Saturday, September 5, 2015

David Ould is in a flap again...over the comments of yet another Anglican from Victoria.

David Ould is in a flap!  God forbid...the bishop of Wangaratta (not Sydney!!!)... Bishop John Parkes...  a former barrister... has told the Chronicle that he believes the country has “grown up” and that the federal government will be bound within a relatively short time to change the Marriage Act to enable people of the same gender to marry.

David Ould being a true religious fundamentalist...  believes that no one is allowed to have an opinion or speak publicly,  especially if the views expressed,  differ to his views.

It seems that David is the only Anglican who has the right to publish articles, write blogs, make radio and TV appearances, and endorse these with the acknowledgement of his status as a Sydney Anglican minister.

Of course...the endorsement of Sydney Anglicanism immediately reminds  the listener, viewer and reader that homophobic and misogynist comments will follow.

However Bishop John Parks is not a Sydney Anglican so why does David Ould expect Bishop Parks to be stupid and bigoted in his comments?

Now David ...hard line fundamentalists don't like double standards you know...I'm not sure that the Bishop of Wangaratta was doing anything other than showing some common sense and respect. Just like know when you were on TV ...and Living with the Enemy ... you know ...when you walked in the Mardi Gras show mutual respect for those two gay men ...who you took to your church ...and got them to sit through your sermon ...about the evils of homosexuality.

You know ...I'm an Anglican who lives in Sydney...and I get  traumatised  when I see David Ould  representing the face of Sydney Anglicanism. .. Muriel Potrter is right when she is quoted in the Wangaratta Chronical as saying... I hope that many more bishops speak out as Bishop Parkes has done because I know that there are a number of bishops and leading clergy in this country who wish to see faithful, loving, monogamous same-sex relationships honoured with marriage,” Dr Porter said yesterday. “If they keep silent nothing will happen.“Silence will just allow hard-line fundamentalists  to dominate the debate.“But if our leading clergy speak up like this, as Bishop Parkes has done, then I would see the church coming in a much more friendly way – and more quickly – to a resolution on this question.”


  1. What I don't understand is why literalist Christians get so hung up about homosexuality (about which the bible says very little) but sit in silence while our government rejects and punishes refugees when the bible urges us to welcome the stranger (lots and lots of time). If Ould claims to want to follow scripture why isn't he outside Parliament House now...

  2. Dobby could easily accommodate refugees in the caravan he used when he had two gay men to stay at his house for a TV show. Obviously, they wouldn't be allowed in the house in case - like gays - they were 'unclean'.

  3. Are you talking about the same person who wrote this?

    1. Exactly - that was written in 2013. How many interminable posts have he made since then on the gay issue as opposed to the refugee issue? He simply does not have the right priorities.

  4. It is funny when Dobby Ould tries to show his 'liberal' side by displaying faux compassion to refugees. As an Austrian refugee himself, Dobby spreads hatred to gay people and others throughout the world. Apart from the beheadings, his views are the same as so-called Islamic State. It would be a tragedy if Syrians fled ISIL and were met by Sydney Anglicans, replacing one group of religious nutcases for another.

  5. Well - so far in the last week we have 2 posts from Ould chastigating clergy who might actually befriend and love gay people and none about the crisis engulfing the middle east and Australia's response to it. Perhaps he will oblige by one of his tokenistic posts on the refugee issue in the near future before getting back to expending all his energy hating gays....

  6. It is time for Dobby to demand Prime Minister' Turnbull's resignation. He supports gay marriage.