Monday, January 6, 2014

Q. Why has David Ould posted in his "join in the discussion" section of his blog...references to Theodora's postings...when he censored her and took away her right of reply?

I don't know Calam but I hope it's not to :
1. use a position of spiritual authority to dominate or manipulate another person or group
2. encourage the exclusion or intimidation of an individual 
Of course it can't be using communications like emails to harass because there is no mention of emailing in the discussion section...well not that 1 can see anyway.
But if  that's how Complementarian men seek to treat women ....then leave me out of the whole Complementarian thing!
I ask you...what man personalises a debate ... rather than focusing on the ideas presented...and then posts that the person commenting has called him a liar and bully ....without substantiating this with her comment... and then censors her after claiming he's an advocate of free speech... and then puts her name up in the discussion section to encourage his like minded allies to attack her without her right of reply? God help the woman who has to complement someone like this! Bloody disgusting! Actually borders on vile!

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  1. Ould seems to have lots of bible verses to justify his view of the atonement, but seems remarkably short on them to justify his strategy of vilification by internet trial. If he has a bible verse to justify his behaviour I challenge him to show it to us here.

  2. You will never find Ould admitting to being wrong, Anon. Liars and tyrants never do.

  3. No, but if he believes his approach is truly righteous and in accord with biblical teaching, he should be able to explain it here, that is if he has nothing to hide.

  4. Ould will enter into discussion with those who agree with his extremist views. When he begins to lose the argument he resorts to censorship and personal abuse. Like peas in a pod, his homosexual brother does the same on his blog about gay sex. They don't justify their own opinions since they think they speak on behalf of God. That's why Ould is dangerous.

  5. Dobby is a bad elf!

  6. When someone is canonically elected as a bishop, they have to undergo the further hurdle of approval by David Ould. Success is difficult because Dobby is himself perfect. By being judgemental of others, Ould wishes to illustrate how Our Lord got it wrong. We must hate our enemies and pass judgement on them. Under Ould's system, Jesus would never have qualified as a bishop.

  7. I don't think he's read the bit about "Blessed are the meek" either. Have you seen some of his recent tweets? "God is a warrier against evil, anything else & he could not be God" - retreated 7 Jan. "Pharaoh prior to the plagues did not know the LORD Exod 5:2 - well he does now!" - Tweeted 6 Jan.