Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Sydney Anglican Archbishop, Glenn Davies, criticises "the selfie" as part of his Christmas message

I don't need to take selfies... I've got a whole media group to do that for me!

Say Ennis...What about Glenn's speal about... no policy can justify the ill treatment of human beings, which either minimises or dehumanises their status as bearers of the image of God
Yeah Jake...Does that mean Sydney Anglicans are going to publicly denounce the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda...by some of their GAFCON mates?

Say Bill...have you seen what a Sydney Anglican selfie looks like?

Hey Calam...did you check out Michael Jensen's comments regarding an article on Evangelism...you know...when someone asked about the persecution of Ugandan gays...they're in the comments section...sure explains why "the selfie" is about as deep an issue ...as a Sydney Anglican can tackle! By the way...thanks Brian and Dorothy!!

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  1. Definition of a truly ugly picture:
    A Sydney Anglican selfie.