Thursday, November 21, 2013

It looks like David Ould's role within the Sydney Anglican Diocese is to "dig up dirt" on liberal Anglicans

....and maybe that is why he would have liked to have had dinner with Adolf Hitler.

Yeah he said wanted to know about evil! Well...Hitler thought Jews were different type of people too...just like Sydney Anglicans view so many Anglicans as heretics!
You know I reckon if that new bishop wasn't a woman ...or heading a diocese...God forbid...then David and his mates wouldn't have been having this conversation
Gav Poole : Thanks for digging up the truth
David Ould : thanks Gav. There are others who did some work too but I think it better not to name them. They know who they are and I’m grateful to them for it.

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  1. Dobby and Herr Hitler would have so much in common to talk about over a plate of sauerkraut. Hilter's treatment of homosexuals would help Ould himself to understand the source of his own evil hatred. Dobby loves nothing better than "digging up dirt" on other people like the Gestapo. He sees a speck of dust in the eyes of others, being blinded by the arrogant plank in his own. Just like Hitler!