Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anglican Mainstream posts Andrew Comisky's and Haydn Sennitt's disappointment at John Paulk's rejection of ex-gay therapies.

Ex-gay sexperts, Andrew Cominsky and Haydn Sennitt express grief at another ex-gay, John Paulk,  turning his back on his ex-gay orientation. Paulk has also stated that he believes that reparative therapy is both futile and harmful and has apologised for his role in the ex-gay movement. He has also announced that his marriage is ending.

Hey Ennis...what about Cominsky's comment about  Paulk being
a narcissistic ‘ex - ex-gay superstar’ who cries victim rather than takes responsibility for his own bad choices?
Jake...I thought all those ex-gay fellas selling ex-gay orientation are all narcissistic... it seems like a way to gain notority!

You know's worrying when you've got someone like Haydn using John Paulk as a role model for ex-gay know when then Haydn himself uses his position with Liberty Christian Ministries as a way of establishing himself as a role model for other self-depreciating gay Christians.
Yes Bill and what about the likes of Sydney Anglicans wanting to protect marriage from promoting the  marriage of heterosexuals to sexually conflicted gay Christians...Absolutely disgraceful Bill!

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