Tuesday, July 22, 2014

David Ould describes himself as an ultra - conservative...

who believes that the election of a high proportion of conservatives, like him,  to the Australian General Synod, is excellent, and is genuinely representative of the national church.

As David points out...I no longer stand up for minorities.
 David  enjoys the fact that liberal Anglicans, like Muriel Porter, who fought hard for the rights of women in the Anglican Church, are concerned that Anglican women, may end up like women in Afghanistan,  losing the gains they have made towards equal rights and opportunities. Rights eroded by trained ultra conservatives who follow a pure fundamentalist ideology of gender apartheid, used to oppress and discriminate, against those who do not meet the ideological gender stereotype.

That's right David.. don't be physically violent to women ...not like the Taliban...use spite instead ...that's the best Christian tool...There is nothing worse than offensive evil feminism... as Phillip Jensen says...Feminism’s freedom resulted in girls’ genocide!....
Oh and what about  Gav Poole ... over at the Anglican Church League website...The man deserves an award for publishing such great stories filled with indignation and dummy spitting... no turn the other cheek with these guys...Phillip Jensen may have crowned me King...but  I think he is confused about the type of crown I wear... I think he thinks that my bloodied crown of thorns gave permission to persecute!

Say  Jesus do you reckon David and Gav should be crowned the Queens of Spite and Indignation?

No Darlene...they're Anglicans...give them an OAM for sexism and bigotry


  1. Yes - David Ould's latest posting is very peculiar. He seems quite triumphalist about the dominance of Conservatives and simultaneously belittling of Muriel Porter's concerns about the implications. I suspect no one thought the Presbyterians would change their mind either. Indeed they don't even allow women elders any more.

    I think there are some worrying signs in the Anglican church. As I mentioned in an earlier posting, Dr Andrew Cameron formally of Moore Theological College has recently been appointed as Director of St Mark's National Theological College in Canberra. The Canberra/Goulburn Diocese who, in the early days championed Women's Ordination seems to be importing an awful lot of ex-Sydney people these days. When asked if he had changed his opinion on the ordination of women, Dr Cameron gave the following reassuring (not) answer: "It is really hard to sum up my 20 years of thinking on this. Rather than delve into all the intricacies of all of that theological debate I really just want to assure people that I will be working with women and not questioning any of the arrangements in the diocese at the moment."

    1. I take your point that 'at the moment' is not very reassuring, Anon; but I'm not sure if we should be too pessimistic about the likes of Cameron. Stuart Robinson, the Canberra bishop and Tim Harris a bishop in Adelaide now, were both Moorish Anglicans, but both now seem supportive of women's leadership (as far as I can tell). I wonder that once they get out of the clutches of Uncle Phillip, most come to their senses, or that they just have to shut up about their real feelings until they are out of his reach?

    2. Thanks Dani. Hope you are right. It's just that the tactic initially in the Presbyterian church after the Conservatives took control was to just make it really really difficult for women to get into Ministry, and try to squeeze them out without actually officially stopping them from being ordained. They did eventually rescind the motion, but by that stage there were hardly any female clergy left so it didn't have much impact.

      It seems to me to be a bit of a worry to have someone heading up a theological seminary who doesn't give a clear commitment to women's ordination.....sigh.... The Canberra-Goulburn diocese is clearly changing and a lot of people are a bit alarmed at the direction it is taking....let's just hope sanity prevails.

  2. Dobby's gay twin brother has closed his homosexual blog in the UK - presumably because the Church of England won't employ him. No doubt Dobby's internet presence resulted in him being punished by being sent to a parochial backwater with no future. There's a moral here. Dobby should shut his big conservative mouth.

  3. If you're after an emetic experience, check this out: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/living-with-the-enemy-on-sbs-puts-gay-couple-priest-under-same-roof/story-e6frfmyi-1227013112624