Sunday, December 30, 2012

Indian women have more insight than Sydney Anglican Complementarians!

Indian protesters mourning the death of a young girl at the hands of rapists.

Are Moore college students bonkers...because some of their lecturers sure are!

More these people live in the real world?

I'm the Principal of Moore College and plea is that we do not tire of testing everything against the teaching of Scripture... and that's why I know about the differentiation between the sexes... the Bible repeatedly treats the subject of how men and women should behave, in a variety of situations and not least in the sphere of Christian service... and that's why I remain unconvinced that a woman leading or preaching in a mixed-sex congregation is consistent with the teaching of Scripture.
Now let's be consistent with Scripture ...not only are you to submit to me and refrain from speaking about the Bible when men are present... but you are to...  grow your hair longer, wear a scarf on your head, call me  master, get up before dawn and camp out in the front yard when you are menstruating!

                                   Don't be silly  all that writing about the spiritual underworld and combating demonic forces hasn't made me paranoid... I always write about conspiracy theories and other stuff no one understands...

The conspiracy theory continues to have abiding traction for those who wish to woo the masses—or at least a small circle of the masses.
For the rhetoric to work, a number of elements need to be in place. There needs to be a closed circle of people, so that an ‘insider-outsider’ feel is generated, as they lean forward and whisper in each others’ ears. Maintaining a constant adversarial ‘us-them’ will be important, and, to do so, don’t forget how effective witty remarks, newly invented slogans, and little jokes (or even outright snipes) together, at the expense of ‘the others’ can be.
Amongst those ‘others’, you need a focus, a target. This victim will be sacrificed for ‘us’, by being made the perpetrator of the conspiracy (which will be wicked, by definition).

You also need some prophets. Drawing upon their amazing powers not shared by mere mortals, these great ones are able to discern ‘what is really going on’. They call
out the conspiracy. But (surely it goes without saying?), only to their own little huddle in their corner of the playground. For the prophets to maintain the aura of supernatural ability, of course, they have to be able to read simply everything in the light of their conspiracy theory

If the target gets wind of the conspiracy theory and denies the charge, or refutes it with all kinds of evidence, the prophets must maintain their course, undaunted. The denials and refutations must be now incorporated into the conspiracy theory. That’ll bring about an ever increasing adulation of the fans and sycophants: how can the prophet see what nobody else can see, not even the people who are the target of the attack?.
How indeed.
(Australian Church Record. Dec, 2012)

And I thought doing drugs did your head in! This guy seems like the perfect choice for the future leader of those mad Sydney Anglicans...maybe not quite the ratbag that Phillip Jensen is...but close!


The Sydney Anglican Archbishop who is well known for his divisiveness...says it's all about reconciliation

The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney has described Christmas as a time for reconciliation.
Dr Jensen has delivered his last Christmas message as Archbishop. before he retires in mid-2013.
Jensen who is well known for promoting discrimination within the Sydney diocese and throughout the worldwide C of E says...Reconciliation has to flow out of love. The Bible says we should love our neighbours and that means seeking to live at peace with them and to fix up quarrels. Love unites us. Hatred separates us... Because of what God has done, Christmas is a great time to fix up the feuds and quarrels and hatreds which divide us. Are you going to follow God’s way this Christmas? Then be reconciled to him and be reconciled to your neighbours.

Yes but let's be clear about Peter Jensen's form of reconciliation. It's not based on unconditional love like that of Jesus... but on the principle of reconciliation being dependent on justice being done.
Gotta love Peter Jensen's take on Christianity...Bible in one hand and lawyer in the other! 

Justice and reconciliation comes in many forms my lady... there's reconciliation :
1. In  banishing you from the diocese because you believe in equality and the right to have a voice in your church
2.  Silencing dialogue and debate about female equality and women's ordination
3. Calling you a heretic or emotionally disturbed... because you think you have the right to read the bible for yourself ...rather than be dictated to by pharisees who clain they are the only ones who understand God's word. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sydney Anglican author of "Living with the Underworld" now writes a new demonic piece called "Silencing Satan...Handbook of Biblical Demonology" !

Peter Bolt knows that conquering demons sells better than conquering women and gays
Sam Freney not only promotes Moore College lecturer, Peter Bolt's new handbook on silencing Satan...but he also describes the type of male that is drawn to Sydney Anglicanism and it's demonic belief system... an arrogant young man in late high school, thoroughly self-assured, and convinced of the rightness.
Sam speaks about his conversion to the believing in demons... So reading the Bible was a very strange experience at times, because things like conflict with demons kept popping up—and in places where I felt I couldn’t just write it off as a symbolic expression...and as a result he now realises that...The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

And I'm the reason why Sydney Anglicanism finds it has a place within the Africa culture. I mean ...without proof of the existence of my demonic forces...then where does that leave the Sydney Anglican saviour . It's a co-dependence... African Anglicanism needs role models like Sydney Anglicans to help them rid their culture of demons...and Sydney Anglicans need superstitious cultures to make them feel relevant...and make money ! So let's all join Gafcon and give me the relevance that I deserve!

Well listen dude...just so long as those Sydney Anglicans don't start rationalising their spirituality down to the Biblical "Nth" degree...because they might exorcise me from their religion!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Understanding the Sydney Mark Thompson...


Ex-Anglican Church League President, Mark Thompson, has published 7 articles explaining the philosophy and theology behind Sydney Anglican bigotry.

Say Bill...I'm inclined to think like Dorothy over at the up reading right wing bigotry in the name of God is like giving up self harm!
Gee Calam...those students at Moore College are in for some riveting stuff...what with all that traditionalism laid down with Adam and Eve! Michael Jensen's book about justifying Sydney Anglican elitism, sexism and homophobia will probably be mandatory reading.