Monday, February 29, 2016

Noble Wolf alerts his readers to the apology given by the NSW Parliament and SMH ...when 500 activists took to Taylor Square in Darlinghurst in support and celebration of New York's Stonewall movement and to call for an end to criminalisation of homosexual acts and discrimination against homosexuals. The 1978 peaceful movement ended in violence, mass arrests and public shaming at the hands of the police, government and media.

Noble Wolf has written a very personal and  informative post. Well worth reading. Thank you Noble Wolf .

Seriously...I don't know what the fuss is about? We Sydney Anglicans support countries that expose and criminalise LGBTI people... and anyone who helps them. GAFCON was built on homophobia. Long live bigotry and GAFCON because without both we'd be extinct!


  1. Been a while since you've posted. Don't tell me you've given up like Father Christian seems to have done. Cause Sydney Anglicans haven't.