Wednesday, October 15, 2014

David Ould reports that Peter Lin from St Barnabus Church, Fairfield is the new bishop for Georges River Region...but what David doesn't tell you is that... Glenn Davies, the archbishop of Sydney, had to beg for money, to fund the position

 Hey that because the Jensens' leadership left the diocese broke?
I'd say so Ralph...I think Glenn Davies has also had to call on another group of business men, to fund raise...for money to build new churches....that's because the previous leadership had to levy parishes, to buy land.  

You know Ennis...I once read that Sydney Anglican Jensenism ...was one of Australia's leading stock exchange investors...closer to 300million than 100 million!
Yes Jack...some dill from the Australian Church Record once likened the role of archbishop of Sydney to that of  Kerry Stokes... I thought Kerry got an AC for service to business and commerce through strategic leadership and promotion of corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. If you were starving...the only thing Peter Jensen would give you would be a lecture on how believing in Jesus would fill your belly...just like his!

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