Sunday, September 28, 2014

David Ould has publicly stated that being on "Living with the Enemy" has made him realise the degree of hurt that some gay people suffer ...and that church goers have treated same - sex attracted people badly...

So will David apologise to the same sex - attracted people, and those, who chose to support them... because they already knew what David didn't know  ....when he hounded them....sued them... splashed articles about their unworthiness...across the net ...(as David says...David all over the net)... called for their sacking...when his writings directly caused great pain to so many people?

David Ould appeared on a radio program as a follow up to "Living with the Enemy" and here are some of the things gleaned from the interview:
1. David believes that he is an easy going fellow. Has David...or better still, the hosts of the radio program, ever read his blogs?
2. David thinks that their are many reasons for SSA... just like there are lots of reasons for alcoholism...not sure about his comments about cognitive behaviour therapy in the treatment of SSA... or whether that was limited to the treatment of alcoholism.
3. David's research into SSA is centred around Jesus' reference to Adam and Eve...and his brother's theories, on how he cured his SSA, by not giving his sexuality a label. When his brother, Peter Ould, was asked if he was still attracted to men...he answered evasively, by stating that he is attracted to lots of different people. He did not want to label himself. I wonder if David, as a heterosexual, applies the same principles and de-lables himself then he can say that he too is attracted to a lot of people.  Peter and David are lucky that Peter is bisexual and able to have a loving sexually fulfilling relationship with a woman ...because then they don't have to face the difficulties of being branded as sinners, for being a homosexual, or an advocate of mistreated homosexuals, who are persecuted, by puritanic fundamentalists.
4. David explained sexual fluidity (bisexuality) as being on the spectrum, like a bipolar thing.
5. David also explained that he was trying to be Jesus like.... explaining Jesus hung out with drunkards and sinners...Maybe David is trying to be Christlike in his breaking down of barriers between God's outcasts and the Chosen Few.  

6. David is concerned about Christians being labelled homophobic as a result of their refusal to accept SS marriage
7. David believes the definition of marriage is the union of a man and a women... and that the love an affirmation of a couple for each other, is not the basis for marriage.

Well female submission is not good enough for me to build a marriage on either!

Do you know something Calam...I reckon God made Peter Ould SSA on purpose ... so that both Peter and David can have their own crosses to bear ... it's just a shame that they keep handing the load to others... hopefully their journey will help them learn something about people and life...Gotta be better than promoting limits to fellowship like some Pharisees!


  1. I think he's lost all sense of reality. He convinced no one and is just expanding the audience he alienates. In the meantime he thinks he's a hero to his small band of coteries who will no doubt knife him in the back the first chance they get given they way Sydney Diocesan politics works.

  2. I await with eager anticipation the fall from grace of the arch-egotist Dobby Ould as he annoys more and more people who can see through his pathetic ambitions. Like his gay twin brother, he is destined for obscurity after the church disowns his extreme views and regards him as an emabarrassment.

  3. Its interesting that Ould is so keen to insert himself into the conversation in the gay media but doesn't seem to think that Michael and Greg's perspective should be given equal time in the right wing fundamentalist media that Ould contributes to on a frequent basis..not even on his own blog does he give them any space whatsoever. If he did, maybe some of his followers might begin to understand how hurtful and offensive his exclusionary and elitist approach really is...not to mention plain irrelevant and nonsensical to most sensible human beings who don't follow the convoluted and bizarre logic of the fundamentalist Christian mind.

  4. Dobby's gay brother has attacked Bishop Alan Wilson who asserts that 1 in 10 bishops in the Church of England are secretly gay. If Dobby's twin hates himself for being gay, it is unsurprising the Glenquarie minister shares the same loathing. The infamous Ould twins share one main attribute - they are a laughing stock in the northern and southern hemispheres.

  5. Dobby's answer to rape on his latest post this week...'say yes and say it unambiguously'...I think that says it all.

  6. While blogging about sex, rape and homosexuality, Dobby seems to have forgotten he has a parish which couldn't care less about his sexual obsessions. If he spent more time doing the job he's paid for, and less time being a self-publicist, he might learn some of the humility required in being an ordinary minister.