Monday, August 19, 2013

David Ould says...Remember the outraged protests from “gay marriage” campaigners that it was a world away from polyamory and no-one was seriously advocating that? Well that must be why the BBC is running a story on Polyamory

Well you remember when  people weren't campaigning for gay marriage  ... and I suppose that's why in the 70's  and 80's they published articles about my polyamory relationships.



  1. Ould's logic is as impeccable as his hatred of gays. King Solomon had 700 wives which directly results in gay men wanting one husband. Personally, I blame King Henry VIII's eight wives for promoting homosexuality. If Ould had more than one wife, gay men would demand many husbands. It's fundamentalist logic.

  2. The husband of a very close family member of mine once used Thompson as an argument for him having another relationship on the side. Naturally she did not agree. They are still together many years later as he got over his infatuation but he is vehemently against gay relationships let alone marriage. Whatever suits oneself.