Monday, February 24, 2014

Come along and have "A Different Conversation" with compassionate Christians.

So does that mean that the narrow minded... Moore College trained... single minded conversationalists... who attended past conferences... are now going to open their minds and show some compassion...or are they going to use the conference to once again... protest that they are becoming a minority ...and require protection ...when they are referred to as bigots within the wider community... whilst declaring that they alone ...hold all knowledge ...regarding God's view of sex, love and intimacy!

What is A Different Conversation?

A Different Conversation is a ministry forum on authenticity, pastoral care, biblical faithfulness, and same sex attraction, run by Surry Hills Baptist Church during the Sydney Mardi Gras. This will be the fourth in Sydney.

Forum Topics

Note: 19 Feb → Sessions 7 and 8 have swapped.
Thursday 7:00pm.
Same-sex attraction in Christian churches and ministry families.
Friday 1:30pm.
Same sex intercourse and biblical morality.
Thursday 8:15pm.
The challenge of talking about same sex issues in Christian churches, schools and colleges.
Friday 3:15pm.
Pastoral care and the LGBT communities
3Friday 9:30am (rego: 8:30; open: 9:00).  Same sex orientation, celibacy and change.7Saturday 9:30am (rego: 8:30; open: 9:00).  “LGB ... T?” -- Transgender experiences of church.
Friday 11:15am.
Q&A with LGBT politicians and lobbyists.
Saturday 11:30am.
Same sex marriage, biblical ideals of marriage and political advocacy.

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Well boys I'll be having a
different conversation but
it will be one that
you fellows will understand.

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