Monday, July 29, 2013

And are Sydney Anglicans keeping their climb on the staircase to homophobic heaven...silent?

Fair dinkum...who is really on track to meet their maker?
And does God really condone homophobia in Heaven?
Well why wouldn't Heaven be's sexist by Sydney Anglican standards!
Sydney Anglicans love publishing articles written by extremists... and there are none more extreme than those at Anglican Mainstream ...but for some reason... Sydney Anglicans forgot to post Anglican Mainstream's article on Desmond Tutu...the one where he stated that he'd wouldn't worship a homophobic God and would rather go to Hell than a homophobic Heaven. you reckon a homophobic Heaven is really Hell?
Buggered if I know Bill...but I reckon those who are undecided about church sexism and homophobia ...are destined for purgatory...I suppose it's the safest bet! Here's a worthwhile read ...Bill.

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