is Dr Muriel Porter. Goes to show anyone can get a PhD."

Yes Tom and what's really great about Jensenism is Jensenist women let men say that about other women ...oh and gays of course! ...Ah Jane if only you had a penis you would be a contender for Archbishop... I mean removing your connection with Liberty Christian Ministries Inc because it's not a good look for you...You and your blokey mates at Moore College know that it's much better to use an ex-gay to put down gays...keeps the mud off you.

Sydney Anglicans have more twists and turns than a rattlesnake. I hear over at Anglican Mainstream that the TEC are behaving like the old Soviet government and becoming increasingly totalitarian in culture and dissidents and malcontents are accused of having a"mental illness," and then shut away in the gulags under the guise of psychiatric treatment for mental health because they must be crazy to oppose the culture... Sounds to me like the TEC have been taking some lessons from Sydney Anglicans who cut their teeth on labelling women as 'emotionally disturbed', 'heretics' and 'lesbians' for protesting against the appalling treatment of Sydney Anglican women in the 70s, 80s and early 90s. I think it wise that Peter Jensen refrains from attending the ordination of an Australian Anglican's probably good manners on his part!

Friday, March 30, 2012

'Anti-Women Bishop' campaigner Julian Mann... says he's not joining the Baptists!

Julian Mann is going to stay with the C of E because Julian believes:
1. the C of E is reformable... that is backward thinking
2. he and his backward thinking mates are the only ones able to spread God's word because a vagina distorts the word of God.
3. men were ordained first so if diocesan authorities wished to deprive him of office because he wont work with women bishops, then that would be a matter for the diocesan authorities to work out what to do with him.

Mann... I say boy, I'm very glad that you weren't around when we were trying to free the slaves... Boy are you sure you're not a Baptist?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Susie Leafe at Anglican Mainstream says women bishops deprive male clergy of self esteem!

Susie Leafe says she has seen ...A culture where young women see equality with men as about being more laddish than the lads. A culture that has deprived young men of self-esteem or societal responsibility by telling them that they have nothing to offer that a woman cannot do as well as, or indeed better than, them ...and Susie goes onto say that the ... Current debate on women bishops in the Church of England brings these issues into sharp focus. You see Susie cannot accept the authority of a woman in and over her local church, because a woman might undermine Susie's authorative role over other women in her church; the ones being kept submissive to Susie and the clergy who encourage sexism as part of God's divine order.

Susie... I've solved the problem for you. You can still train those young women in your church to be subservient to you and the rest of the male clergy... but just tell those young women that women bishops are lads ... and then those young prima donnas like yourself will be able to cope with women bishops!

Mark Thompson asks... What is it that makes Sydney Diocese what it is? could have asked me what makes the Sydney Diocese what it is... because all cults rely on :
Compliance within the group
Dependence on a leader/s
Avoiding dissent
Devaluation of outsiders

Gee Dobby you could have fooled me...I thought sexism, homophobia, elitism and gambling made the Sydney Diocese what it is!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Hon Michael Kirby has encouraged other high profile gay Australians to come out and end the pretending

In an address to the Law Society of Victoria, Kirby called on sport, business and political leaders to come out and stand up for same-sex marriage.
Kirby said... If only all the members of the sexual minority stood up, the whole shabby enterprise of pretending would be over...One can hardly blame heterosexual people for discriminatory attitudes when these are evident in the conduct of high public office holders, professionals and business professionals, sportspeople and business leaders go along with the policy of secrecy...Bound up in openness, and comfort within one’s skin, is acceptance and normalcy...But it will not happen until the pretending is no more. And honesty, scientific proof and rationality rule the world.

Wouldn't it be nice if same-sex attracted people had the vocal support of heterosexuals in their quest for equality?

I agree and what about the 53% of the Christian population who support same-sex marriage...why don't they stand up and be counted?

Moore College homophobe David Petersen is looking for a bigot to fund Haydn Sennitt's airfare and accommodation... when he gets his Exodus scholarship

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc posts ...
The Liberty Committee
would like to send Liberty Christian Ministries’ pastoral care worker to the Exodus International conference in the USA in June this year. It would be very beneficial for Haydn’s ministry if he could participate in the lectures and seminars and make contact with people engaged in similar work elsewhere in the world.

However because of our financial limitations we are unable to fund this trip. Haydn can apply for a scholarship from Exodus International to pay the conference fees. But we need to find the money for travel and accommodation. We estimate approximately $2,500 would be needed.

Is there any generous supporter of Liberty who would like to help with this special need? If so please contact Katrina at the office. Perhaps you have some frequent flyer points you could give to Haydn to help him on his way?

David Peterson, Committee Chair

Monday, March 26, 2012

Rowan Williams poses as 'cover boy' for magazine

Bill ...I never thought Rowan would sell himself to a magazine that is run by right wing orthodox sexist homophobes.

Gee Calam... Maybe Phillip Jensen was right about Rowan!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Edith Piaff has no regrets... Frank Sinantra has a few ... and Phillip Jensen has given his regrets to Jesus again!

Phillip Jensen reviews two songs ... Frank Sinantra's "My Way" and Edith Piaff's “Non, je ne regrette rien” (“No, I regret nothing”). Phillip says Sinatra talked the way he lived... with very few regrets whilst Piaff had no regrets...and that's because she had wiped the slate clean with her new lover. But Christians like Phillip face the pain that they have caused others by giving their regrets to Jesus.

Now Jesus do what Phillip says and...

Phillip I don't mind giving you a hand when you're stuck ...but do you think that you and other Sydney Anglicans could take some responsibility for your actions... because others need my help as well!

Sydney Anglican Priest, Fr Dave Smith is attempting to set a record for going 120 rounds in the boxing ring!

Fr Dave Smith will attempt to box 120 rounds on April fool's day. The proceeds will go to the Dulwich Hill Youth Centre.

Hey let me out of here... I'm Fr Dave's 119th contender and he's still packing a punch!

Anglican Mainstreams tells homophobes to dump Starbucks!

Anglican Mainstream is calling for Christian homophobes from around the world to boycott Starbucks because the company refuses to be prejudical in its support of marriage equality.

Geeze Ennis does that mean that we're going to have to stop drinking at Gloria Jeans because it will become a haven for homophobic Christian bigots?

Guess so ... no matter Jake... I once rode a mighty fine bull by the name of Starbucks!

The Loonpond deciphers Michael Jensen's convoluted thinking

Marty...Michael Jensen's articles make the concept of time travel simple!

Yeah Doc... just as well Michael doesn't write too many articles for The Anglican Church League!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Is cloning going on behind the doors of Moore College... Is Phillip Jensen really responsible for his mistakes...

Will David Ould apologise or will Francis have to blackmail him to prove his Sydney evangelical worth... Will Francis retract his statement about Moore College being known as a cloning factory to the rest of the world or face being reported to his employer... all this and more at The Briefing!

David Ould on 18 March, 2012 at 8:52 pm said:Re: concluding sentence, Moore College and open mindedness. Moore College is well known as the “Cloning Factory”, a reputation that seems well earned.
Really? That doesn’t sound like the Moore College that so many of us spent many years in and are familiar with, but it does sound like the Moore College of hearsay and unsubstantiated comment that many of us are also familiar with.

Could you put some actual flesh on the bones of your accusation? In what way can you demonstrate Moore College has a “well-earned” reputation of being a “Clone factory” and of not promoting open-mindedness?

I ask, since your accusation is a heavy one and it really deserves substantiation. Or a retraction.

David Ould on 19 March, 2012 at 8:26 am said:
The hallmark of a mature person or institution is how it handles criticism.
Exactly how does one substantiate claims about “closed mindedness”? Do you have an objective measure to go by, or is it based entirely upon your subjective view?
Not handling criticism of your claim very well, are you? ;)

You should be the one who works this out, being the one who made the claim. I see you go on to retell something anecdotal which, sadly, you are unable to specifically remember. That always tends to be the way – accusations of this sort get thrown around a lot and yet when it comes to specifics there’s never anything solid. Names/dates/places all seem to be lacking. You even have a specific Bible verse in mind – but the experience made such an impression upon you that you have sadly forgotten it.

Fair enough. That’s always the way it seems – it’s much harder to squeeze some facts into the account than just run loose with your accusations. If I may be so bold, you should take some time to consider whether the issue really is an insistence on conformity from Moore College or more along the lines of a resistance on your part to what you are hearing.

As Lionel pointed out, for many of us our experience of Moore College was of a place that challenged our preconvictions and taught us to examine every argument put in front of us. Yes, there were some (and they would be a few) who would have been far happier just being spoon fed. But the vast majority of my peers were the exact opposite.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. It would go a long way to helping us to know which Bible passage this was whose meaning hung upon half a verse. But, sadly (and fortuitously) you have forgotten it. So while all you’re doing is flying very loosely tethered kites you’ll not be surprised if we don’t take your prejudice with anything other than a pinch of salt.

Francis Hansen on 19 March, 2012 at 3:38 pm said:
...And sir, your striking out of “prejudice” shows poor form. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Either call me on my perceived “prejudice”—a big call sir, a very big call, as it’s easy to paint someone as prejudiced who disagrees with themselves, a group or an institution— ie. prove it, or do not make the accusation. To that I expect an apology.

As I state, the term “Clone Factory” is not my own, but evidence of the fruit over a number of years lends credence to this moniker. I did not have this perception of Moore College prior to arriving in Sydney, and only encountered it afterwards. I do not bandy about such a pejorative lightly. I am taking to task a broad claim by Rev. Jensen, where there is contrary evidence.

David Ould on 21 March, 2012 at 11:32 am said:
Just as David used struck out characters, rather than being forthright in calling me prejudiced. Say it or don’t say it.
I thought it was a very forthright way of calling you prejudiced. At least it seems to have been since you got the message loud and clear.

Of course Moore College graduates are clones. I trained them myself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc posts bigotry as a critique to Hon Michael Kirby's argument for gay marriage

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc posted an article critical of the Hon Justice Kirby. It was written by Margaret O'Hagan from WA, who cites Christopher Keane and Tony Payne, and NARTH as her references. This piece of bigotry is obviously endorced by Sydney Anglicans as it has been selected for posting on their liberty Christian Ministry site.
Margaret I think you need to borrow my spectacles before you make a spectacle of least I think you've got an answer to your question... if you care to self-reference.
Q. " does that mean that anyone who disagrees with gay marriage rights is therefore an uncivilised barbarian?"

Some of Margaret's appalling quotes...

1. Many, in fact, are appalled at it (homosexuality).

2. Given the flaky nature of gay relationships- which has been thorouhgly documented and proven over the last 20-30 years- how is it that these men have been together for so long? That kind of thing is nothing short of a miracle; those men should be museum exhibits!

3. The founder of Liberty Chrisitian Ministries, Christopher Keane, in his testimony ‘Choices’, has said that in the many years that he lived the gay lifestyle, truly monogamous gay relationships are all but impossible, and that those relationships which he encountered that had a semblance of monogamy were very often a facade. Many in those relationships were sleeping around behind their partners’ backs; or there was an arrangement where both partners agreed to stay together while ‘permitting’ the other partner to have sex on the side.

4. Gay men and women who are blessed with long lives are exceptionally rare. Few people live in gay relationships beyond the age of 40 because they either die of illnesses, or because of suicide and other causes (see the Appendices in the book ‘What Some of You Were’ by Dr. Trevor and Tony Payne or go to NARTH).

5. ONE would have expected that Michael Kirby (“A union to make believers of all”, 31/8) would have the sense to know that opposition to gay marriage is not about discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, which is abhorrent in any civilised society.

Ennis ... they say people like us undermine families...what kind children are raised in families where parents spew such hatred as Margaret does?

And what kind of people are Sydney Anglicans in posting something like this?

The Vatican listed as a money laundering prospect

The US State Department has added the Vatican to the list of countries that are considered money-laundering centers. The listing was published Wednesday in the 2012 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, and lists 190 countries.

George I want you to look into why the Sydney Anglican Diocese wasn't included on the list... I smell a conspiracy theory...I think the Greens aren't the only ones in bed with the CIA... I mean why would an Anglican Diocese gamble $260 million on the stock exchange...and get me a hold of one of those Matthias Media flyers.

Sydney University Professor says history has it's share of famous gay people.

The Sydney Star Observer posts that a University of Sydney professor Robert Aldrich has collated a wealth of gay life stories from all over the world for his impressive new tome, appropriately titled Gay Life Stories.

The book gives a voice to more than 80 deceased people from every major continent and from all walks of life, including poets and philosophers, rulers and spies, activists and artists.

Alongside such celebrated people as Michelangelo, Frederick the Great and Harvey Milk are lesser-known historical figures: Dong Xian and the Chinese emperor Ai, whose relationship flourished in the 1st century BC; Robert de Péronne, first to be burned at the stake for sodomy; Katharine Philips, writer of lesbian poetry in 17th century England; and ‘Aimée’ and ‘Jaguar’, whose love defied the death camps of wartime Germany. The book has a lesbian nun, a criminal, painters, explorers and more.

I'm a Sydney Anglican and I can't listen to such lies ... Sydney Anglicans know there is no such thing as same-sex attraction... that's why we employ someone to prove that homosexuals don't exist!

A Sydney Anglican googled 'Christians are' and got...

Christians are delusional
Christians are hypocrites
Christians are crazy
Christians are ignorant
Christians are annoying
Christians are like manure
Christians are brainwashed
Christians aren’t perfect
Christians are arrogant
Christians are wrong

Gee Ennis... imagine if he googled Sydney Anglican...he'd probably get fundamentalist, sexist, homophobe, gambler, elitist, cult, divisive, broke, bigot, hate mongers, nepotists ...and that's for starters!

Jake it's the linking of the term 'Christian' with 'fundamentalists' like Sydney Anglicans that has caused the original search to show what it did. It's like when Christians link homosexuality with bestiality, pedophilla, polygamy, sex offender, child molester, dysfunctional, evil, faggots, destroyers of families and civilization... just to name a few.

What will people say when Peter Jensen retires?

Well I have to say...The Archbishop of Canterbury is universally admired for his intellectual stature and his personal warmth. In his time as Archbishop, the Anglican Communion has been subjected to unprecedented stresses which have hastened an inevitable tendency to regional independence and decentralisation. With the majority of Anglicans now from theologically conservative churches of the Global South, the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the future will demand a deepening appreciation of their place in the Communion

And Peter I have to say...The Archbishop of Sydney is universally admired for his entrepreneural skills and his nepotism. In his time as Archbishop, the Sydney Anglican Diocese has been subjected to unprecedented financial losses of such magnitude that has hastened an inevitable tendency to tax individual parishes to pay for the continuance of the failed mission. With the majority of Anglicans now from theologically conservative churches of the Global South, the role of the Archbishop of Sydney in the future will demand a deepening appreciation of the place of homophobia in the Communion.

Sentamu ... the fundamentalists' favourite but he's 'on the nose' in respectable circles

Sydney Anglicans post as breaking news an article about Archbishop John Sentamu, who is their favourite in the race for the new Archbishop of Canterbury.
Whilst fundamentalists pin their hopes on John Sentamu, he has become a figure of ridicule in respectable circles. He has broken the 11th commandment... Thou Shalt Not Oppose Gay Marriage. It is now up to Liberals to display moral virtue because their traditionalist critics are deviants who want to promote prejudice.

Oh go're pulling my leg...Sydney Anglicans don't bet on horses or archbishops!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Peter Jensen says so long Rowan...and now we need a replacement to represent GAFCON

Peter I hear that you are looking for a replacement for Rowan? Well have I got the man for you ...a man with the intellectual stature of Rowan and personal warmth that oozes all sexism and homophobia fit for a fundamentalist of any religion.

Bette...David is just a mere boy! What does he know about war... and returning the church to the 1950's...and he has the wrong surname! I think we need a man with all David's qualities but with much more humility.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lismore gives ex - sex addict Peter Madden and his gay hate truck ... marching orders

Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell has given unsuccessful Christian Democrats political candidate and ex-sex addict Peter Madden and his offensive truck their marching orders, saying he and his anti-gay message are not welcome in the northern NSW town.

Mayor Dowell said she had spoken to Madden on the phone following protests which forced local police to impound a truck featuring anti-gay signage which warns of the dangers of same-sex marriage to children and displays a grown man embracing a young male child.
Dowell said... I told him he was not welcome with his message in Lismore...I don’t condone the graffiti attack on the truck, but I do fully support the protest and understand the community does feel vilified by those messages...There is no place for anti-gay sentiment here. I understand there are a range of views on same-sex marriage and I support people expressing their views, but to suggest that if same-sex marriage is legalised children will not be safe, is just offensive.

One Local resident said of the offensive truck...I can’t believe it’s allowed on the road...If there was a truck with racist or sexist slogans, people would be up in arms....Why is it I have to wake up on a Sunday morning and see hate parked outside my door?

Jake... you'd think by now local residents would know that God made Sundays so hate filled fundamentalists can propagate offensive bigotry in His name!

Yeah you'd reckon so...but Ennis what is it with ex-sex addicts and their need to save people who aren't sex addicts?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

She's back... and sliding into the limelight... Yes Lisa Nolland and the slippery slope of same-sex marriage

Lisa Nolland, Anglican Mainstream's resident pet and sexpert, is featured on the website. When Lisa is not scouring the internet porn sites for evidence of zooplilia, and denigrating GLBTI people at 'Gay Leper' conferences, she is looking for ways to imply same-sex marriage will lead to polyamory.

Lisa we know a cure for polyamory ... get women to marry Sydney Anglican Church League males... a marriage like that will cure them of relationships completely!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Victorian Bishop mocks the Anglican bigots

Sydney Anglican Church League president, Mark Thompson, is obsessed with a Victorian bishop who bypassed the rule book... eventhough there is no rule! Mark is still whinging about the bishop who failed to discriminate against a gay priest. Mark says the Sydney Anglican Church League's voices of protest have been raised but no one is listening, let alone obeying... and that's because the bishop had no grounds to discriminate when he wasn't ordaining the priest. Mark calls the bishop's behaviour ...deliberate, provocative and scandalous because Sydney Anglicans who join the Anglican Church League expect to be obeyed!
Mark says the bishop is mocking the Anglican Church League, and those silly enough to seek their advice. It is for these reasons the bishop must be called into account... because nobody laughs at the Sydney Anglican Church League and someone has got to take the blame for very poor decision making on the part of conservative bigots.

Mark... if only you and the other ACL boys had been as diligent about gambling as you are about homosexuality... then you may have been in a position to judge another!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Australia's Ex- PM, John Howard wouldn't say sorry to indigenous Australians and Haydn Sennitt tells Christians not to say sorry to GLBT people

Haydn says that Christians shouldn't apologise to GLBT people because a Christian apology assumes that all gay people have been hurt by Christians, or that Christians are the (only) reason why GLBT people hate the church. He goes onto say that for the Christians to say sorry assumes that gay and lesbian people have the moral right to demand apologies and that the church must heed. Haydn claims this is faulty because he says that while many gay people have been spurned by Christ’s shepherds, not all have. Haydn also implies that mistreatment of GLBT people by Christians is OK if that person has allowed him/herself to be lead astray by his/her own desires like the Prodigal Son.

Sounds like the Sydney Anglican prodical 'conditional love' spin... on a story about a father's 'unconditional love' for his Son!

Haydn uses the analogy of a murderer to explain that GLBT people are to blame for their mistreatment by these Church shepherds. Haydn says even spiritual leaders get things wrong it does not mean that victims then naturally have a blank cheque to then make whatever decisions they like. Just like John Howard's attitude to indigenous Australians, Haydn questions of the idea of a Christian apologising for something another Christian was responsible for without knowing the details.

Now Haydn why don't you ask the faceless men incharge of your diocese about the use of sexuality to denigrate and control advocates of women's ordination ...or the adolescent Sydney Anglicans who were sent off for aversion and shock therapy...or the gay Sydney Anglican men who were told they could be cured by castration...or those individuals whose jobs were threatened and lost when members of the clergy declared them gay...or those called less than female for believing in equality...or those prayed over by arrogant young clergy males as a form of exorcism and salvation...or those who suicided after preachers stirred up trouble in rural areas... and that's just for starters

Haydn sure sounds like someone's bitch!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stand4Marriage uses homosexuality and pedophilla as interchangeable terms to promote negative images of GLBTI people.

Warwick Marsh, and Sydney Anglican David Ould, both like to bandy around homosexuality and pedophilla as interchangable terms. David Ould uses the 'Faithfulness in Service Code' drafted as a Child Protection document to imply homosexuals are child molesters, and Warwick Marsh uses photos to imply same-sex attracted are pedophiles.
Failed NSW Christian Democratic Party candidate Peter Madden is part of this offensive manipulation, which denigrates gays by promoting a skewed and inaccurate message.
Following the Queensland election, the billboard truck used to create the distortions that are comparable with Anglican Mainstream's 'gay leper' campaign, will return to Sydney on April Fool's Day, for a Stand4Marriage rally in Hyde Park.

Say 99...doesn't this campaign have a nice Ugandan feel to it. Listen I was raised by 2 men after my mother left...does that mean they were both pedophiles, eventhough I wasn't molested?