Thursday, May 31, 2012

Christine Jensen breaks the rules of Complementarianism and contradicts her husband

Boys ... the Archbishop of Sydney will have to discipline his wife...I mean who does she think she is contradicting her husband by telling people to go to church every Sunday. I heard Peter Jensen tell a group of women back in 1991 that they didn't need to go to church every Sunday...actually I think he wanted them not to turn up at all.
Calam...that was when he was doing the rounds of the churches and trying to purge the churches of supporters of women's ordination. Christine didn't contradict her man back then ...not when she and Lesley Ramsey headed up "Equal but Different". She did the rounds of the church with her man...I wonder if she'd encourage gays and lesbians to turn up every Sunday! As writers of The Australian Church Record will tell you...Peter Jensen has a real knack for...changing the shape of the diocese as Principal of  Moore College and as Archbishop!

Shock...Horror...Anglican Church League claims a breach of trust by the Bishop of Gippsland because he can no longer condone homophobia in the Anglican church

The Anglican Church League declares ...“The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Sydney has expressed ‘dismay’ at what it calls ‘a breach of fellowship and trust’ with the Bishop of Gippsland who has appointed a partnered gay man to a ministry position in his diocese... Now, Bishop John McIntyre has announced his intention to continue such appointments, saying to his Synod “I will appoint to office in our diocese those whom I believe God is calling to minister among us…….. I am willing to live with any consequences that may arise from remaining true to that commitment.” The Standing Committee resolution ‘notes its dismay’ at the Bishop’s comments from which, it says, “it is reasonable to infer his intention to appoint, amongst others, practising homosexuals to ministry roles in his Diocese and support same-sex marriages.”
Bishop John McIntyre, the Bishop of Gippsland, recently launched Keith Mascord's book in Sydney, as has called for the Church to think again on sexuality .

Friday, May 25, 2012

If the writers of The Australian Church Record can't get Phillip Jensen elected as the new Archbishop and the Principal of Moore College...then they might consider politicking for ...

The authors of the Sydney Anglican Church Record indicate in their article Two Holes in our Theological leadership that the true significance of the position of Archbishop... is the power of appointments. As the one who licenses the clergy, he has the power to influence the kind of ministry exercised in the local churches, and so to either maintain, or fundamentally change, their character and so, in time (and not a very long one), the character of the diocese. One of the most significant factors, of course, is where the Archbishop chooses to get his clergy from. The College shapes and trains the next generation of ministers for the churches. It is therefore quite obvious that the College plays a significant role in creating, maintaining, — or fundamentally changing– the character of the local congregations, and so, in time (and not a very long one), the character of the diocese.

I have all the qualities needed to maintain Jensenism.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ian Charmichael, Business Growth Director of Matthias Media explains how he took $140 into Sydney's Crown Casino...and how not a dollar was gambled...because all he wanted was to turn the $140 into $140,000 at the Matthias Media /Equip bookstore.

Hmmm money...
Ian Carmichael, the Business Growth Director of Matthias Media, writes a self righteous piece at 'The Briefing' ...about how he trotted off to the Sydney Casino with $140 of Matthias Media’s money in his pocket. Ian describes the nervous feeling he had in his stomach when he had left the compounds his bigoted environment, and wondered if the feelings were similar to the feelings experienced by non-Christians, gays, feminists and liberal Anglicans when they crossed the borders into the narrow-minded churches in the Sydney diocese. You see, Ian wasn't there to gamble a pawltry amount of money belonging to Matthias Media ...because history has shown that Sydney Anglicans only gamble large amounts of diocesan funds. No Ian was there to swap his $140 for $1 coins. Ian being a self righteous Sydney Anglican knows that $140 worth of gold coins can make much more at a Matthias Media function and book store, than wasting the coins on poker machines...what with 4,000 women all needing to be reminded by Matthias Media, that God made them subservient to the likes of Ian.

Ian knows when he's onto a good thing... using Matthias Media's  marketing seduction venue....with light streaming in through enormous glass walls that revealed wide views of the water and blue sky... a room used to tell women they should not aspire for equality... whilst outside the sacrosanct world of Matthias Media, Ian viewed the sinners... all stuck in a dark and dingy room with the bells and beeps and fake mechanical sounds... and as Ian walked out of the casino (with as much money in his pocket as he walked in with!) he thought of the Romans 1:24, 26, 28 and how the people in that casino were mired in the depressing consequences of their own sin...whilst ignoring the consequences of  his own sin!
Say Joel ...$4000 women who pay to attend and then spend conservatively speaking $50 each...well that's $200,000

A conservative figure Liza...and direct from the publishers middle man like a poker machine gobbling up profits!

Phillip Jensen says to women...take the bags off your head because money matters

Well Phillip couldn't be more transparent...but will Sydney Anglican Christian feminists who believe feminism is about male headship get the metaphor ...being propagators of literal male decoding of the Bible?

Phillip Jensen gears up for the Queen's Birthday Convention and it's all about the social gospel!

2009 gave you Spiritual Warfare...2010 we met Eternity...2011 was Aslan ...and 2012 is all about the Sydney Anglican Social Gospel...

Ex-Crossroads evangelical pastor Con Campbell, and Adrian Russell from St Paul's Church Group, which offers Beyond Egypt to broken homosexuals and lesbians, will help Phillip Jensen promote the Sydney Anglican homophobic sexist social gospel.

Our oppression used to be part of the social gospel but now it's all about the submission of women and the oppression of gays.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Sydney Anglican Church League is looking for ...not one...but two homophobic male complementarians to fill key positions of Archbishop and Principal of Moore College

I've got an idea...Why not clone Phillip Jensen a few more times so he can run the whole diocese single handed.

Dean of St Andrew's Cathedral and bigot magnet for the rest of the world
Head of Sydney Anglican Christian Feminism aka as MAOW...Male Authority Over Women
Head of Diocesan Resource Development, Production and Distribution
Founder and Head of Determining Future Human Resource Suitability and Cloning Procedures

Key Liberal Anglican Ball Breaker and Decision Maker
Author of the Sydney Anglican Gospel according to Phillip Jensen
I don't know Roseanne...I still think Sydney Anglican women are pretty stupid calling male authority over them ...Christian feminism...I mean 4,000 women attending a Matthias Media Equip Ministry Conference at Darling Harbour where resources to support the conference are sold by Matthias Media...
Phillip Jensen's company!  There seems to be a lot of money to be made in keeping women under male authority .

Darlene stop being so sexist...all those Sydney Anglican preachers are male ...and they're all promoting Phillip Jensen's Matthias Media's "Two Ways to Live". Maybe Matthias Media is owned by the Sydney Anglican Diocese and not the Jensens...and them fellas who are coming out from England may not really be worried about the future of 'The Good Book Company'...what with the ordination of women bishops in England and all.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sydney Anglicans ask...Women are you ready to remain silent and cover your head when you take the gospel to the world ?

Phillip Jensen's Ministry Training Strategy is seeking recruits to promote the Jensen gospel of Complementarianism aka sexism, sexual inequality, female submission, subservience and silence, male headship, male authority over women, female guilt at being childless, female guilt in being a career mother, workplace inequality, restricted career opportunities in the  church and reduced earning capacity.

Don't say things like that about Phillip's MTS...The world would be so much better if women thought like Emma...

"Should I decline to co-lead a Bible study if there are men in the group? Should I cover my head (and if so, would an old towel do)? Should I keep silent during the public question time in church at the end of the Bible talk? To whom am I to submit, since I don’t have a husband—to all men? In everything?If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked all these questions (and many more!) as you’ve read parts of the Bible like 1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 11 and 14, and Ephesians 5.

But let me ask you: have you ever genuinely allowed room in your heart and your mind for the possibility that the answer to any of these questions is yes?

When I was a fiery young feminist (feminist by default, since feminism was the air I grew up breathing), I remember a friend saying to me, “If you’re not prepared to at least allow the possibility that God wants you to do these things, then your mind is closed and you’re not prepared to obey him in this area”. At the time, I may not have reacted particularly well to this challenge (although of course I can’t recall now), but my friend was absolutely right. If we genuinely want to know God’s will in these matters then we must allow ourselves to form conclusions we may not expect or want to form, if indeed that is where our investigation of God’s word eventually leads us."

Oh Emma... I just adore the way Phillip Jensen knows so much more about women than women do themselves...if my husband Norm wasn't in a nursing home then I'd be a housewife and mother to my adult children instead of a career woman.

Bishop Sentamu speaks about justice and how from justice flows equality!

Bishop Sentamu doesn't quite 'cut it' with his equality, justice and same-sex marriage argument. Sentamu says...I will be the first to accept that homosexual people have suffered discrimination and sometimes worse through the decades and that the churches have, at times, been complicit in this. There is much penance to be done before we can look our homosexual brothers and sisters in the eye BUT..... redefining marriage to embrace same-sex relationships would mean diminishing the meaning of marriage for most people, with very little if anything gained for homosexual people.

Now John...could that idea be based on some form of prejudice? Are gays any lesser human than those who were/are denied equality because of colour? Aren't gay people born into a family just as every other person. Don't they deserve to be included and loved instead of alienated and made feel like 2nd class citizens? Isn't your discrimination setting an example for the wider community to view SSA people, and their loving relationships, as inferior to heterosexuals and heterosexual relationships?

John Sematu goes onto say...While I am a strong supporter of justice and equality of opportunity for all people ... Drawing parallels between the proposed same-sex marriage and inter-racial marriage ignores the fact that there is more than one paradigm of equality. It seems that to John Sematu...  racial equality rests on the doctrine that there is only one race – the human race – and any difference of treatment on ethnic grounds is therefore unjustifiable. But again there is another but, when it comes to equality... It appears that John Sematu believes in gender inequality, often known as Complementarianism, which enables Christians to justify discriminatory practices against women.
JohnSays...should there be equality between the sexes because a woman can do anything a man can do or because a good society needs the different perspectives of women and men equally?

John...I didn't realise there were heirarchy to equality.  I thought all people regardless of their race, gender and sexual orientation were equal. I wonder if these men were to be hanged for being black, as opposed to being hanged for sodomy, would the Anglican Church have protested as they did for the Iranian Christian pastor?

John Sematu is pressing for what he calls social pluralism opposed to equality ... a two-tier system where heterosexual marriage continues to be blessed and same-sex marriage continues to be relegated to a civil union.  John Sematu says it's about justice and not equality. He says... Equality follows justice. If it was a question of justice, what injustice would result from not turning civil partners into married couples? I suggest: no injustice.
And I suggest that last statement is a load of rubbish because... "If it were a question of justice, what injustice would result from not turning civil partners into married couples?"  John...the answer is the injustice of inequality!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Haydn Sennitt says Liberty Christian Ministries Inc doesn't target all gay people...just gay people who believe they are evil and can't be Christians because Sydney Anglicans like Haydn Sennitt, say so.

Haydn Sennitt explains that Liberty Christian Ministries Inc exists not to target gay people and ‘make them straight’, but to help people who are same-sex attracted but do not want to live as a gay person. Haydn says ...They have a right to do so, and make well-informed choices... Well informed choices like... if they do want to come out of homosexuality and live a life of integrity and Christ-likness we can help such people to exercise those choices. Haydn likens homosexuality to a woman with an unplanned/unwanted pregnancy, who he says... may be goaded into believing that abortion is her only choice but, not wanting to murder a baby, may very well decide that she wants to explore other choices, such as adoption or even raising the child herself. Haydn publishes two articles explaining how there are not enough children being born for adoptive purposes and that's why gay adoption is not an option! Haydn also says...Liberty is here to help people be holy (1 Peter 1:16), not heterosexual per se.  Everyone knows of Sydney Anglicans US evangelical roots, so it's not unusual for a Sydney Anglican like Haydn to recommend a Texas based American group like ‘Homosexuals Anonymous’ to help those who no longer wish live as gay men and be excluded from their church and the kingdom of heaven. Their 14 step program will have you believing that Jesus not only saves your soul but will change your sexual brokenness to sexual wholeness.
And if the 14 step "Jesus" program doesn't make you sexually whole... then Craig from the Bible Forum in Sydney will explain how the higher incidence of mental health issues and suicide are not as research suggests and related to the prejudice gay people suffer, leaving them vulnerable and isolated from church and family... but actually inherently related to being homosexual. Craig explains..."some gay health issues, for example STD infections and rectal tears, are caused directly by the perverted use of body parts and sex toys."

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ex- Moore College lecturer Keith Mascord... writes about his journey out of fundamentalism

Keith Mascord has written a book called A Restless Faith: Leaving fundamentalism in a quest for God, and the book offers a gentle and appreciative critique of the fundamentalism and evangelicalism of his own Christian heritage. It tells the story of Keith’s happy nurturing in North American fundamentalism, and of his relentless and cumulative questioning of its assumptions and beliefs. Keith taught for 15 years at Moore Theological College, and while there completed Masters and Doctoral degrees. These studies precipitated a re-think of his faith, as well as the discovery of new (and old) ways of reading and appropriating the Christian Scriptures. In 2007, Keith wrote an Open Letter calling for reform in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. The letter generated 137,000 words of response, overwhelmingly supportive of the letter’s call for a more loving, humble and open diocese. The book offers a challenge to the ‘hard evangelicalism’ that has come to ascendency in Sydney, while plotting a gentler and less defensive approach to issues currently engaging the church, including the role of women, homosexuality, atheism, hell, and inter-religious dialogue. Rev’d Stuart Robinson, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn described Mascord’s book as ‘a personal cry for a more gracious Church. The book will be launched by Rt Rev’d John McIntyre, Anglican Bishop of Gippsland... at 4pm Sunday, May 27, gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

Haydn Sennitt gives hope to gays in his 'Liberty in May' people are not the enemy: the real enemy here is Satan

Haydn gives hope to homosexuals in his Liberty Christian Ministries Inc May message...homosexuals are not the only ones fallen...heterosexuality is also fallen because the whole world is fallen due to sin, says Haydn. Some other worthy quotes of encouragement include...if a (heterosexual) next-door neighbour shoots heroine- a very serious crime- that does not mean it is okay for me to commit (homosexual) fraud because someone else is doing something illegal?...  The Devil wants people to believe that they can make their own reality and that what people do with their bodies is of no account.
Haydn also adds his biblical take on gay marriage because God forgot to write that bit...Gay marriage and gay families are not healthy on the basis of Scripture but more than that it hurts those doing it, children who live under it, and it affects greater society. In the Old Testament book of Judges, where the Israelites worshipped foreign gods and phallic-looking poles, the sexual immorality accompanying it lead to social breakdown, civil war, and anarchy because the founding blocks of society were undermined.

..Listen 99...It's KAOS...Haydn says the world has fallen and the only way to set it back on its axis is to sexually purify everyone. No 99...  I don't know if he's got mental health issues...all I know is that Sydney Anglicans all talk like this to maintain CONTROL. Everyone is shrouded in Satan or Gollum (if you're SSA) until  conversion to Sydney Anglicanism occurs.

Sydney Anglican boxing priest raised twice as much money as anticipated...but has the box-a-thon caused him to lose his marbles?

Sydney Anglican, Fr Dave Smith recently boxed 120 rounds and broke the Guiness Book of Records record for continuous rounds of boxing. His aim was to earn $10,000 for his Dulwich Hill Youth Centre. As it happens, Fr Dave raised twice the amount, but there are now grave concerns for him since the marathon, as he was recently heard preaching that 'God Has No Favourites'. This is alarming because it is well documented that Sydney Anglicans  are God's Chosen Ones and hold the supreme version of Biblical authenticity. We all hope that Fr Dave regains his marbles soon and remembers his priviledged rights as a Sydney Anglican.
I hear Haydn Sennitt and David Peterson oversee addiction programs...well boys you might have to watch those Sydney Anglicans with the new gambling app.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Liberty Christian Ministries Inc has its own video channel where Haydn Sennitt explains how the Bible omits having an opinion on gay Hayden can tell you what it should say!

So where is David know the chairman and founder of LCMI? Oh I think I see him now...
Action...Now Haydn you tell everyone how you gave up the gay lifestyle 5 years ago and how God took you to Singapore to find a wife and how you now have 2 children...but don't talk about how the Sydney Anglican church that you attended threatened to kick you out if you had a same-sex partner! Yes Haydn...tell everyone that Sydney Anglicans don't discriminate against GLBTI people because the Sydney Anglican LCMI is there to fix them up. 
Yes have the right to turn your back on your sexual identity just as anyone else has ...but the thing that is so dishonest is that the only choice Sydney Anglicans give gays and lesbians is ...lose your sexual identity and give up on love, or lose your faith. You were given the ultimatum so why not pressure others? They say that often victims become bullies. Why not accept all people into the kingdom of God and then let them decide if they need to alter who they are... after God has accepted them...a decision free from emotional blackmail and guilt!

Friday, May 11, 2012

God critiques the life of the working mother through Phillip Jensen

Phillip Jensen, Sydney Anglican's leading expert on women, says if you want to divide a church, cause a rift in a family, ruin a dinner party, and bring hatred upon yourself – raise the issue of working mothers. Well Phillip, being a Jensen, thrives on dividing a church and causing rifts. Phillip says... there is a form of paid employment that is hostile to family life not just for mothers but equally for fathers...and it is called Careerism. Of course, the worst form of careerism for a Sydney Anglican is having a women, seeking to be ordained to the priesthood...this threatens the Sydney Anglican male's specialised skills of having authority over women; the exclusiveness of jobs for the boys ; and the male dominated  portfolio of investment, planning and management of diocesan funds. To maintain male domination and female subservience, the diocese has committed itself to the teaching of complementarianism...and to absolutely crush any aspirations in young Sydney Anglican women. Phillip Jensen imparts guilt to women by preaching that women who gain personal fulfillment and satisfaction through professional advancement are heretics who perform idolatory practices. It seems that females with a careers, unlike males like Phillip with careers, are unable to have both God and a career in their life. Phillip adds a bit more additional guilt to career mothers by implying that they are neglectful parents. He says... To go to work to find ourselves is a declaration of just how lost we are!...Children always know careerist parents undervalue them. How precisely they know, I don’t know; but that they know, I have no doubt.

  Phillip husband recently left me, and my friend's husband had a car accident and died ...but we would never dream of pursuing a career because God would never forgive us for getting off welfare benefits and taking charge of our lives. Whenever I'm tempted to gain any level of self fulfilment or improve my family's economic outcomes...I always listen to Sydney Anglicans

Yes Sadie ...I thought that when my mother became a Christian, then God might liberate her ...but Sydney Anglicans have kept her trapped in the poverty cycle by telling her that seeking some personal fulfilment through a career is not Godly. My mother was sent to Australia as an 18 year old to marry my father. My father has left her for a younger woman. He never sees us anymore and mum has no family here except for her children. She is totally isolated an depressed and has no money to go back to her country to see her relatives.

.As I said before...disgusting misogyny that keeps disadvantaged women completely disadvantaged and all because some Sydney Anglicans fear that educated women may become ambitious and seek equality within their precious church.

Will Canon Sugden choose the floral or paisley Dog collar?

I think the leopard one will match my pussy!

Anglican Mainstream reports that while the debate about the ordination of women bishops is raging, a very different change is looming. The traditional dog collar is changing with new ranges of clerical dress incorporating floral designs, paisley patterns and even touches of leopard print.
Some of the latest designs were put on display in a catwalk show at Sandown Park racecourse in Surrey this week at a massive trade fair for all things clerical.
The Revd Michael Gooch, the UK representative of African Praise Vestments, which has transformed the traditional clerical shirt, said that the influence of women priests had even helped male clergy to “branch out” and inject a hint of colour.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nicky Locke proves that God is a female impersonator

Sydney Anglican, Nicky Locke, says she looks to God for motherhood modelling in a male dominated Bible. This is because Nicky's mother didn't like cooking and didn't show God's capabilities when doing the laundry. Unlike God, Nicky's mother was an academic who spoke German. Nicky admits that any references to the women driving kids around in scripture, is hard to find, and the first century rabbis like Sydney Anglicans,  would rather the words of God be burned than entrusted to a woman. Whoever teaches his daughter the Torah is like one who teaches her lasciviousness, quotes Nicky. 
Nicky has dared to commit heresy and turned the compassionless one gender chauvinist Sydney Anglican God into Mrs Doubtfire! Nicky claims that God uses the characteristic stereotypical gender roles of Sydney Anglicans to help people understand God’s nature...Single, childless or academic women who speak German are created in someone else's image ...but not God's! 

Calam you're full of crap...God's not one of those fellas who gets dressed up  as a woman!
Now you listen here Bill ...I write what I read and  them Sydney Anglicans are educated folk Bill. They spend years learning this stuff! Now if Nicky says God is a 'He' even when she's talking about his feminie side...then he's got to be a man...and he Must change his appearance to give domestic women and mothers some inspiration in fulfilling their roles in a non-complaining and diligent way. Now Bill I know this cross-dressing stuff is at odds with Sydney Anglican Biblical Manhood and Womanhood ...but I think it's OK as long as God doesn't develop a fetish for women's clothing!

I wonder if God designed GLBTI people to help break stereotypes?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gillard Government's $25.9 million to help problem gamblers is nothing more than a drop in the ocean when trying to help Sydney Anglicans with their $160 million gambling loss!

The Sydney Anglican website featured an article about the Gillard government making available  $25.9 million over 4 years to help problem gamblers ...but will that be enough to save Sydney Anglicans?

Perhaps the Gillard Government could develop a problem gambling phone app to help Sydney Anglicans?  

Grant Millard the CEO of Anglicare, the welfare arm of Sydney Anglicans, has criticised  the Gillard government's budget because, like Sydney Anglicans, it  punishes the marginalised.

Well least we're in a country that no longer inflicts jail or the death penalty on its second class citizens!

Yeah Jake ...and what about the Grant Millard quote... "The most powerful thing the Church can do is encourage Christians and wider society to look beyond their own interests, as it points to a Saviour who came to seek and save the lost"... And Anglicare, the social welfare arm of Sydney Anglicans, would never employ GLBTI people or unmarried mothers! They'd rather the government provide for them with welfare benefits!