Sunday, November 23, 2014

Peter Jensen reveals that if he hadn't gone into ministry...then he would have been a stand up comedian!

Seriously...not apocraphically... Peter Jensen wanted to be a comedian.

Well it's only natural that Peter would want to be a comedian...he's a Sydney Anglican isn't he? Just look at "the material that he's provided ....for people like me !

Well Calam...I find his brother Phillip more laughable...just glad he's decided to devote more time to preaching...cause that man loves the sound of his own voice!

Just thinking about Peter Jensen as a stand up comic.... brings tears to my eyes...just like it did to the SSA gays in Uganda ...and let's not forget the women he purged from the Sydney Diocese ...because they believed their vocation was similar to the males... who wanted to be ordained and lead parishes.

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  1. Not since Laurel and Hardy has the world laughed so much at that pair of comedians The Jensen Brothers. They have provided endless amusement and turned Sydney Diocese into a laughing stock. Thankfully, there is still Dobby Ould to ensure the Anglican Church will be mocked and ridiculed in Sydney. Like the Jensens, David Ould bring tears to most people's eyes!