Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sydney Anglicans can't afford to appoint an archdeacon, let alone an archbishop for the Georges River area... but they can afford to appoint an archbishop for international affairs!

Sydney Anglicans know the importance of fostering relationships with worldwide bigots  allies who believe in sexism and homophobia are hard to find in Australia...and that is why it is important for the diocese to employ an international bishop... one who will spread its sexist and homophobic agenda....even though  the Georges River Region extends from Marrickville to Liverpool ...and is Sydney’s most ethnically diverse region...probably as ethnically diverse as the region Bishop Tasker has overseen in the past 5 years.
Yeah Jake...but there is a bit more scope for selling Matthias Media resources worldwide...
and let's not forget all those Moore College Distance courses.
Say Ennis...have you forgotten that Sydney Anglican money ...before they lost it...was instrumental in polarizing anti-homosexual sentiment...I mean Peter Jensen's airfares alone must have been equivalent to Kevin Rudd' know when he was protesting against Lambeth ...and when the Sydney Diocese went on their GAFCON anti-homosexual sabbatical. 

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  1. Why don't Sydney Anglicans save all their money and simply close down? The world would be a friendlier place without these daft bigots spreading their outdated poison and their depleted money could be given to a worthy cause.