Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sydney Anglican women participate in the Anglican Church League's apartheid policy.

The Anglican Church League hosted its first women’s Synod dinner to promote the work of the ACL, which is aims at promoting bigotry... by purging tolerant and egalitarian Anglicans from the Sydney diocese. The key note speaker was Kara Gilbert, the newly appointed Archdeacon for Women’s Ministry in the Sydney Diocese, who spoke about biblical illiteracy, such as equality. ACL Vice President, Claire Smith, provided a brief history of the ACL and encouraged women to become members and to participate in Synod debates and to not be overwhelmed by the ‘suits’ (ie. men).
Gav Poole, ACL President said women bring a certain flavour to the floor.

Calam... is it the flavour of submission ...that Gav's talking about ?

I don't know Bill... but I wonder if that fine Archdeacon lady might do something about the subjugation of Christian women through the use of domestic violence...after all it is domestic violence awareness month ...or is it her role to make sure women interpret domestic violence the way Peter Bolt does ... by ensuring that Sydney Anglican women adhere to the Claire Smith's spiritual grooming and deportment course?

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  1. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas!