Sunday, March 15, 2015

Inclusive Islamists worship at C of E church in Southwalk with a female Imam leading the service...Conservative Anglicans just can't cope!

What does David Ould mean that people read it on his blog first know...when conservatives in the C of E.... spat the dummy over Christians and Muslims worshipping together... in a C of E church?  Who  knows...I read in on the Anglican Mainstream website on 10.3.15. .. As They reported at Anglican Mainstream...  the actions of poodles of the secular liberal establishment.

What's wrong with poodles?  Poodles are intelligent... David Ould sounds incredibly childish... and oh so provocative...when he says things like that...He must really enjoy promoting dissention and gossip!

No...we at Anglican Mainstream are not intelligent enough to be poodles...We'd rather be savage guard dogs who protect Jesus from any form of multifaith harmony... Look how successful we've been at helping create divisions in society that help to radicalise young disenfranchised British Muslims...
Oh and let's not forget that we help to keep women and the LBGTI community in their place!
I mean it's a lack of respect for conservative tunnel vision...and offensive to Christ...who just can't cope with Islam

But Jesus...aren't you offended to take a drink from me...I'm a Samaritian...AND a woman!                                                              Only those at Anglican Mainstream are offended!


  1. Because Dobby believes he's in charge of the world-wide Church, he thinks everyone reads his stupid, obscure blog. It's all part of his megalomania and bigotry. Apart from beheading people, there's little to distinguish between the views of David Ould and Islamic State

  2. Well - I think I'd rather be a poodle than a rottweiller like Dobby!