Monday, January 6, 2014

Q. Why would David Ould ...ordained and the head of a parish ...privately email a woman on numerous occasions after he chose to censor her on his blog ...after he declared that she called him a liar and a tyrant?

A. Because she posted the real censored comment on this blog!

The comment can  be read here
Thanks for this and your blog.

You are right . I was foolish to think we could engage in a rational discussion.

David Ould is clearly also an avid reader of this blog. Unfortunately I don't think he gets satire, he emailed me at 7.28PM on 4 January criticising me for choosing to:

"make friends on a site that promotes no serious engagement but, rather, encourages the most vile language about and treatment of those who they disagree with. Even a brief review of that site should embarrass you. Or perhaps it doesn't - which speaks volumes"
Geez Bill...."promotes no serious engagement" is a bit harsh ... I thought I did a pretty fair job at "keeping the bastards honest"...especially when I believe...those who hold themselves in high esteem... use their intellectual theological arrogance as a form of  spiritual abuse ?

This was the first of 4 censorious emails which I encouraged him to continue (hinting they might make good material for further postings etc.). Unfortunately they now seem to have stopped!

Of course if David Ould's motives were as honourable as he claimed none of this would have been necessary. Rather than conducting a personal vendetta on the internet, the appropriate way to proceed would have been a less public and formal letter to the diocese concerned outlining his concerns in a rational and logical way and asking them, as the appropriate decision makers to look into the matter. I can't see any mention of such correspondence on his blog.

Most employers would have reigned him by now but he seem it keep trying to escalate his campaign as you have noted here.

I've heard of people being sacked for circumventing due process like this in other organisations! Certainly trying to intimidate those who question his approach seems over the top!

Ah ha ha ha...go on Fiona...don't you know that Sydney Anglicans promote people who are rude and offensive
...oh and as for employers reigning David Ould in....didn't you see his interaction with Michael Jensen ...who felt leaving the link to Bishop Macneil's sermons on David's blog was a bit tacky. David responded by saying...

If somebody today asks “what’s the fuss all about” then it appears that is now the only place they can still get all the material to answer that question since either Dr Macneil or her church have taken what looks like deliberate steps to prevent her theology being in any way explored by those with a valid interest.

So Angelina...what's all the fuss about Fiona's comments being posted on this they can be explored by those with a valid interest?

Nothing ....if you believe in freedom of speech...but it is concerning that David Ould  needed to seek her out via email...He was the one who chose to say she called him a liar and a bully... And fancy David knowing that Calam is a vile simpleton  ...who has nothing of substance to offer... or any position of influence... to contribute to the spiritual and emotional abuse of other Christians like this...

I only hope that the buildings that Gerald designs have an infinitely more robust foundation and structure than his theological “argument”.

The Lions Club ... appears to be something you’d be far more comfortable with than trying to press your own position into Anglican, let alone Christian and Biblical strait-jackets.

But I am quite open about having clear contempt for his position which is heretical and in straight opposition to the Gospel. I don’t think it’s wrong to express contempt for such a position, for Gerald and others like him put forward a theology that sends people straight to Hell and so if we do not respond with some form of anger I fear we don’t really understand the gravity of what is being discussed.

I may be a dunce but I know exactly what can happen when a fundamentalist lets the  Christian Biblical straight jacket slip....It's called scapegoating! And this blog is meant to be embarrassing...because in my mind fundamentalism does not save!


  1. Campbelltown CharlesJanuary 6, 2014 at 3:38 AM

    Pity the good folks of Macquarie Fields who have this nasty piece of work living among them. He has nothing to offer this area except a narrow view of his strange religion. His reputation is already terrible in the short time he's been here

  2. Living with the EnemyJanuary 6, 2014 at 3:51 AM

    Dobby seems the kind of bloke who should appear in a TV program about bigots. It could expose him to much wider ridicule.

  3. A Wentworth PrisonerJanuary 6, 2014 at 7:24 AM

    Ould obviously believes that by making enemies of 'liberal' bishops he'll be befriended by conservative ones. It doesn't work like that. When even a Jensen calls Dobby "ungracious", it proves Ould is becoming a friendless, silly little man which no bishop will touch with a bargepole!