Monday, October 15, 2012

Sydney Anglican, Dominic Steele condemns gay clergy and tolerant Anglicans

And how many times have I told you that I created Adam and Eve ...not Adam and Steve...and come to think of it...stop eating the shell fish and who freed the slaves?
Ex radio presenter, Dominic Steele, has moved a motion in Synod, expressing concerns about the actions of the Bishop of Gippsland because he appointed an openly gay clergyman. The Bishop of Gippsland should have appointed a gay clergyman who is married to a woman! Russell Powell writes...  the Synod expressed its dismay at the appointment, made in December last year...and that's  because Sydney Anglicans just can't tolerate a departure from the teaching of Scripture.

Say Bill ... are those Synod people the same ones who agreed with Glen Davies' motion to boycott know when the Sydney diocese aligned itself with extreme bigotry which  condemned GBTI people to persecution, the death penalty or imprisionment?
Yeah Calam... it makes you proud  to be a member of a Christian lynch mob... I can't wait to hear  their Lambeth ‘listening process’ on know the one where homosexuality is a by product of sexual abuse and poor parenting...and there is no other point of view!

Listen Calam...those Sydney Anglicans seem like a real bad influence ...spreading hate and bigotry...and they're always writing about how bad Sydney is and about I get a posse and run them recalcitrants out of town ...and onto the first boat headed for Nigeria or Uganda?

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