Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why we don't recommend Rick Smith.... because Phillip Jensen, David Ould, Mark Thompson and John Woodhouse do!

Is Rick Smith is married to Claire Smith... you know the complementarian who uses her complementarian theology to gain  notoriety  by  keeping other women supressed within the Sydney Anglican Diocese.

No Rick is married to Michelle...I suppose as a Sydney Anglican ...she would also be supportive of Claire Smith.  I mean ...who needs male headship when you have female complementarians who  continually squash the aspirations of other women by imposing their limited views upon them!

Well Ennis...I'm not sure Glenn Davies is any better...isn't he the guy that lead the Synod in  supporting Akinola and Orombi's persecution of GLBT people in Africa. 

Jake...are you sure they've got the right Smith? Isn't there an Anglican 'Smith' who presents more Jesus know...the one that doesn't look like an accountant?


  1. Actually, Claire Smith is married to Rob Smith. Just sayin'.

  2. And... thus is the Fighting Father's sis in law.

  3. Wow...I'd have never guessed!What a small world! Did you listen to the sermon Anon?

  4. I don't recommend him because Tony Payne does.

  5. Hey Calamity, did you see that Haydn Sinnett, the Best Darn Deputy in the East, has resigned from Sydney Anglican's anti-gay Liberty Ministries?

    My prediction is that, given the recent demise of Exodus International and the widespread ill-feeling towards anti-gay organisations, Sydney will not replace Haydn and just let Liberty fade away. If they don't they are more determinably bigoted than was ever imagined.

  6. That will be of course after the AB election.

    I suspect that Liberty has found it hard to justify resource allocation from Sydney due to the ongoiung 'lack of interest' from the public

    So I guess they are not in any hurry to find a replacement..

  7. You don't know much if you even got his wife wrong. Really can't trust the rest of what you're saying. Details matter.