Monday, March 3, 2014

David Ould... guides Liberal Anglicans... in how to speak Post Modernism

It's good to know that a fellow like David Ould appreciates my style... gotta love the use of innuendo and metaphor with you guys...otherwise we'd just go round and round circles...and circles ... and circles!

Say Bill ...Is that Jesus up there...attending an Anglican Church League meeting?

Looks like it Calam...not much has changed ...still a bunch of self righteous, self promoting,  pretentious whingers... ..whining about women and gays.

I have to say...I  totally agree with David Ould's support for Nigel's opinion...(or is it fact...being in the Bible and all)...when he says...  "There are a few basic things l cannot understand and find strange in these latter days, one being why women want to take on mens roles"
But what is the go with Gav Poole writing this piece for the Anglican Church League... cause when it's downloaded...  all David Ould's articles are at the bottom... possibly self promotion?

Shhh... don't tell anyone...but David Ould critiqued a piece about someone ghost writing for the Archbishop of Canterbury!

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  1. Is there no end to this nasty man, David Ould, continually attacking people?. He gives even fundamentalism a bad name. Why doesn't his bishop tell this horrid minister to shut his unchristian mouth?