Monday, May 11, 2015

Sydney Anglican Matthias Media Books Are Banned In NSW State Schools...And Sydney Anglicans Wonder Why?

Sydney Anglicans ....who were instrumental in using homophobia to divide the C of E ... and who preach gender inequality aka complementarianism...are demanding to know WHY two of their scripture books on teenage sexuality have been banned in NSW government schools.

Well...combatting homophobia in schools is one good reason to ban them...

The NSW Anti-Homophobia Interagency (AHI) reports....the AHI is looking for feedback on our new website called ‘Our Colours’ aimed at school communities (students, teachers, parents and families) providing resources and information around LGBTIQ youth and challenging harassment e.g. homophobia/transphobia etc. We recognise that school communities want easy access to high quality and up to date information on these issues and ‘Our Colours’ has been designed to offer this.

 The AHI is currently focus testing this website and is looking for feedback from our target audiences to help make the site the best it can be. Based on this feedback we’ll then make changes to the site before it’s launched. We are asking parents/caregivers/family members, young people/school students, and teachers to tell us what they think about the site so far.

Could you please circulate to your networks and anyone you think might be interested in completing our survey? We’d especially love feedback from young people.

Here is the link to the survey:

Here is the link to the website:

....And addressing gender inequality is another good reason for banning Sydney Anglican materials ...

Women earn less than men as gender gap grows

Seriously...don't Sydney Anglicans know they are extremists .... they align themselves with countries whose human right issues are huge... And really ...isn't Michael Jensen's written material a little confusing for high's more suitable for completely brainwashed batty Sydney Anglican adults...I mean what is all this ...defence against the dark arts thing?

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