Sunday, February 21, 2016

"Hey Calamity. I've missed you. Sadly your services here are still required!"

Dear Anonymous. It's flattering that you missed the posts on this blog... but I really believe that Sydney Anglicans are not worth the effort. They have used a literal interpretation of the Bible to push themselves into oblivion. Their only appeal belongs with right wing extremists, and  those from  countries, who  treat women as second class citizens, and gays, as criminals.

Anon, as you point out...even the teachers and girls being taught at Anglican Colleges find their doctrine on male headship offensive... How stupid to charge massive school fees to educate women to metaphorically walk behind, and never question their matter how wrong, incompetent or dumb he is!!!!!!

Students and teachers from some of Sydney's Anglican high schools say they are shocked and angered by remarks made by one of the church's most senior clerics.
Before delivering a speech to year 12 prefects during the Annual Service for Anglican School Leaders on Thursday, Archbishop of Sydney Glenn Davies faced a series of robust questions from male and female students about the place of women.
In explaining his view that the Bible says men and women have different roles in society and that God intended men to be the "heads" of women, many present believed he was saying women should not aspire to the same career heights as men.

In my opinion...the diocese is a waste of space. As far as I'm concerned the diocese has been built on faulty prejudicial doctrine, which has failed to stand up over time, so the diocese's only way of coping, to use litigation practices, and name calling, to maintain it's prejudicial stance.

And to the other Anon....David Ould gets off on bashing gays. Seriously...he's a man with a big mouth and a massive ego, who has an opinion on everything. He loves gaining notoriety from being divisive, and he cannot understand that his manner is offensive. He  causes anger in those who have been victims of, or witnesses to, prejudicial abuse, and those who have been coerced into silence, through threats of litigation.
From the words of Peter Jensen said the 1980s the culture in the church was a legal one and not a moral one.


  1. Your blog still has a useful function in continuing to draw attention to the absurdity of Sydney anglicans. Most would agree that Dobby Ould is a stupid egomaniac whose writings are proof that Sydney anglicans are an ananchronism. Every time Dobby opens his mouth he pushes his daft church further into oblivion. Keep up the good work, Calamity!

  2. I agree that they're not worth it but it provides much needed therapy for those of us who need to vent our frustrations and/or have been censured by the Diocese. And of course, by their reaction it seems you annoy the hell out of them - that's gotta be worth something!

  3. I love visiting here...helps me remember that the diocese of Sydney is tainted with faces we have all come to know as full-fledged, and dangerous, lunatics at Church...thanks for the ongoing ministry of GOD SAVE US FROM THEIR INSANITY! Mil gracias, Leonardo in the Global Center on the Otherside of the Volcan de Fuego...