Friday, October 26, 2012

Tony Payne from Matthias Media is asking for donations to help reach the target of $420,000

Tony Payne who is responsible for the publishing of material at Matthias Media, which specialises in depicting God as both sexist and homophobic, is asking for donations.

And why shouldn't Jensens' print media company ask for donations...I mean them big banks that sent the world broke got bailed out by why shouldn't a group of people who sent the Sydney diocese broke, and is now overseeing the sale of Pete Jensen is moving out ...ask for donations?
Yes's a bit of a case of What Some of You Were....and now are.

And what's that Jack...Once a bigot always a bigot ....or a classic case of the emperor's new clothes?

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  1. Can't those Jensen's manage anything? Property deals, share market investments and now publishing. They bring the Kiss of death to any enterprise they touch!

    To now try and rip some more out from the poor suckers in the pews. What Chutzpah!

    I wonder if their problems here stem from that scam they ran with 'The Essential Jesus'. You'll remember that they exhorted (or should that be extorted?) all the parishes to buy that book as part of their (also failed) 'Connect09' marketing strategy? I bet that in their grandiose delusions they printed up big and are now left with a warehouse full.