Monday, April 29, 2013

Australian Christian Lobby group goes FELINE!

Ferral?...No that's the other ACL...they are the ones who like to attack and oppress people in the name of religious freedom...and have you seen that appalling marriage video they have on their website...they are promoting the breeding of a new race of people with very unusual heads!

A trio of Melbourne feminists, calling themselves the Australian Cat Ladies, pounced on the domain name when the ACL, which only uses, failed to buy it.
Their site, called Australian Cat Ladies, says it stands for marriage equality, the rights of couples to abortion, an end to discrimination, sex education and responsible cat ownership.

Meeeee...ow !

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sydney Anglican women meet Jesus at the EQUIP conference

Of course I'm liberated...I bought Matthias Media's  "God's Good Design" at the last Equip Womens' Conference

Hey Martha you think we will recognise the Sydney Anglican 21st Century Jesus?
I don't know Mary...I think we saw the best of Him...I've heard he's outgrown his hippie traits of treating women as equals... and now is into promoting womens' liberation through female submission and silence, gender apartheid and reinforcing  female stereotypes... I think Jesus sees feminism, like homosexuality, as part of "the fall" !

Peter Ould says sexuality is always fluid... at the sexpert site...Anglican Mainstream


Dave has been buysexual for years
Peter Ould writes a lot about sexuality ...and he is trying to get the Church of England to have a more sensible, coherent and honest conversation about human sexuality. He promotes the idea that sexuality is fluid and can change throughout a person's life. He views this from a statitician's point of view by looking at the evidence.

It is hard to disagree with hard evidence... what with all those ex-gay Christians moving in and out of their gay and ex-gay orientations.

Anglican Mainstream posts Andrew Comisky's and Haydn Sennitt's disappointment at John Paulk's rejection of ex-gay therapies.

Ex-gay sexperts, Andrew Cominsky and Haydn Sennitt express grief at another ex-gay, John Paulk,  turning his back on his ex-gay orientation. Paulk has also stated that he believes that reparative therapy is both futile and harmful and has apologised for his role in the ex-gay movement. He has also announced that his marriage is ending.

Hey Ennis...what about Cominsky's comment about  Paulk being
a narcissistic ‘ex - ex-gay superstar’ who cries victim rather than takes responsibility for his own bad choices?
Jake...I thought all those ex-gay fellas selling ex-gay orientation are all narcissistic... it seems like a way to gain notority!

You know's worrying when you've got someone like Haydn using John Paulk as a role model for ex-gay know when then Haydn himself uses his position with Liberty Christian Ministries as a way of establishing himself as a role model for other self-depreciating gay Christians.
Yes Bill and what about the likes of Sydney Anglicans wanting to protect marriage from promoting the  marriage of heterosexuals to sexually conflicted gay Christians...Absolutely disgraceful Bill!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Haydn Sennitt from Liberty Christian Ministries says that homosexual sin can ruin churches

Haydn says that the number one  issue dominating public discussion is not  climate change, North Korea, whaling, or penal substitutionary's homosexuality...which seems to be the only topic of conversation on Haydn Senntt's lips!
Haydn goes on to explain... that sexual sin is worse than other offenses (6:18). It, along with greed, drunkenness, idolatry, and theft  have the potential to shipwreck entire churches (1 Cor 5:11, 13) and, like cancer,  will spread through and that's why Haydn thinks it's appropriate to **** off the sinners and just keep the Sydney Anglicans who believe in gambling on the stock market and judging others. 

I suppose the suicide of someone  like Damien Christie helps protect homophobic churches from contagious cancerous homosexual sin!
You know what Will...them Sydney Anglicans are hard to fathom...I mean Haydn preaches that drunkenness, greed and homosexuality are the worst ways to offend God...but then Sydney Anglican, John Sandeman, promotes people who accept that the rich should  procure obseen amounts of money!
Well Ned's called biblical inerrancy... Haydn told you that the church will lose its distinctive witness the day it no longer reveres the authority of Scripture especially on the issue of homosexuality....things like murder and war are minor issues!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Over at Anglican Mainstream...Julian Mann asks an intelligent question... Will the new Archbishop of Canterbury stick up for women who don't want to be ordained?

And Julian ...who's going to stick up for men's rights? I mean not every man wants to be ordained...or do they?
Well as a good complementarian looks like I'll have to stick up for sexism...and  let's not forget the bigots who wish stop same-sex couples from enjoying marriage...but Julian don't expect me to fight for the rights of single that's a double standard...everyone knows that heterosexual marriages are sacrosanct... so they never breakup...All those single mothers are either virgin Marys... or they're been having sex (with a male) outside the union of marriage!



OMG...Calam agrees with a Sydney Anglican! Has she lost the plot?

OK Bill...I might agree with David Mansfield about the dangerous consequences of the shoulder barge and spear tackle in Rugby League...and the irresponsible promotion by Channel 9...of bookmaker Tom Waterhouse's betting odds on mainstream television...just when them little critters are watching the game...but I ain't going to agree with them Sydney Anglicans....not when it comes to discriminating against women and gays!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Anglican Church League posts... William Taylor defines contemporary Pharisees as, not sinful congregational members,but politically correct Christian Leaders!

You're not the first person to get me mixed up with Jesus... you'll find him hanging out with the "have nots"...which is not really my brief!

Complementarian woman at Standfirm fears a wolf by the name of Shannon Johnston!


Over at Standfirm, Matt Kennedy has stated that Shannon Johnston did not betray the trust of orthodox leaders because he is a wolf! Matt says..."Wolves will be wolves" and blames orthodox Christians for thinking Shannon was human!

OMG...Shannon Johnston is a werewolf...My husband says werewolves are wolves who disguise themselves  as people who pretend to be Christians...and they encourage other undesirable pseudo-Christians like John Dominic Crossan to speak in their diocese...and also promote the Christological lie of same-sex blessings...instead of the Christological truth of discrimination!

Oh for God's sake...stop being such a wimp! Who are you girl...a Sydney Anglican complementarian woman? I'll show you how to deal with wolves.