Monday, June 24, 2013

Phillip Jensen says ... Jesus created the best wine “to gladden the heart of man”...but He's not responsible for the alcohol abuse today.


If only wine makers in the Hunter Valley knew my recipe...then binge drinking would be a thing of the past.


Now everyone knows "the fall" is responsible for Australia's love affair with alcoholism... and it's got nothing to do with advertising... it's all about  Adam and Eve disobeying God in the Garden of Eden...God got so p***ed off that he took out a patent on his alcoholic apple cider...and never again would man enjoy alcohol without being susceptible to the  possibility of  degradation through alcoholism...but wait there is hope ...Christians like Sydney Anglican, Phillip Jensen...can help you experience the best wine...and all you have to do is join the Diocese of Mordor... and bring with you... your misogyny, homophobia and intolerance for all those who do not embrace Mordorism.  

Gee Ennis...that proves Sydney Anglicans are the only ones who know God...I mean who else would He give His wine recipe to...for God's sake?



  1. I really don't understand your point in this post. What is the point you are trying to make?

    I read the article by P.J. It is a good piece. Again, what was your problem with it? What should have said? Or not said?

    I also don't understand why "the fall" is put in scare quote, and why God is described as being p**sed off. Do you believe in the fall? Do you think God punished people for their sin or not?

    I also don't understand the title. Are you suggesting that God is or is not responsible for alcoholism? You say that Philip is suggesting that God is not responsible, do you disagree? Do you think God is responsible.

    All in all it is very confusing.

    I've only just thought to ask this, but do you consider yourself a Christian Jane? I've always assumed that you are, but it has just occurred to me that you might not be. Your writing suggests that you are not.

  2. Sam believes that a vengeful God punished people because of a mythical event called "the Fall". When did this occur, Sam? You fundamentalists are enough to make a Christian reach for the bottle.

  3. Sam ...of course God created alcohol just like He did apples ...and of course the fall is all Eve's she is to blame for todays alcoholics and the male focussed alcohol advertisements.
    As I said once before...I don't believe Sydney Anglicans own Jesus even though they judge everyone else's beliefs. If the fall is about judgment then Phillip Jensen must have invented it ... because all Phillip Jensen ever does is write judgmental pieces about what he calls material atheists, shameless homosexuals, heretics who believe in inclusiveness and the need for female submission. I never want to be this type of Christian. In my opinion it gives Jesus a bad name.

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