Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sydney Anglicans have found another way to flog a dead horse...because it's their liberty to persecute same-sex attracted people.

Of course I'm an ex-gay riding for the liberty to be accepted by those fine Sydney Anglican men and women who decide who God accepts into his Anglican Church. .

Yes it's true...Sydney Anglicans have decided to resurrect Liberty Christian Ministries Inc ...including all the animosity, hatred and hurt that is created when people use religion to justify prejudice.  Anthony Venn Brown best explains the thinking behind Sydney Anglicans.

Well who the hell is riding that horse.... probably someone who wouldn't submit to all that Sydney Anglican crap ...of Jesus not allowing women to preach so they can't preach in front of men now...and that the only sexual orientation is heterosexual...and homosexuals are just broken because of the fall... well for God's sake...why don't they include some horse riding lessons on people don't get all broke up...that poor bastard has probably been riding like a banshee for years trying to escape the wrath of Satan...or is that God's wrath?

Now listen Jake...there's no point in getting all hot under the collar... religious people use lawyers to protect their right to voice their prejudices and promote their religious liberty... liberty that discriminates and blacklists people in the name of  a humourless wrathful God.

Ennis when will churches be held accountable for the hate they promote and animosity they stir up? I mean we're not asking them to marry someone of the same sex ...are we?

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  1. Sydney Anglicans need a good TV show in which their finest bigots can show their hatred towards gays and lesbians. Surely Dobby Ould has time on his hands to show his star quality as an expert in selective bible-based bigotry. Australian TV needs Dobby!