Sunday, September 28, 2014

John Sandeman confirms what we all know...Phillip Jensen has spent his life being politically incorrect!


John Sandeman, once wrote "Phillip Jensen - a Ratbag". Sandeman now states that Phillip Jensen is, and has always been, politically incorrect. Sandeman, has no problems with Phillip Jensen's political incorrectness... but condemns the SMH for mentioning Jensen's age (70 years) when it  reported on a Jensen article.   The article, which was published on the Sydney Anglican Network Portal, is called "The Truth Behind ISIL" ... and is a typical piece of Jensen reductionist thinking... where he blames Islam for ISIL.

I've been suffering from reductionism too ...I've blamed Christianity for the rise of Jensenism... and the persecution of GLBT people and feminists? Golly gosh... that John Sandeman is one smart fella pointing out Phillip Jensen's historical political incorrectness ...because who could forget...
. Gene Robinson  being called shameless for being gay
. Rowan Williams being called a prostitute  for refusing to discriminate against same-sex attracted Christians within his church  
. the inspiring speech promoting divisiveness within the worldwide Cof E ...and the allegiance to discriminatory, third world, religious homophobes, who encourage the encarceration and death of gays, and anyone prepared to help them.  I'm not sure who the wanker is...Sandeman ....or Jensen!

Everyone knows ageism has nothing to do with Phillip Jensen's thinking... his thinking has always been simplistic, divisive and dangerous... Who else would reduce the relationship between mankind and God stick figures and a crown? I reckon Phillip Jensen is the one who likes wearing that crown!

Well someone must have had second thoughts about "The Truth Behind ISIL" being published on the Sydney Anglican website ...because look what popped up in The Telegraph....Seriously...what a crock...Phillip Jensen wouldn't know how to display wisdom and diplomacy.... Dorothy at the Loonpond is an interesting read.
And I bet Jensenists would label this Sydney Anglican as emotionally unstable!!! Pfffff..I know who is emotionally unstable.

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