Monday, April 1, 2013

Complementarian woman at Standfirm fears a wolf by the name of Shannon Johnston!


Over at Standfirm, Matt Kennedy has stated that Shannon Johnston did not betray the trust of orthodox leaders because he is a wolf! Matt says..."Wolves will be wolves" and blames orthodox Christians for thinking Shannon was human!

OMG...Shannon Johnston is a werewolf...My husband says werewolves are wolves who disguise themselves  as people who pretend to be Christians...and they encourage other undesirable pseudo-Christians like John Dominic Crossan to speak in their diocese...and also promote the Christological lie of same-sex blessings...instead of the Christological truth of discrimination!

Oh for God's sake...stop being such a wimp! Who are you girl...a Sydney Anglican complementarian woman? I'll show you how to deal with wolves. 

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