Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maybe gay people are people too!

Matt Kennedy states that the problem with the Christian gay-rights lobby is that it insists that homosexuality is something to celebrate.

How shocking to celebrate the truth about oneself! It's disgusting that there should be advocacy for people to be themselves! Why should GLBT people want to know love and companionship? No... Matt believes that GLBT people should pretend to be something they are not! They can marry a member of the opposite sex and ruin the lives of others as well as their own! Of course they could commit themselves to celibacy, and spend lots of money struggling against same-sex attraction. The struggle can be viewed as a Godly battle. When it all gets too much, then it can be written off as lack of faith. Hopefully "lack of faith" doesn't turn to guilt, resulting in self harm.

Matt goes onto say Shouldn't all forms of loving relationships be celebrated? Homosexuality is ambiguous...It does not refer to stable committed same-sex partnerships. Will Matt drop the pedantics? Will he acknowledge same-sex partnerships as loving and Godly? Can he let those who choose marry, enjoy the same level of stability offered heterosexuals, and the same opportunity to access the divorce courts?

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  1. Even the Catholics have a conscience when it comes to gay cure!
    Sydney Anglicans just promote gay cure through Exodus.