Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SEX makes Sydney Anglicans tick!

Raj Gupta at Sydney Anglicans, critiques an Australian social commentator Hugh Mackay. MacKay's research shows that there are 10 categories that make Australian's (with the exception of Sydney Anglican's) tick. These are:
1. The desire to be taken seriously.
2. The desire for ‘my [physical] place’.
3. The desire for something to believe in.
4. The desire to connect.
5. The desire to be useful.
6. The desire to belong.
7. The desire for more.
8. The desire for control.
9. The desire for something to happen.
10. The desire for love.
But Sydney Anglican Raj, points out that MacKay has left out SEX!
Raj says...
No sex? Yes, that’s right. Sex per se is not listed as one of the 10 desires that make us tick. The introduction explains that sex is predominantly used to satisfy other desires.

Yes Raj, SEX is generally used as an expression of romantic love. Unlike many in Australia, Sydney Anglicans don't understand romantic love; they see any kind of sexual relationship as perverse, and expect everyone to live like them. They promote companionship and deny same-sex attraction by promoting post-gay/heterosexual marriage as a cure for same-sex attraction. Just click the book in the link to read the tragic stories of men and women battling same - sex urges, whilst being trapped in an unhappy marriage!
Other categories that set Sydney Anglicans apart from the rest of the Australian population are:
1. they have no need to be taken seriously
2.have absolutely no desire to belong and connect with the Australian Anglican Church
3.Have no desire to be useful
4.the desire for more is paramount, causing them to become compulsive gamblers

A site for Calvinists ...the only real Christian men!

Anglican Mainstream posts...Army chaplins want the right to prejudical behaviour whilst soldiers gives their lives for their country.

Anglican Mainstream reports that Chaplins complain about the hostily they are experiencing in the army when they preach hate against homosexual soldiers. Army chaplians, like conservatives in the Anglican Church were much happier when gays remain closeted through the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Brain study shows that Apple geeks are like evangelical zealots!

British neuroscientists compared MRIs of fans of Apple products to those of people who call themselves "very religious", and concluded their brains light up in similar ways. A BBC documentary likens Apple stores to cathedrals, and its product launches to evangelical prayer meetings.

Spot the difference in the pictures below... (Please note that for some Sydney Anglicans there is no difference)

Does that mean evangelicals are brainwashed or just addicted... because there's always aversion therapy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Islam group promotes Jesus and peace because the Sydney Diocese is short of cash and forgiveness!

Ads paid for by an Islamic group called MyPeace, want to raise awareness that Islam believes in Jesus Christ.

Mr Mohamed said he hoped the billboards would encourage Christians and Muslims to find common ground. They were not intended to downgrade the significance of Jesus. ''We embrace him and say that he was one of the mightiest prophets of God.''
MyPeace plans to extend the campaign, funded by private donations, to television.

Sydney Anglican Bishop, Robert Forsyth said
the billboard was not offensive... They've got a perfect right to say it, and I would defend their right to say it [but] … you couldn't run a Christian billboard in Saudi Arabia.'

The bishop said he would pay for billboards to counter those of MyPeace if he could afford it, and maybe the atheists should run their billboards as well.

I thought the atheists had already been prevented from advertising against religious bigotry... anyway knowing the likes of Phillip Jensen's responses, a religious war will rage in Sydney and everyone will eventually end up atheists!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Is "Highway to Hell" the theme song for evangelicals?

If I'm to continue this journey deep into the depths of spiritual depravity, known as Christian orthodoxy, then I am going to have to find a new steed! My horse Flicka bows everytime she hears AC/DC sing Highway to Hell, thinking it is an evangelical hymn. And then I have to contend with her bolting on me when she sees sheep! She hasn't been the same since Lisa Nolland played Bareback Mountain on the Anglican Mainstream website.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Evangelicals be gone!

You know that the worldwide Anglican communion is doomed when leaders make quotes like this...
The House of Bishops sought legal advice to discover whether it would be illegal to deny John a job. A briefing in December from the Church House legal department appears to state that though it would be illegal to discriminate against him because he is a celibate gay person, it was perfectly in order to discriminate against him because there are Christians who cannot accept gay people.

The lack of procedural fairness and covert prejudical practice by Rowan Williams, reinforces the existing nonsense spewed out by evangelicals.
Evangelical crap is soul destroying, limits spiritual growth, causes anger and hostility, promotes stupidity and regressive thinking, and fuels prejudice and hatred. More importantly, it makes the Christian message sound like it was delivered by a stupid retrograde bigot!

For the preservation of sanity, humanity and the belief that scripture was designed to liberate, Calamity Jane can no longer read anymore nonsense written by irrational and illogical self - serving evangelicals.

To manipulate doctrine and deny procedural fairness and declare it authentic Christianity, serves only the evangelical purpose... to service its own needs for power and control and sacrifice the basic human rights of EQUALITY, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, SAFTEY and POSITIVE MENTAL HEALTH.

I reclaim my energy by denying an evangelical even one more second of my time.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

At home with Jesus

Peter Bolt writing in the May edition of The Australian Church Record says... The rhetoric of change needs to be resisted.It needs to be resisted by a simple question: Why should we change? And what for? Where is change going to? Change for change sake just produces instability.And there is nothing Christian about instability.

And I thought Jesus was a radical!
We had better bring back slavery to accompany Sydney Diocese's policy on sexism and homophobia!

Phillip Jensen hears the voice of Satan ...and it's all Eve's fault!

Phillip Jensen describes the voice of Satan.

Satan’s voice is not a baritone or a tenor but a liar.

Phillip continues by saying that we can't trust those in power because Satan speaks through leading academics or churchmen, teachers of another religion, actors or journalists; the devil is not discriminatory in whom he gets to tell his lies - the more high profile and popular the person the more likely to be used by Satan to lie to the public.

And being a Sydney Anglican, we all know to blame a woman because... By his lie in the garden he persuaded humanity to join in his rebellion against God. He thus murdered humanity by bringing upon us the sentence of death.

Of course Mr Jensen's religion is a moderate mainstream religion!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have forces in the Universe banded together to make Marrickville in NSW Australia its heart?

Marrickville is well known for its bans...
As Michael Jensen points out its residents have a ban on happiness

The Marrickville Council passed a motion to ban Israeli goods to protest against the unfair treatment of Palestinians in GAZA

and now it has its own bandicoots!

Anglican Mainstream reports... Sweden out of control and going down the drainpipe!!

Anglican Mainstream states that mothers in Sweden are stressed! Its cutting edge reporting goes onto state...This is a nation of course which has long ago declared war on marriage and family. And like most of Europe, it is among the most secular nations on earth. And it has adopted a policy of anything goes when it comes to sexuality.
This is a heady mix. Thus we should not be surprised when we see bizarre perversions occurring there.

No wonder Swedish mothers are stressed when their offspring look like this!

Sydney Anglicans are desperately seeking a good comic

It's elementry Watson...this Christian stand up comic is a laugh a minute!
(click on Anglicans in the header)...it's elementry!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's been proven ...evangelicals are daft!

A scientific study has proven that
Protestants who did not identify themselves as born-again were found to have less atrophy in the hippocampus region than did born-again Protestants...
atrophy in the hippocampus has been linked with depression and
Alzheimer's disease.

Is that because Protestants who are not born again happy clappers are encouraged to think about theology, whilst born again happy clappers are fed censored prescriptive literal Bible crap, based on the smell of hell?

Some things are just self explanatory!

And I should know because I've got sillier and in need of anti-depressants since I've been reading evangelical bigotry.

Anglican Mainstream has found the replacement for Bareback Mountain!

Publishers at Anglican Mainstream have trawled the internet with indignation to find a story involving an act of beastality, so they can prove that marriage between same-sex attracted individuals increases the possibility of heterosexual men leaving their wives for attractive ewes!

Bill Muehlenberg reports...
“A Swedish man in his fifties who was allegedly caught having sex with a sheep near Alingsås in western Sweden denies being guilty of animal cruelty. In the beginning of June last year a sheep farmer and his wife heard a curious bleating sound from one of the farm’s pastures.
“When they went to investigate they were shocked to find a man engaged in sexual conduct with one of the ewes. ‘This is an unusual case. Earlier it would have been classified as bestiality but nowadays it is seen as cruelty to animals,’ Tomas Tell of the police told daily Göteborgsposten (GP).
“The witness reports are in themselves not enough to convict the man of cruelty to animals. Therefore a specialist veterinary surgeon has been called in from the Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket) as an expert witness. ‘Because there were no visible injuries the prosecutor must be able to prove that the ewe has suffered from the unpleasant event,’ Tell told GP.”

Who thought Christianity was about Jesus?

Peter Bolt has dragged Lucifer from the underworld to support him in his stance against gay marriage!

Peter Bolt at the Sola Panel can't believe that some Christians can support gay marriage. In his attempt to sway dissenters he uses Satan to plead his case:

Sin against marriage is a key part of that inner evil that Jesus said spews out of our black hearts to cause damage in the external world

the devil opposes marriage...This must be part of his core business, since he has been at it from the beginning. When he originally lobbied to get sin into the world, he did so through the first marriage.

Meanwhile, external satanic attacks gently undermines community perceptions of the goodness of God's gifts and transforms them so that even the gift of marriage becomes viewed as a strange, restrictive, passé, or even oppressive relationship.

there are the sexually immoral, the fornicators, adulterers, the practitioners of homosexual relations, and the married who abstain from sexual relations with their wife/husband.

I guess I should not be surprised that our inner sinfulness and Satan's external willfulness has done such a good job on western society's attitudes to marriage that our language has changed like plastic—and may change further unless the Lord shows Australia some more of his famous grace and mercy

Is Peter Bolt a member of Westboro Independent Baptist Church or a Sydney Anglican? Both groups seem to enjoy featuring SATAN more than JESUS and HATE more than LOVE!




Sunday, May 22, 2011

Michael Jensen fails to speak about Marrickville's courageous political stance and instead only speaks of Marrickville people as being unhappy!

When Michael Jensen speaks of unhappiness in the people of Marrickville, he fails to elaborate on how euphoric it is to oppress the marginalised, as demonstrated by Sydney Anglican sexual apartheid policy; a process whereby LGBT people and women, who seek equality are weeded out of the diocese.
He's also remiss in saying, that some people in Marrickville put their necks out to support the repressed in Gaza. Some risked their reputations and faced verbal threats of harm because of their committment to social justice. The Sydney Anglican website was conspicious in its omission of the Marrickville Council's role in highlighting the abuse of Palestinians in Gaza. Does its silence support apartheid in Israel and condone threats against those with a social conscience; just like it supports the victimisation of LGBT people through its committment to GAFCON?

Gene Robinson and Jeffery John

Michael Jensen says send unhappy people to church...and then they can really feel bad!

Michael Jensen says that the people of Marrickville are the unhappiest people in Sydney. He states That contemplating our mortality, performing acts of altruistic service, finding ways to forgive those who have wronged us, meeting people and learning to give thanks for what we have are all essential to the genuinely and measurably more happy human life.

Interesting, isn’t it? Why didn’t they just send the unhappy folks along to church?
adds Michael.

Yes let's make LGBT really unhappy and force them to grieve just like Narelle Jarette does about the feelings of loss... loss that occurs when celibacy is thrust upon those forced to remain single in the Sydney Diocese and its broader colonies claimed through GAFCON!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's official...the Sydney Anglican Diocese confirms that it is a police state!

It seems that Sydney Anglicans are being encouraged to keep tabs on parishioners' beliefs...just in case a hint of liberalism sneaks. If parishioners dare to think or show compassion, then they have a case to answer and must be held accountable. If that doesn't work, then there is always censorship, litigation and expulsion!
ArchiePoulos says...
If someone once held a position you regard as orthodox and does so no longer it is right to ask ‘what made you change your position?’ This is loving, as the change is often an early warning sign of unsettled weather ahead.

Before we accuse someone of being harsh and critical of another’s position, look at where they have come from and where they are going. It may indeed be a very dangerous track they are on that will lead others astray.

Friday, May 20, 2011

And I thought Sydney Anglicans made respectable commerce corrupt when they borrowed $260 million to gamble on the stock exchange!

Phillip Jensen is disgusted that the human sinfulness of brothels and atheists are aligned side by side on his computer!
Phillip rants...What could be more ‘Sydney’ than simultaneously making prostitution respectable and commerce corrupt by listing brothels on the stock exchange! In our city: money is everything; morality is nothing. I wonder why stock brokers and bankers were not listed amongst the clientele.
Phillip continues to rave...
The article is about heaven without any mention of hell. And in that omission is Satan’s spin...In the brothel we see sin. In “heaven is a fairytale” we hear the voice of Satan.

Of course I'm on the Sydney Anglican payroll.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Rowan shows that he can speak for God too!

Rowan writes a letter to a 6 year old about God...But there was nothing and nobody around before me to invent me. Rather like somebody who writes a story in a book, I started making up the story of the world and eventually invented human beings like you who could ask me awkward questions!’
And then he’d send you lots of love and sign off.
I know he doesn’t usually write letters, so I have to do the best I can on his behalf. Lors of love from me too.

+Archbishop Rowan

Sydney anglicans were conspicuous by the absence of this article on both the Sydney Anglicans and The Anglican Church League websites, yet their bias in reporting made sure that the articles were published denigrating the head of their church. Of course Phillip Jensen knows more about God's word than Rowan Williams.
Let's Ask Phillip... There can be few tasks more Christ like than giving up ourselves to care for little children (Mark 10:14).

What is more Jesus like... treating children with respect and kindness or spreading hatred, bigotry and telling children about hell.

Dublin Primates geld GAFCON Primates...Has anyone told Lisa Nolland ?

Gafcon archbishops said, "Those who wrote the script for Dublin that gelded the primates “were seriously misled and their actions unacceptableOften gelding improves the manners of some individuals!
Gafconites further complained about the lack of creativity used to make provisions for their bigotry within the Anglican Communion...“Our own Communion has failed to make adequate provision for those who hold to a traditional view of the faith. We remain convinced that from within the Provinces that we represent there are creative ways by which we can support those who have been alienated so that they can remain within the Anglican family,”

Gafcon's ideas of CREATIVITY...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally one church has got it right...Homophobia is a sin!

The minister of Sydney’s Pitt Street Uniting Church has declared homophobia to be sinful ahead of this year’s International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on May 17.
“Homophobia is a sin and in need of healing,” the Reverend Ian Pearson declared.

Now just a few kilometres away in any direction, Anglicans are told of the superiority of heterosexuals and the brokenness of LGBT people in need of healing.

How will Sydney Anglicans celebrate May 17?

Anglican Mainstream continually reports on LGBT issues but omits reporting on Anti-Gay Ugandan Bill which is to be voted on in 48 hours

"It's a political agenda being driven by so-called evangelism in the US and being pushed on to Africa.

"Unless the world moves fast, we should expect a lot of killings of gays, not by state sanction but through mob violence. This will continue unless the international community can start talking about gays and lesbians having human rights that need to be protected and defended."

Murdered Ugandan gay activist David Kato.

Sign the petition protesting this bill which punishes gays and gay advocates with jail and in some cases the death penalty.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Anglican Mainstream confirms projected homophobia in the form of bigotry causes a higher incidence of cancer in gays and lesbians!

Anglican Mainstream has published a BBC health article on the higher incidence of cancer in gays and lesbians. One contributing factor cited is minority stress... Dr Boehmer said: "One common explanation for why lesbian and bisexual women report worse health compared to heterosexual women is minority stress [which] suggests lesbian and bisexual women have worse health, including psychological health due to their experiences of discrimination, prejudice, and violence."

"Hey Jesus... it's a wonder they didn't cite me as a contributing factor instead of some of your followers!"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sydney Anglicans blame housing shortage and high rents on working women!

In response to Julia Gillard's proposal to get teenage mothers off welfare payments, Archie Poulos at Sydney Anglicans writes ...The most expensive part of family life is housing. The price of housing, both for rental and for purchase is set by what the market is willing to pay. If we have more families on two incomes, then more families will be able to pay more for housing. This pushes up the price of housing. Some years ago I charted female participation rate in the workforce against housing rental costs. While I know there are other significant factors, it was very illuminating to observe that rents followed participation rate, only lagging by about a year. Would Archie prefer that teenage mothers and their children, be poorly skilled and uneducated, so that they remain locked into a poverty cycle of welfare dependency? No wonder Sydney Anglican evangelism has found a home in Africa...nothing like keeping the women at the bottom of the social structure... or there's always Prince Chaming" to the rescue! The Anglican Church League published an article by Phillip Jensen, where he suggests that current education programs are flawed. He states that education liberates women when really their future is biologically determined. He supports his article about keeping women as domestics, by citing Jesus and his love of little children within the context of Biblical gibberish (Genesis 1:26-28) (Romans 8:29, 1 Corinthians 11:1, Philippians 2:5-11, Colossians 3:10). Phillip states ... There can be few tasks more Christ like than giving up ourselves to care for little children (Mark 10:14)...Then go for it Phillip! Go and look after some disadvantaged and homeless children because that is what Jesus was getting at! $260 million would have provided a good deal of support or did Jesus only care about children from affluent families?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Phillip Jensen speaks of the political incorrectness and social engineering, when those without penises join the workforce.

Phillip says... Biology is not destiny but biology does delimit destiny. My desire to be an elite athlete will be tempered by my inadequate biology. My desire to change my career path into a more physically challenging activity will be tempered by my age. And when it comes to women, the biology of reproduction has some fairly strong limits.

Thinking in a 'Biblical Calvinist Counter Intuitive' way (aka literal Bible reading), Phillip is right... so liberate women so they can get multiple jobs to pay the bills and mortgage, and keep the male barefoot and pregnant. Everyone knows men have trouble multi-tasking... OR follow the Sydney male Calvinist example and secure the family's future by borrowing against the family home and punting it on the stock exchange!