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Anthony Venn-Brown responds to personal criticims made about him.....fro​m the 'ex-gay' camp

After the recent mainstream media reports on ex-gay ministries in Australia and also the impact of The Cure documentary, Anthony Venn-Brown felt it was time to reach out once again to a person from an ex-gay camp offering the possibility of meeting up and engaging in dialogue. This person passed on Anthony's email  to the Director of the ministry. Below is the brief email Anthony received from the Director. And below is Anthony's response. Anthony thought it appropriate to blackout ....................... names and details that would identify who he was speaking about.

Response from the director of ex-gay ministry
Anthony, I chair the committee that runs ............................ and am responding to the email you sent to ....................... April 15th. I find your claim not to see ....................... as 'the enemy' disingenuous. You argue that ignorance is the enemy, but you refuse to acknowledge the genuine work of God in ....................... life. It is arrogant to claim that 'you are the Anthony Venn-Brown of some 30 years ago' when you hardly know him. The Sun Herald reports you as saying that 'ex-gay' programs inflict deep psychological damage, and that you will not rest until every last one has been shut down. You clearly do not understand how our ministry operates and are prejudiced against what we are seeking to do. I am afraid that you are the one who is gripped by ignorance in this matter. ............................ Director of ............................

Anthony's response to criticisms of him by 'ex-gay' ministries
Hi ....................... Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I am glad that my email to ............................ was passed on to you. I would like to respond at length to some of your comments if I may. It will obviously appear 'over the top' .....but I feel it important to address your statements and concerns adequately. I am sorry to hear that you feel that my statement to ....................... that I didn't see him as the enemy as being disingenuous. I can certainly see that some might perceive this differently but my statement is genuine. I have never attacked him publicly. Jesus clearly told us to love our neighbour and treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. So I hold no malice against ....................... or others that have attacked me personally either via email or on the internet making false claims that I am immoral, a predator and a paedophile. They will have to answer to God for 'bearing false witness of their neighbour' and deceiving. I stand by my statement. "The enemy is not individuals, churches, 'ex-gay' organisations or political parties; the enemy is ignorance. We overcome by focusing on changing the latter not attacking the former." I will continue though to correct false and misleading statements .......... and others make such as his recent statements in the press such as "In one study, Ex-Gays? A Longitudinal Study of Religiously Mediated Change in Sexual Orientation by Jones and Yarhouse, who studied a number of people who had overcome homosexuality over a long-term period, noted that about six in 10 were able to do so". Either ....................... hasn't read the study or he is purposely fudging the figures as other right wing Christian groups have tried to do.. When you do a thorough analysis of Yarhouse and Jones findings you are lucky find 14% who had some degree of change. But of course we need to define what 'change' or 'success' is. According the study change is celibacy, a suppression of homosexual desires, rejection of a gay identity or having sex with a woman. This is not a change from a homosexual to a heterosexual orientation as is often inferred by 'change' or 'success'. Jones also clarified their findings in an interview by saying "A typical hetero male finds himself attracted to a wide range of females. But among the successful people who reported conversion the typical response was I'm very happy with my sexual responses to my wife, but I don't experience much hetero attraction to other women. Also, when asked and pressed about whether they still find attraction to men, they will say: 'Yes, if I let my mind go in that direction.' I have no doubt that God has done a genuine work in ....................... life. But not in the area of changing his sexual orientation. It is clear from his testimony that he has been a very tortured young man. I have noted that he still experiences what he calls ' temptations' and that he hopes/believes God will heal him 'over time'. Four decades of the 'ex-gay' philosophy and teaching has demonstrated this is not true. When 'ex-gay' leaders have acknowledged that the gay never actually goes away I have always applauded their honesty as it means they are not raising false hopes that marriage is the goal and answer. When ....................... was running your ministry this was stated clearly on the website. I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens to ....................... and see if his hope of healing over time eventuates. But going by John Smid's (former leader of Love in Action for nearly 20 years) recent admission at the age of 57.... "I would consider myself homosexual and yet in a marriage with a woman. My sexual desires, attractions and lifelong struggle with common factors relating to homosexuality are pretty much all in the classification of homosexual.".....this is something he has never admitted publicly before. Most former leaders in Australia have made similar admissions. Many are living openly today in same-sex long-term relationships. I met recently with another person, who was leading an Australian 'ex-gay' ministry. After over 20 years of marriage and now living as an openly gay man his words to me were " we were sold a very cruel lie. And after nearly two decades later, a lie that myself, wife and children are now paying for". I am hoping he will soon add his voice to the other former leaders who have spoken out about their experience and current understanding. We have been constantly told there are 1,000's of people who have walked away from homosexuality. They must be living in a very huge closet somewhere as it seems extremely difficult to find them. If they had had such an amazing transformation by the grace and power of God from homosexuality then it would be remiss of them to hide it. After all didn't Jesus say "If you deny me before men I will deny you before my Father which is in heaven". I have to respect, and I do, ....................... choice to be married. But it wouldn't be difficult for many to question his motivation for marriage as he states in his testimony...... "At the time I again turned to God, humbling myself by even lying prostrate on the floor and begging Him for strength. In my solitude I began to realise that I needed a wife who I could express my sexuality with although I never really knew why I wanted it. All I knew was that sex belonged in marriage and since I'd lost control of myself I must need a wife whom I could do it with. So in my despair I asked for a wife, not really knowing if I'd ever be given one." From my own experience and many others I have spoken to or worked with, these marriages are unsustainable and this is something I cannot and would not recommend to another person. Maybe ....................... will be able to sustain this over life but it is extremely rare. Indeed I have worked with men who are coming out in their 60's. I guess this begs the question.....why bother potentially turning your entire world upside down like this in your 60's. Would it be that you are desperate for gay sex? I don't think so. It is far more fundamental than that. It is because all their lives they have known something about themselves they have either chosen to hide, deny or suppress. But finally they realise that it is better to live one day on this planet being true to themselves and others than an entire life which is a lie. This is integrity and to say they have 'given into the struggle' or been 'overcome by their homosexuality' is cruel and heartless. The journey to complete acceptance and authenticity can be an extremely painful one. Especially when you live in a world where everyone is telling you the opposite to what you have discovered. Your comment that I hardly know ....................... is not completely true. We have previously spent several hours together before, during and after a TV show that featured both of our stories. In fact it was me who referred ....................... to the journalist as they wanted both sides of the story. I am happy for people to hear both sides of the debate and allow people to come to their own conclusions. I know ....................... would be disappointed by the recent press, It's not so much that the journalists are biased but that stories like ....................... and ....................... are becoming increasingly incredulous to the general public who have gay and lesbian siblings, friends, sons, daughters and parents. I have also invested a considerable amount of time getting to know ....................... through his writings and his lengthy testimonial. In his testimonial particularly I can see myself several decades ago hence I was prompted to make that statement. His sexual addiction stands out. I know exactly what this is like. The most surprising thing that happened to me in my journey was that that the sexual addiction died 20 years ago this year.....when I came out and accepted the fact that I am and always will be gay and no amount of prayer, faith or marriage will ever change that. I also know from working with many people in this area this is not an uncommon experience and is exactly the opposite to what we expected. I often wonder what my life would have been like had a pastor told me at 18, when I became a Christian, that I needed to accept my gay self as a part of me instead of hating, suppressing, denying or trying to change it. I would have been saved 22 years of torment but I also would not have been the source of pain to so many people. Yes the report in the Sun Herald quoting me saying that 'ex-gay' programs inflict deep psychological damage, and that you will not rest until every last one has been shut true. What is missing is the rest of the quote which is 'but this will happen not by me attacking them but because eventually sanity will prevail and churches will realise that homosexuality is an orientation not an abomination and people will no longer seek out or be referred to these organisations'. I detailed this in Is my strategy working? back in 2010 ....that strategy has not changed. I believe that as a Christian you are also a man of compassion. I am sure you are moved by the emails you received at ........................ But if you had been in my position I am sure you would also be moved as I have been by the 100's and 100's of emails I have received from readers of my autobiography. They detail the untold suffering they have experienced including depression, other mental health issues, thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts, rejection by Christian friends and family and being thrown out of churches. You can read a small sample of extracts at the end of my presentation 'A Glimpse into Australia's Ex-gay World (pages 27-35). Some of these were experienced whilst going through programs such as ...... ....... and ....................... which ......................., yourself and others such as .............. would never get these emails. I could have made the ones that mention attempts of suicide during and after their time in the program public....but I haven't for a variety of reasons. ....................... and .................. claims that they don't know of anyone who has been harmed going through these programs reflects either denial, a complete lack of understanding of the impact you are having on individual lives or lack of duty of care for those who walk away. I understand the challenges you would face following up. Yes I do have a goal. Yes I am driven. Driven by a passion to ensure that not one person, spends one day in the unnecessary torment I lived in for 22 years. You have suggested that I "clearly do not understand how our ministry operates and are prejudiced against what we are seeking to do" I believe I do know how your organisation, ....................... operates. Please correct me if I am wrong. Fundamentally it works on the premise that same sex orientation is a flaw in human nature. And that you believe it can be 'same-sex-attraction' happens through the lack of balanced parenting or sexual abuse and therefore not innate. ....................... believes that same sex orientation is against God's will and that He has the power to change that through prayer, faith and a strong relationship with God. You work with people who have 'unwanted same sex attraction' . Quite a number of the people, possibly the majority, who are referred to you also come with sexual abuse or sexual addiction issues..........and these of course are played out in same-sex activity because of their orientation. These are difficult and complex issues to deal with and should only be handled by fully qualified mental health professionals. I am not aware that ................. has such a qualification. Because of confidentiality I cannot reveal the source, but I do know of a recent situation where .................... gave some strong direction to an individual that was potentially harmful. Had the person not sort out other counsel but done what ...................... told them to do the outcome could have been devastating. Does ......................have professional supervision?. It appears to me that ....................... does work in the areas of 'sexual brokenness'. It is interesting to note that heterosexual people (as well as homosexual people) can also have addiction and abuse problems but heterosexuals don't feel the need to blame their orientation for it or to change it. The problem is the addiction or the abuse.....not the orientation. This inability to separate the issues is the fundamental problem and is often reflected in the testimonials of people like .......................... The fundamental premise that organizations like Exodus and yourselves are founded on, that same-sex-orientation if flawed is no longer a belief in the majority of society and all mental health associations reject the notion. The gay Christian movement is growing exponentially making the 'ex-gay' sexual brokenness message increasingly irrelevant. I rejoice that young Christian people are finding out in their teens something that that many of us didn't come to realize till our 40's....that our morality is a choice but our sexual orientation isn't and that we can live open, honest and honourable lives before God and others as gay and lesbian people. This is now the new reality and the growing number of stories on the freedom2b forum (Telling Our Stories ) reflect that. In telling my story it has not only helped people for find resolution it has encouraged others to do the they are telling their stories. Some of these had previously gone down the path that is provided by organisations such as yours but ultimately they found freedom in acceptance. My hope is that one day ................. and others like him will find the same. I do know when that happens that some in the gay community will delight in his 'fall from grace' and humiliate them.....but there are others of us, like myself, who will say to ................. your journey to self-acceptance is over.......welcome home. I am happy to discuss these things further with if you feel it would be of mutual benefit. Sincerely Anthony Venn-Brown Founder and Director of Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International
I wonder if Anthony will write to David Peterson, Director of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc, so he might can pass on Anthony's letter to Archbishop Peter Jensen ...because he was on the ethics committee of this organisation.                                                  

Sydney Anglican Nicky Lock asks... What do you do with people who are different from me?

Well that's easy Nicky... if you're a Sydney Anglican you segregate ... you sort them into male and female...and those that don't fit you **** of, or cure them.
Not much has changed over the years Rosie, except them Synod fellas of  the 80s often recommended scalping for those who didn't fit the Sydney Anglican mould...scalping below the belt if you get their gist!

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Sydney Anglican demands apology from Calamity for criticising Sydney Anglican female complementarian...SarieKing

Self confessed Complementarian Sarie King, who features on the Sydney Anglican Network Portal as a member of the official Sydney Anglican Women's Ministry group, and is known as a women's evangelist and trainer, and actually trains women in strategies that work...'From Ministry to Mission' ....needs defending! This is because the piece that she wrote for her blog, and agreed to have it posted on the official Sydney Anglican website, was satirised on this blog. Some say that Sarie should be exempt from criticisn because she actually works in the private sector but promotes subservience as a sideline.
Say that 'From Ministry to Mission' Peter Jensen's 10% percent know the one that models homophobia and sexism and wants to extend it further throughout the community?
I think you offended that Sydney Anglican when you said Sydney Anglican women are stupid. I wonder if Sarie is employed within the private sector to keep women subservient so that they can't be promoted to the equal status of their male counterparts, or receive equal rates of pay, or be refused the right to lead mixed gender groups within the work force? ...I mean working for the church is a vocation...I'm sure the people who work for the Sydney Anglican diocese get paid money.

Sure sounds like Sarie is a nice person...what with all those people jumping to her defense. I've seen a synod full of nice people and not one jumped to the defense of GLBTI people when they voted unanimously to boycott Lambeth because one gay bishop had been ordained in North America.Those same nice people remained silent when Ugandan gays were being persecuted after they aligned themselves with Nigerian and Ugandan bishops who were in favour of encarceration of gays and anyone prepared to treat gays as human beings...not to mention the 'nice' people's silence regarding the treatment of gay Christians within the Sydney diocese.
Now Darlene you can't blame Sydney Anglican women for not speaking out at synod...they're bound by headship...but I'm not sure how male complementarianism works.

Many follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit but Archbishop Jensen uses the Sydney Anglican Trinity...LAWYERS!

Anglican Mainstream report that FCA bishops see their bigotry as a gift to the Anglican Communion and have called upon a network of Anglican lawyers to implement their gift. FCA general secretary and Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, explained...What’s happened in my part of the world is that as society has become more and more secular the position of church and state has become far more fragile and we really do need to alert Christians in the legal profession to issues to do with church and state, where they need to be fully engaged in defending the interests of the Gospel. This is because downunder, the Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen has become so disrespected due to the infamous entrepreneurial ideas , rigorious anti-gay and female inequality policies, and the nepotism of Jensenism.
Isn't it wonderful the way Peter Jensen and Chris Sugden are saving the Anglican Church from itself?

Yes Alice...and let's not forget the resounding success of the 'Gay Leper'campaign!

Medical sexpert, Haydn Sennitt of Liberty Christian Ministries Inc fame gears up for what Haydn describes as a pastoral journey around unwanted same-sex attraction

Everyone knows that Sydney Anglicans don't want same-sex attraction around their churches. People who are same-sex attracted are nothing but evil...just like Gollum!

Haydn writes...If you do pastoral work full-time or part-time, provide counseling, or are a layperson who wants to help others, you may find yourself encountering people with unwanted same-sex attractions. What do you say? Do you just go to the Bible? What do you do? Liberty has prepared a Pastoral Journey as a resource for you to use. This is a guide for reflecting on biblical passages and praying together and is for discipleship rather than a professional counseling resource. Haydn Sennitt our Pastoral Worker will explain how to use it and you will be given a sample copy at an afternoon conference on June 5th. David Peterson, who chairs the Liberty Committee, will also speak on ‘Renewing Hearts and Minds’. •Venue: Illoura, Darling St. Anglican Church (85 Darling Street, Balmain East) •Cost: $30 per head •Date: Tuesday, 5th of June, 2012 •Time: 2-5pm •RSVP: as soon as possible, by the 22nd of May at the latest. Please email the Liberty office at or contact us at 9818-8111.
I've been transformed since Haydn's been reflecting on biblical passages and we've been praying together...pretty soon those Sydney Anglicans will accept me! I can't wait to hear David Peterson talk about renewing his heart and  mind... 'cause I never knew he had a heart.

Phillip Jensen pays tribute to Chuck Colson with this profound quote..."Charles (Chuck) Colson got religion, but those people who haven’t got it, do not get it."

Phillip Jensen explains that Charles (Chuck) Colson got religion, but those people who haven’t got it, do not get it. That's because Chuck was one of the most corrupt politicians of his time and as Phillip puts it... one of the chief dirty tricksters of one of the dirtiest and trickiest administrations in the history of the White House. In 1974 he was indicted on two charges concerning the Watergate break-in and the burglary of Dr Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. But Charles Colson pleaded guilty to obstructing justice because he became an evangelical and confessed to a hidden crime. 
So Chuck took responsibility for his actions and didn't blame anyone else.
What...Chuck made ammends?

Yes...the same way Phillip Jensen accepts responsibility for all his mistakes

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Celebrate International Day Against Homophobia on May 26

Sydney Star Observer reports that families are invited to join in festivities organised by the NSW branch of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) to celebrate the 'International Day Against Homophobia' in Parramatta on Sunday, May 6. Macquarie Grammar School students and the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir will perform. PFLAG members will then share personal stories and open the Parramatta Town Hall as a living library to members of the general public. The family day marks the start of IDAHO’s 2012 celebrations, which will continue on May 17 with the launch of the Emergence IDAHO exhibition at Quirk-ability Gallery in Parramatta. More than 40 local artists and secondary schools will explore homophobia, identity and family through art, showing new works at the gallery until May 26. The 2012 exhibition and campaign visits Western Sydney for the first time, with a focus on supporting new groups such as Muslims Against Homophobia and Wear It Purple. The exhibition will be officially launched with a reception at the gallery on May 17.

Say you think Chris Sugden might come up with an International Homophobia Day? He could bus people to the event on those 'No Gay' buses. GAFCON could meet and preach those anti-gay orthodox Bible verses and Lisa Nolland could give some lectures on correlation studies around gay and bestaliaty, and gay and pedophilia...oh and let's not forget Haydn Sennitt and David Petersen's Liberty Christian Ministries Inc input on how homosexuality is linked to the Gollum principle!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anglican Mainstream calls liberal Anglicans neo-pagans because they won't discriminate!

Anglican Mainstream's Chris Sugden states that it is a human right's violation to ban his public bus campaign called 'Not Gay! Ex-Gay! Post-Gay! Proud! Get Over It'...and that's because an organisation like 'Core Issues Trust' is the only protection  Anglican Mainstream can provide for same-sex attracted against persecution from those at Anglican Mainstream.
I thought that I was a coward... but even I couldn't hide behind a bus campaign aimed at denigrating young same-sex attracted youth... and what about saying that persons refusing to display homophobic traits, including liberal bishops and senior people in the church are heretics and neo-paganists... far out...nothing more than the words of bigots!

Sydney Anglican Network Portal welcomes you to 'Propaganda and Prejudice'... hosted by Peter Jensen

Sydney Anglicans have signed up for a new game show called  'Propaganda and Prejudice'. The concept has arisen from a series of articles posted on their website. 'Propaganda  and Prejudice' involves the gathering together of  some of the world's most divisive prejudical bigots, who are currently being housed in England. Well known extremist group, Anglican Mainstream, is playing host, but the group performs under the strict guidance of failed  entrepreuner and gambler, Peter Jensen. Jensen and his allies are out to destroy the world-wide Anglican Church by modelling it off the Sydney money, no gays and no uncomplementry women. These extremists have all been carefully screened to ensure that they are free from any mistakenly Christian traits such as love, fellowship, empathy and compassion. They must also be able to manipulate and stretch the truth through the use of illogical arguments; the omission facts; declaration of black to be white; promotion of heresy as punishable offense; and the use of bigotry as a mandatory practice.

Question 1. What should you do when you want to cause offense, divide a  community and  promote hatred?
Answer...Turn up where you are not wanted.

Question 2. What should you do when someone asks you about your respect for a leader of an organisation?
Answer... Say you didn't know the organisation had a leader and then politick for a leader in a position that doesn't exist!

Question 3. What do you do when the leader you favour is well known for being homophobic; has remained silent about the persecution of GLBTI people in his country; and is described as brutish for his angry outbursts?
Answer....Detract from his bigotry by pulling the race card!

Question 4.  What do you do when your homophobic bigotry is confirmed as bigotry by others?
Answer... Argue that you are not a bigot because those who are different can be changed into bigots just like you.

Question 5. What if you can't change others into bigots?
Answer... Threaten to sue claiming the prevention of your bigotry is impinges on your human right to harm others, or boycott them.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

58% of Australians responded in favour of marriage equality

The Sydney Star Observer reports that over 120,000 people have voted in favour of legalising gay marriage in Australia, as part of the House of Representatives inquiry... that's means 58 per cent of people who responded to the survey wanted same-sex marriage legalised. About 79 per cent said religious ministers should not have to marry same-sex couples and 58 per cent of participants wanted overseas gay marriages recognised in Australia. Final results are expected to be publised on Monday.
But Wilbur...I had my heart set on marrying you in St Andrew's Cathedral...all I wanted was Phillip Jensen's blessing!
No matter Jed ... if people power says that clergy can't marry us then we'll look after Phillip and make sure he's not disadvantaged... we'll send him a piece of our wedding cake.

Anthony Venn-Brown talks to Richard Glover on ABC radio about ... Is 'Gay' and 'Christian' mutually exclusive?

Anthony Venn-Brown speaks with Richard Glover from ABC radio about being a gay Christian.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Lord Mayor of London protects moderate Christians from Anglican Mainstream's extremist preventing riots

It has been reported today that Boris Johnson subverted an “intense backlash” against Christianity when he banned extremist groups, Anglican Mainstream and Core Trust Issues... anti-gay campaign. Boris felt that the offensive use of public transport to promote homophobia was considered dangerous for all Christians, not just extreme right wing bigots. Boris said... The backlash would be so intense it would not have been in the interest of Christian people in this city. Boris, unlike Chris Sugden believes that it is his job to unite people and to stop prejudice. Even his Labour mayoral rival Ken Livingstone agreed with him by saying... In my view Boris was right to pull the ads.

James... I say that Sugden fellow is doing a marvellous job of shooting himself in the foot... he's a fine marksman you know...never misses!

Yes Garland...should be the next Archbishop of a fine choice with Lady Nolland by his side...I say... haven't heard much from that Jensen fellow... heard he performs well at target practice....have to see how many homosexuals are reported to be limping this week.

Oh deary me...if only my alter ego had taken notice of me in the past...then all this embarrassment could have been avoided!

The Anglican Church League pushes for the Christian death penalty and the mistreatment of those who are encarcerated

Southern Baptist Albert Mohler, who features regularly on the Sydney Anglican Church League website declares Norway a post-Christian nation because it treats those encarcerated humanely and because it has done away with the death penalty. Mass murderer Breivik, who declares himself a Christian warrior fighting for Christian values against the influx of Muslim influence, is like Moller, calling for the death penalty if he is convicted. As one reader of this blog states...

Today the Anglican Church League website posted a link to an article by the American Baptist Albert Mohler called 'The Post-Christian Condition — Anders Breivik and the Limitations of Justice'.

It is a rant about how in a 'post-Christian' society such as Norway justice defies the will of God by not imposing the death sentence on murderers and by providing prisoners with a decent standard of accommodation

Here are some choice quotes:

"Christianity produces a system of laws and justice that puts a high premium on both personal moral responsibility and the sanctity of human life. For this reason, the punishment of murderers has been taken with great seriousness. Those who take a human life with premeditation were understood to forfeit their own.

The rejection of the Christian worldview and the loss of biblical moral instincts produces a very different system of justice. Norway abolished the death penalty in 1902. Later, the nation abolished the sentence of life in prison, claiming that it was too extreme. As Newsweek’s Stefan Theil has reported, “Normally, even murderers are fully eligible for parole after just a few years in prison.”

The loss of the Christian worldview often comes with a diminishment of both personal responsibility and the sense of punitive justice. Add to this the redefinition of human life and its value. The result is a nation that takes pride in a notoriously lax system of criminal justice — a nation that considers punishment itself to be barbaric."

Does the Anglican Church League really agree with this sort of stuff? If so, I'm shocked at what we are up against with the Sydney Anglicans. What sort of Christians are they that they could be so savage and primitive?

Merv it's the women who have caused Norway to lose it's Christian values...I mean every Sydney Calvinist knows that you have to keep your women repressed or your society deteriorates.

Yes Bert... imagine half the guards in jails being women ... and encouraging a less aggressive atmosphere! As a Sydney Calvinist I say 'man up' the wardens... and bash the crap out of the prisoners... I mean it works with homosexuals and feminists in the Sydney diocese! Hey Bert... Sydney Anglicans might be able to get the contract to run the jails in Norway!

London sex therapist, Chris Sugden, has to prove that he can cure gays so he isn't judged to be homophobic when discriminating against them

Registered sex therapist, Dr Chris Sugden has finally come clean about the 'Not gay! Ex-gay! Post-gay!And Proud!' treatment program and campaign. Dr Sugden said: If people believe the myth that they were ‘born this way’, then gay demands for marriage appear more reasonable and harder to challenge. That is why this campaign is vitally important. Sugden is prepared to publicly offend gays and lesbians by implying that their sexuality is part of an illness so he can justify his anti-gay prejudice, in both church and secular settings. Sex therapist, Sugden says there is no gay gene and sexuality is fluid... so post heterosexuals can become post gay through Anglican Mainstream and Core Trust Issue's methods, which he says... involves a voluntarily-taken journey of self-exploration and understanding, not a pill or a prayer (though praying can help).

Sounds like Dr Sugden likes Freudian techniques...but he himself doesn't seem to be able to move past the anal stage of psychosexual development!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Archbishop of Wales concerns himself with the plight of GLBTI Christians while those from the FCA try to destoy or cure them!

While anti-gay C of E supporters gather to 'flesh out' strategies to keep GLBTI people out of their church, The Archbishop of Wales has given his support to gay marriage today, saying ... All life-long committed relationships deserved the welcome, pastoral care and support of the Church and that the issue of same-sex relationships was a moral issue facing the Church and the world, on which there was no single Christian opinion. With all church hysteria around gay marriage, The Archbishop is concerned that gay people may once more gain the impression that the church is uncaring and unsympathetic. He warned... Gays and lesbians claim they are still treated as second-class citizens, tolerated at best and vilified at worst. Very often homosexuality is talked about as if real people were not involved and gays and lesbians complain of being talked about rather than talked to in Church....If the moral aim of the gospel is to encourage love of neighbours, how can that happen when people are made to feel unwanted, unloved, and sinful? How is the gospel good news for homosexuals?

Now listen you FCAs...I'm here to give you a hand. Let's get out there and wreak havoc on those equality lovers. God new what he was doing when he created women and same-sex attracted people... He had to create some who were 'different by design' and some who were 'faulty by design' to make you guys fit the protype of His image!

Buddists support marriage equality...while Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby defends his right to promote prejudice and discrimination.

The Sydney Star Observer reports... The House of Representatives public hearing on same-sex marriage, held at NSW Parliament on April 12, saw the largest non-Christian religious faith in Australia come out in support of marriage equality.

The Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils (FABC), representing Buddhist laypeople, and the Australian Sangha Association, representing Buddhist clergy, both put their support on the record.

Buddhist monk Bhante Sujato spoke on behalf of both groups.

"We should be focusing on the alleviation of human suffering, responding to human need,” Sujato told MPs.

A FABC submission to the Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs by Bodhinyana Monastery abbot Ajahn Brahm said religion had never owned the institution of marriage.

“Marriage was not always a religious ceremony,” Brahm wrote.

“Well before Christianity and Islam appeared, and independent of any Jewish tradition, Buddhism recognised and supported marriage without claiming to have invented it. The fact is that the rite of marriage existed before religion, and thus no one faith can legitimately claim ownership of it.

“The suggestion that a civil contract is good enough for gays and lesbians is like throwing crumbs to the hungry. It is not acceptable to them, or to any other clear-thinking person.

“We owe it to the institution of marriage, and to those who are married, to extend its warmth to those who are presently excluded. Extending love can only make for a better society.”

Whilst the Buddists believe in allieviating human suffering, Jim Wallace has declared it a sad day for free speech because Christians like himself are now being being made accountable for their discriminatory practices.

DIVER Matthew Mitcham looks forward to the day when his sexuality will be of as little interest as the colour of a person's hair, their eyes...

Well if that day comes... it would be the destruction of the likes of Sydney Anglicans and Anglican Mainstream! I mean who could they persecute in the name of Jesus to market themselves as the chosen ones?

Well Mac... they could always take over the marketing of you or me!

SMH reports that Australian Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham, will be a defending gold medallist in London. As he prepares to defend his Olympic title and live up to the expectations on him, Mitcham is still willing to carry the added weight of interest in his advocacy of gay rights. Mitcham says... Ideally I would like one day for sexuality to be as unimportant and uninteresting as hair colour, or eye colour or even just gender in general. One day it will get to that. But until it is easy for sports people to come out without fear of persecution or fear of lost sponsorship income and stuff like that, or fear of being comfortable in the team environment, I don't mind attention being brought to my sexuality in the hope that it might make other people feel more comfortable … in being comfortable enough about who they are in their sporting environment.

It's perfectly clear that Matthew needs some lessons in self-hatred from David Petersen and Haydn Sennitt!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sydney Anglican,David Palmer, attends the Atheist Convention in Melbourne...incognito... and what's more survived to tell the tale!

David Palmer's article was posted on the Sydney Anglican network Portal as breaking news. David says...Last Friday I wrote that I was disappearing Daniel like into the cavernous space of the lions’ den also known as the Melbourne’s Convention Centre. Well, I survived, I kept my anonymity, but truth to tell it was a close run thing when PZ Myers likened Christians to sheep and Atheists to wolves and then to thunderous applause from the 4,000 wolves present, warned that the eyes and claws of all those wolves were upon the sheep present.

Say Bill...I knows how that David fella feels. I once accidently walked into a den full of Sydney Anglican she-wolves and alpha males... all hellbent on destroying women and gays. They mistook me for them that they were huntin' ...when all I was doing was looking for a bit of help in handling a situation. Geeze Bill they're vicious ...tear you apart if you get in their way!

Yes Calam... I disguised myself as a Sydney Anglican and attended the 2008 synod... they were wantin' to boycott Lambeth because of some gay bishop named Gene Robinson. Well Calam... I was glad to get out of there. They were all salivating just looking for a chance to attack if someone spoke out in protest ...but you know what Calam...I'd be scared to speak up too unless I carried my six shooters and then they'd still surround you!

Eureka Street reviews the documentry film 'The Cure'

The Eureka Street review says... The Cure aims to softly condemn the (primarily evangelical Christian) 'ex-gay' movement, which since the 1970s has sought to convert homosexual Christians to the 'straight' and narrow. It draws heavily upon the personal experiences of its interviewees, who speak frankly about their attempts to repress their sexuality, and of the emotional and psychological trauma that they have suffered as a result.

Could Moore College lecturer David Petersen and Sydney Anglican, Haydn Sennitt be in tandem running Liberty Christian Ministries Inc ?

In a recent newspaper article, which named Liberty Christian Ministries Inc as one of the Australian organisations involved in 'healing the gay' worshipper, Haydn Sennitt declined to name his church partners... yet Haydn clearly states in his July, 2011 newsletter, that David Petersen is working closely with Haydn in :
1) remodeling LCMI's website
2) flying to Perth to give guidance to pastoral staff on how to establish a Liberty-style ministry in Western Australia, and as Haydn says... It was a time of tremendous blessing as David preached from Acts 16:11-34 and 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8 at a number of church services. I, in turn, shared my testimony and ran a support group with three young men struggling with their sexuality. Throughout our four-day visit, David and I fielded questions from laypeople and church about issues as diverse as sexuality re-orientation, sex addiction, pastoral and church discipline issues, the nature of healing, and how to love people with same-sex attractions. It was a time of great blessing to all involved, and we pray that it may grow into something much bigger...It feels sensational to be ‘in the saddle’, so to speak, of Liberty and to be working with fine people like David Petersen.

Now I wonder why Haydn didn't mention David Petersen's name in the SMH? Surely Haydn doesn't want to hog all the limelight, forcing David Petersen to become a 'silent' partner? Shame on you, Haydn! Everyone knows...'No guts. No glory'

The Anglican Church League posts an article which asks the question... Can banning things lead to tolerance?

The intolerant Anglican Church League which is well known for banning women from speaking before men in church; banning gays within the church; banning gays and from employment within the Sydney diocese and beyond;banning women from seeking ordination, and so on ...have posted an article about London being intolerant of intolerance. The article asks ... Can banning things lead to intolerance...and does repression really a masquerade as unlimited tolerance? The article poses some questions about how
Christians should respond when they receive unjust bans:
1. try to find a credible political party to vote that promotes prejudice
2. argue your point of view in the media... like Anglican Mainstream
3. prosecute and sue your way to justice... like Anglican Mainstream
4. suffer injustice and misrepresentation like Jesus did, and GLBTI people and women have done for years.
Ennis... I reckon I could help them Christians out...I've got a PhD in injustice and misrepresentation

And I'd be happy to help because I know all about unlimited tolerance

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stand with Russian man, Sergey, in his belief that it should not be illegal to defend the dignity of your GLBTI friends and family

Sergey Kondrashov was arrested in Saint Petersburg, Russia for holding up a banner that read: “A dear family friend is lesbian. My wife and I love and respect her … and her family is just as equal as ours." Sergey doesn't think of himself as an activist. He's just someone who thinks that all Russians - gay or straight - should be treated equal under the law. If you believe that it should never be illegal to defend the dignity of your friends and family who are gay, lesbian bi or trans - please stand with Sergey, and sign this petition to the Russian Prime Minister.

Haydn Sennitt posts the 'decent' letters that were published in the newspapers... in response to the "Ex-Gay" ministries that exist in Australia.

Sydney Anglican, Haydn Sennitt, from Liberty Christian Ministries Inc has written...
In today’s Sunday Age and Sun Herald, a number of readers responded to last week’s articles. There was the typical misinformation and spiteful hype (such as one opinion from two presidents of the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australasia, both of whom are tragically unaware of the damage done by gay relationships and whose own views on sexuality are themselves moralistic impositions. They also demanded that Christianity change, which itself implies that they themselves are inflexible. Their condemnation of notions such as healing portray their own ignorance of God’s saving power). Here are the decent letters:

Waaa! Everyone knows that decent letters can only be written by a Sydney Anglican woman who is well known for her Matthias Media publications on complementarianism, to ensure that other women remain subservient to those who pay her, and by the executive officer of Salt Shakers... whose mission is to prevent marriage equality.

Anglican Mainstream reports that the School of Hogwarts is moving to Cornwall

Paganism has been included in an official school religious education syllabus for the first time.
Cornwall Council has told its schools that pagan beliefs, which include witchcraft, druidism and the worship of ancient gods such as Thor, should be taught alongside Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The requirements are spelled out in an agreed syllabus drawn up by Cornwall’s RE advisory group. Any Calvinists attending the School of Hogwarts will be encouraged to buy the Anglican Mainstream's exclusive "Not gay. Ex-gay. Post-gay and Proud. Get over it' brand of broomstick.

Peter Jensen heads a group of homophobes intent on purging the Church of England of homosexuals

Peter Jensen has flown to England to sir up trouble for gay clergy. He wants them sacked. Peter Jensen is totally recalcitrant ...When he is invited to England to attend the Lambeth conference, he goes to Jerusalem ...and when he's not invited he arrives to stir up trouble in other countries.
He and other bigots are holding a five-day conference starting on April 23 aimed at finding a sexist homophobe who could take over from Rowan Williams.

I heard the group had chartered buses to get them around England.