Monday, April 15, 2013

Haydn Sennitt from Liberty Christian Ministries says that homosexual sin can ruin churches

Haydn says that the number one  issue dominating public discussion is not  climate change, North Korea, whaling, or penal substitutionary's homosexuality...which seems to be the only topic of conversation on Haydn Senntt's lips!
Haydn goes on to explain... that sexual sin is worse than other offenses (6:18). It, along with greed, drunkenness, idolatry, and theft  have the potential to shipwreck entire churches (1 Cor 5:11, 13) and, like cancer,  will spread through and that's why Haydn thinks it's appropriate to **** off the sinners and just keep the Sydney Anglicans who believe in gambling on the stock market and judging others. 

I suppose the suicide of someone  like Damien Christie helps protect homophobic churches from contagious cancerous homosexual sin!
You know what Will...them Sydney Anglicans are hard to fathom...I mean Haydn preaches that drunkenness, greed and homosexuality are the worst ways to offend God...but then Sydney Anglican, John Sandeman, promotes people who accept that the rich should  procure obseen amounts of money!
Well Ned's called biblical inerrancy... Haydn told you that the church will lose its distinctive witness the day it no longer reveres the authority of Scripture especially on the issue of homosexuality....things like murder and war are minor issues!


  1. I would rather be blown up by a Korean Nuclear Bomb than have a gay man touch my bottom. As a former promiscuous gay, Haydn knows how devastating and pleasurable it is for one's anus to explode. Mr Peter Jensen is correct. Anal sex will annihilate Sydney Anglicanism.

  2. I've just had a read of Haydn's blog. That guy's got some serious issues. What are the Sydney Anglicans doing about him? Surely they can't think it's good for him (or for them) to let him continue on like this? It's bound to turn out badly.

  3. I think they encourage him and promote his speaking to school and uni students. Scary stuff.

  4. I think the Sydney hierarchy would probably like to see Liberty and Haydn to go away quietly. There’s been ongoing bad press for ‘Gay Reparation’ groups – here’s the latest – and I don’t think the diocese has the stomach for too much more adverse publicity. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to wind Liberty down.

    In any case, Liberty doesn’t really do much business apart from sending Haydn for guest spots in conservative parishes and schools. It certainly doesn’t contribute to the core business of the diocese - more bums on pews and hands in pockets.

    Also, Haydn’s a bit of a loose cannon (and not the sharpest missile in the arsenal) so he’s a doubly risky proposition. He does, though, have a few supporters (and a history with some in the diocese that they might not want to be blabbed too widely) so it might be hard to confront him head on. Perhaps they will wait until after the new Ab's election, a bit of a restructure, and, presto, Haydn will find himself as David Ould’s assistant in Macquarie Fields?

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